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Troubled by the Maorification of New Zealand?

Do you want a separate Maori government that has the power of veto over the current government?

This is the goal of Maori activists as outlined in

He Puapua

So What can you do?

  1. Gain Knowledge of the true history of New Zealand (this is Honouring of the Treaty)
  2. Let your MP’s know your views.
  3. Join Stop Co Governance.
  4. Start a Treaty Education Group

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So What can you do (2) ?

  1. Support politicians/groups who want to remove tikanga from legislation
  2. Support politicians/groups who want to educate NZ about the real treaty promises.

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What would help Maori most.

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Petition of Robbie Gibson: Use “Littlewood” document as official English translation of Treaty of Waitangi

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Dr Elizabeth Rata. Don’t be fooled. There is the original bona fide Treaty from February 6th, 1840 and the dishonest / fraudulent revisionist Treaty from 1986.  Read More…

He PuaPua is a “discussion document” that calls for a separate Maori Government.  It is essentially a road map to the destruction of our current democracy. Read More…

A Recent Poll calls for a Referendum on Co-Governance. Read More…

Atrocities committed by Maori against settlers  Read More…

Full Notes From The 1860 Kohimarama Conference Where 129 Chiefs Affirmed That They Have Ceded Sovereignty To The Queen At Waitangi February 6th 1840 Read More…

Why Luxon Will Scuttle Seymour’s Referendum  Read More…

He Puapua. The Plan By Maori To Take Full Control Of New Zealand By 2040  Read More…

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What New Zealand was like prior to 1840 Read More…

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The Psychology of takeover.   The Strategies Maori Activists Have used to try and take over the country  Read More..

Fact checking Māori health. We’ve been conned. The Health system is not racist.
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He PuaPua is a “discussion document” that calls for a separate Maori Government.  It is essentially a road map to the destruction of our current democracy. Read More…

What would Help Maori Most. And it’s not more money. You’d be surprised at what the answer is. Read More…

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Do we need a referendum on the Treaty? Yes we do! And here is why.
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Part of Lord Normanby’s Instructions To Hobson Before He Left England 20th August 1839
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Settlements To Maori Must Come To An End
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The Maori Seats Must Be Abolished
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Why the Treaty Of Waitangi Act 1975 Was The Most Dishonest Piece of Legislation Ever Enacted In New Zealand
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The Real Meaning Of Tino Rangatiratanga. Don’t Accept The Meaning The Activists Give.
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Dr Laurie Knight and Bruce Moon on Waitangi Tribunal Fraud
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Waipareira’s Controversial Campaign loan
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Sir Apirana Ngata

” Let me acknowledge first that, in the whole world I doubt whether any native race has been so well treated by a European people as the Maori “(1)

(1) Adam Plover.  The Benefits of Colonisation. Tross Publishing. 2022

“Some have said that these confiscations were wrong and that they contravened the articles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

The Government placed in the hands of the Queen of England, the sovereignty and the authority to make laws. Some sections of the Maori people violated that authority. War arose from this and blood was spilled. The law came into operation and land was taken in payment. This it self is a Maori custom—revenge, plunder to avenge a wrong. It was their own chiefs who ceded that right to the Queen.

The confiscations cannot therefore be objected to in the light of the Treaty.”

Sir Apirana Ngata.  The Treaty of Waitangi. An explanation pp 15-16

Tamati Waka Nene

His headstone reads:

“Chief of Ngapuhi, the first to welcome the Queen’s Sovereignty in New Zealand.
A consistent supporter of the Pakeha.
This stone is erected by the Governor of the colony which for upwards of 31 years he faithfully upheld.
Sage in counsel, Renowed in war,
He died regretted by all the inhabitants of these islands at Russell
on the 4 August 1871″

(Can be viewed at the Russell Anglican Church)

PROFESSOR ELIZABETH RATA: On The Original Treaty Of Waitangi Vs. The Principles Treaty And What Can Be Done

DR MURIEL NEWMAN: On The Surreptitious Signing Of ’He Puapua’ And The Implications For NZ

SANDRA GOUDIE: What Treaty Principles?

“It would appear that there are no Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, so ergo, there can be no guides or guidelines. Somewhat dis-ingenuous to be able to create something from nothing. It rather begs the question about what Councils around the country will now do as they recognise this somewhat glaring oversight which I suspect has been known by some for a while now. Think of the money they can save!”  Click for full article on BassetBrash&Hide.

ALEX HOLLAND: Race Based Division

Race based special treatment rather than treatment based on need (for any ethnicity) is becoming a real issue. Two out of every three voters believe NZ has become more divided. Here are some of the rights & funding ring-fenced by one human attribute (ancestry), many of which have been introduced under this Labour government: ”  Click for full article on BassetBrash&Hide.

Dr Kearney – the danger of the power of VETO

Veto power is part of proposed co-governance arrangements.

Veto power is not shared in any way between the two basic groups involved in co-governance. It is held by one group only – the Maori 17% minority – over the other multicultural 83% of the population. 

Click for full article.

Te Huia Bill Hamilton is a liar.

Senior Maori Leader Te Huia Bill Hamilton is a liar.

He was interviewed on RCR Radio and told an outright lie about Julian Batchelor.

He claimed Julian Batchelor said Maori were arming themselves for war and that they were enemies of New Zealand.

These accusation were false.

Essentially, Mr Hamilton was inciting violence.

We called him out.

Legal proceedings have started against Mr Hamilton because he refuses to apologise.

This is bringing shame and embarrassment to Maori generally.

Read the full story HERE

Winston Peters Speech at the Opening Of Parliament

Watch Winston Peters Speech

If I wanted New Zealand to fail, this is what I would do.

A Possible future – Is this what we want?

End Critical Race Theory

How much do you know about the real history of the Treaty of Waitangi?  Check your knowledge with the Te Tiriti Quiz.

Take the Quiz

This shows the number of people who have taken the Quiz since September 11, 2023. Be the next person!

National Is Copying The Deceitfulness Of Labour

National Is Copying The Deceitfulness Of Labour

If there is one thing we will remember about Labour over the past six years is that they have been the party of lies, trickery, deceit, and dishonesty.

Now National is turning to the same tricks with respect to co-cogovernance.

Read THIS  brilliant piece about Luxon and how he is an activist.

Read THIS email from Stuart Smith, National MP for Kaikoura.

Then watch THIS video

Then watch THIS  interview with Jack Tame and Nationals Eric Stanford.  Go to about 6:45 on the video

What’s going on here? Well, it’s obvious. Luxon is ‘for’ co-governance.  But they are trying to hide the fact, for fear of losing votes.

He says he’s not ‘for’ co-governance with respect to social services like hospitals, but he is ‘for’ co-governance with respect to what he calls ‘the management of natural resources’ like rivers, forests, mountains, the ocean etc.

What he doesn’t understand is that co-governance is like cancer. When you’ve got cancer, the doctors try and get rid of all of it, not some of it.

They work hard to get a cancer patient into a state of cancer remission. That is to say, where there is not a trace of it left.

Likewise, New Zealand must go into co-governance remission where not a trace of it is left.

Why? Because it’s illegal. There is absolutely no basis for it in the Treaty. It’s undemocratic and it’s wrong.

Luxon and co are trying to get around this, secretly and privately supporting co-governance. Luxon is woke.

They are turning to Labour Party tactics to lie and deceive. How so?

They are now talking about being “against co-governance” but they are “for co-management.”

OMG! They are the same thing! They are copying Labour, trying to dupe voters!

Sheesh. It’s called re-branding an old product, giving it a new name and packaging.

Giving the old thing (co-governance) and new label (co-management).

Co-governance must be EXPUNGED. That is to say, it’s must be completely removed from all legislation.

And if National is starting deceiving voters, as Labour has done all through, then National is on the way out, before they are even in.


Stop it before it’s too late.



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You Would Never Guess What A White, Woke, Left Leaning, "Event Organiser" Said About The Treaty of Waitangi

You Would Never Guess What A White, Woke, Left Leaning, "Event Organiser" Said About The Treaty of Waitangi

First, read the actual article HERE

This article gives a fascinating insight into how young white people have been groomed and brainwashed to comply.

This “Herald Contributor”  is a classic example.

What’s really interesting is that the Herald had no problem printing his article, but print our advert for our march? No.

Right there is all the proof you need that the Herald is white, woke, and corrupt, under the spell of the Public Interest Journalism fund.

Then, read Julian’s response to this article HERE

Why did Julian Bachelor start “Stop Co-Governance”

Listen to Julian Batchelor’s in-depth conversation with Michael Laws on The Platform, after NZ Herald labels Julian as far right

Read The Full Account Of Julian Batchelor's Home Invasion

You can read the full account HERE

The “Stop Co-Governance” Seminar

Stop Co-Governance Short Version (40min)

Stop Co-Governance Seminar Long Version – Part 1

Stop Co-Governance Seminar Long Version – Part 2

The Stop Co-Governance Movement Is Responsible For Shifting The Entire Political Landscape

A year ago, before Julian wrote this book and started his tour, co-governance was hardly talked about.

Now, according to the ACT PARTY, as a result of their recent survey, co-governance is THE major issue which worries New Zealanders as they lead into the next election.

You can read their survey results HERE

Really, this massive result can be put down to the incredible efforts of thousands of kiwis who have rolled up their sleeves and delivered Julian’s books into letter boxes all over the country.

These books have triggered people, making them aware.

And with awareness comes change.

And now we are seeing the effects of his tour and his booklets with hard statistical data.

This massive result can also be put down to all you have donated to fund this tour and these books. You too are legends!

Even Luxon has moved on this position on co-governance. He is now saying he is totally against it. Let’s hope this is not just spin.

We are yet to see this in offical NATIONAL PARTY policy statements.

Let’s keep getting the books out. Let’s keep funding this tour. It’s working!


Together we can change the political landscape of New Zealand.

Why Colonialism Was So Beneficial To New Zealand

Why Colonialism Was So Beneficial To New Zealand

There is a lot of spin coming out of government circles about how bad colonialism is.

Elite Maori are insisting New Zealand decolonises.

What is the truth of the matter?

Was / is colonisation bad? If so, why? If not, why is it not bad?

What is ‘colonisation’?

Click on THIS link to learn about this hugely important subject.

The face of the PRO Co Governance movement

“ALL”, or the “Aotearoa Liberation League”, comprising of two people, Pere and Samah Huriwai-Seger, he being a local of Maori descent, she an Iraqi-born immigrant.

Self-declared activists set on the “decolonisation” of New Zealand by mobilising people with poorly cropped and curated videos on TikTok, spreading lies about Julian and the Stop Co-Governance movement.

See what they have to say about Julian HERE

Buddy Mikaere

The Platform hosts Buddy Mikaere and Julian Bachelor

Former Waitangi Tribunal Chairman Buddy Mikaere's Live Debate With Julian Batchelor


You can hear the debate HERE

You can read THE CENTRIST commentary HERE 

There is no doubt Buddy is a racist.

He implies that he can’t wait for the white over 50’s to die off because they are the only people opposing the elite Maori agenda to take over New Zealand.

He implies that the younger generation have been deliberately  targeted, groomed and brainwashed, to go with the elite Maori agenda.

He implies that Julian Batchelor represents the KKK of New Zealand.

He claims to have never heard of the He Pua Pua report, the most significant document ever to have come out of Maoridom, via the government.

There is a lot of ‘meat’ in this interview.


Listen to it carefully, and make up your own mind.

A photo of Buddy Mikaere is below.

Is He Puapua being implemented, little by little in New Zealand? Yes! Read about how HERE

Where does it say that Maori want full control of New Zealand by 2040? Click HERE

The Stop Co-Governance Movement Gets The Attention Of the Maori Party Leadership

All credit to Terry Opines, the genius of political commentary, and his excellent work. Please subscribe to his channel.

Hundreds Flock To Christchurch Event!

Julian Batchelor’s event in Christchurch Was Incredible. Several hundred packed out the hall, with people standing all around the room to hear him.

Why The Right To Free Speech Must Be Protected At All Costs

The right to free speech has all but gone in New Zealand.
Protesters are blatantly trying to cancel our right to free speech.
Sometimes subtly, sometimes blatantly, the police are collaborating with them.
They are soft on protesters, treating them like a special class of people who are exempt from having to keep the law, even friendly with them.
In other towns, the police have been amazing, supporting our right to free speech, and backing us.
But this is rare.
Media are outright collaborating with protesters.
They have been paid to do so via the $55m Public Interest Journalism fund.
Rowan Atkinson, famous British comedian, explains why we must fight with everything within us to retain the right to free speech.

The Words Richest Man

The Words Richest Man

“At its heart, wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful. It basically gives mean people a shield to be mean and cruel, armored in false virtue.”
― Elon Musk

Kuia (female Maori elder) Comes Out Fighting FOR Julian Batchelor, Not Against Him

This happened at the Ashburton Stop Co-Governance Tour of New Zealand, 2nd April, 2023.

More and more Maori are joining in, in support of Julian.

You’ll never hear about this in the media, because this is what the media fear most – a massive swing of support among Maori in support of Julian Batchelor and what he’s saying in his seminars! 

Mere was an eye witness.  She sat through the whole seminar, from start to finish. 

Julian never waters anything down, or becomes woke or PC, just because there are Maori in the room.  

No no.  He would never do that.  

He tells the truth, no matter who is in the room. 

That’s the kind of person he is. 

Invercargill Mayor Nobby Clark and Julian Batchelor Together In Invercargill!

Invercargill Mayor Nobby Clark and Julian Batchelor Together In Invercargill!

Mayor Of Invercargill

You are watch te full video HERE

Number Of Julian Batchelor's Books Printed Since February 2023

Really, How Insightful And Intelligent Are The Activists?

In the clip below, the activists was asked what she disagreed with in Julian’s presentation.

Her answer? “What you said about the Thai person”

In the context, Julian was speaking about the 160 cultures who live in New Zealand, and how he welcomed them all.

He picked out the Thai people for special mention, noting that in the 70’s and 80’s they were not in New Zealand in numbers, and their Thai food was not available like it is today.

He said he loved their food. It was his favourite.

He was actually promoting and ‘puffing’ the Thai people as one of the 160 cultures in our country.

The activist picked up on this and found great offence. 

The picture quoting Aristotle is telling.

Click on the video below and make up your own mind.

The Problem With Chris Luxon

Watch this video

Clearly, Luxon thinks that all that is wrong with co-governance is that is has not been explained properly.

Really? If a person has cancer, the explanation won’t make it better.

The problem is that the cancer is bad.  It has to go.  No amount of explanation will make it better. 

Conclusion? Luxon is just not getting it.

He is not reading the political barometer accurately.

He is definitely ‘for’ continuing with co-governance. Of this there can be no doubt.

He and other national MPs are trying to muddy the water by saying

“Oh, we are not for co-governance. We are for c0-management”.

Don’t buy it. It’s just spin.  They are one and the same.

This is a huge problem for our country.

If National was to come and say ‘National’s priority is to expunge all co-governance from all legislation’ then National would win by a landslide.

It’s not too late for Luxon to say this. For National to do this.

What can you do to help?

Go to his meetings and press him on co-governance. Heavily press him. Don’t let him off the hook.

Below is a letter from someone who attended a Chris Luxon meeting in Oamaru.

Study this carefully, then take action.

Steve here from Oamaru.
I went to your meeting in Oamaru and I went to a national party meeting on Saturday (3 days after your meeting 7 July) and most of the questions asked to Luxon were about co governance and he didn’t like it.

He seemed happy with some of it and would try and stop parts of it.

He disagreed with the three parts of the treaty. Part 1 and 3 he agreed but part 2 he goes with the new treaty.

Would be good to find out where he’s going to have a meeting and you guys have a meeting 2-3 days before in the same town so people will ask him questions on co governance.

70% of all questions were about stopping co governance.

There were some farmers in front of me and I heard them say, there weren’t any questions about farming here, can’t believe it.

Oamaru is a huge farming community.
Luxon said his priorities are:
Hard on crime
Stop wasting money
Paying off debt



Here are the top ten co-governance questions to ask him.

  1. What versions of the Treaty are being used by the Waitangi Tribunal? (Answer: The Hugh Kawheru fraudulent back translation, and the rogue James Freeman version)
  2. Chris, what does the first article of the Treaty say? (On page 7 of Julian’s book)
  3. Chris, what does the second article of the Treaty say? (On page 7 of Julian’s book)
  4. Chris, what does the third article of the Treaty say? (On page 7 of Julian’s book)
  5. Chris, does the Treaty mandate co-governance and partnership with Maori? Yes, or no? (Answer: No)
  6. Chris, why is the Waitangi Tribunal not using the Treaty in Maori, which is required by international law?
  7. Chris, what are the two differences between the final English draft of the Treaty and the Treaty in Maori? (Answer: the date, and the insertion of the word Maori into the third article of the Treaty in Maori)
  8. Chris, what is the final English draft of the Treaty called? (Answer: The Littlewood Draft)
  9. Chris, will you expunge all co-governance arrangements with Maori from all government legislation? If not, why not
  10. Chris, why are you learning Te Reo?

Be sure to video you questions and Luxon’s answers. This is of crucial importance.

In the cartoon below, which is brilliant, Luxon faces a choice. 

Run with co-governance, or expunge it? 

The cartoon would have been perfect is the two choices were not ‘racism’ and ‘equality’ but ‘co-governance’ and ‘democracy’. 

How The Media Lies To Misrepresent And Malign Julian Batchelor

HERE is a piece published in The Timaru Herald on the 16th June, 2023.

In this piece, someone called Tom O’connor is glorified by the paper, portraying him as an ‘expert’ and a ‘historian’.

This has proved to be far from the truth of the matter.  Really, these labels are jokes.

He severely maligns Julian and the accuracy of what Julian teaches about co-governance, Maori, and the Treaty.

This too is far from the truth.  For example, Historian Bruce Moon attended one of Julian’s meeting, and at the end, fully endorsed all he said.

HERE is an email published by another historian debunking everything O’Connor had said.

Such is the state of the media in New Zealand.

Such is their fear of Julian Batchelor and the truth he is bringing to the public.

Fake historian,

self promoting,


corrupt media collaborator,

Tom O’Connor  is pictured below. 


What is Co-Governance?

Sign The Petition Calling On The Mayor Of Balclutha To Support Free Speech, And Apologise To Julian Batchelor

Sign The Petition Calling On The Mayor Of Balclutha To Support Free Speech, And Apologise To Julian Batchelor

Sign the petition HERE

Balclutha Mayor Petition. Calling for bully Mayor Bryan Cadogan To Allow Free Speech And Apologise

How To Order Julian Batchelor's Book

How To Order Julian Batchelor's Book

To order Julian’s book, click HERE

We have sold over 350,000 of these books since its release. Please buy some and hand them out to your friends and neighbours, especially leaders.  They are only 50 cents.  Just email

Or simply scan the QR code below to read it on line for free




A Maori and a non-Maori co-own a $1000 car.

With democracy, they put in $500 each to make the purchase.

They wash the car together, pay for the registration, warrant, and maintenance together, and have equal time driving it.

They also have 50/50 ownership of a car park. All the expenses connected with the car park are shared equally.

Then the Maori moves up the ladder and becomes a tribal representative.

He wants to change how things are done with the car and the carpark.

He wants to change from democracy to co-governance.


With co-governance, the tribal representative claims 100% ownership of the car and the carpark.  He insists the non-Maori continues to wash the car, pay for the registration, maintenance and warrant.

The tribal representative gets to drive the car whenever he wants. The non-Maori only gets to drive it when the tribal representative is not driving it and pays the tribal representative a fee every time he uses it.

He also charges the non-Maori an on-going fee for parking the car on the car park. When the car is sold, the tribal representative takes all the money.

If the 99.5% NZ sheeple (i.e. the non-tribal representative population of New Zealand) are ready to cede rights and submit to the ultimate authority of a 0.5% tribal representative minority, being pushed through illegally, they should at least do so after studying a clear explanation.

As ex Labour PM David Lange said, co-governance and democracy are absolutely different.

Maori politicians deliberately use terms like “tweaked democracy” or “sophisticated governance” “a new kind of democracy” “co-management” to muddle and confuse the public.

Don’t buy into it. Keep firmly in mind the story of the $1000 car.

replaces democracy by a system which redistributes political rights and powers. How?

It reduces the rights and powers of the 99.5% non-tribal representative population (including 99% of Maori) and gives those rights and powers to Maori tribal representatives – perhaps less than 0.5% of the population – with power of veto giving them ultimate power.


There is a strong and hugely committed team who are touring New Zealand starting February 2024.

The purpose of the tour is to raise awareness of the real truth of the Treaty of Waitangi and the danger of ignoring our history.
We would like you to help us….
Register to bring the tour to your City / Town / Suburb

Together we CAN get our Nation back on track

What We Stand For

  • One person, one vote. All votes have equal value.
  • One law for all. One Flag.
  • All ethnicities are equal.
  • Stop apartheid.
  • Stop special favours / handouts for Maori.
  • One Health, Justice, & Education system for all.
  • Our country is New Zealand, not Aotearoa.
  • English is the main language.
  • Stop forcing Te Reo.
  • We are all Kiwis, not Maori and the rest.
  • Launch a Royal Commission to investigate Treaty fraud & corruption.
  • Repeal all race based legislation.
  • Take out all the Maori preference clauses from the RMA.
  • Support Seymour’s referendum
  • Abolish Maori seats
  • Stop Maori Wards

A Great Video

Julian Batchelor speaking Warkworth Town Hall, September 2022

New Zealand is at War, fighting for democracy and freedom, against tribal rule.


If We Join Together And Make Our Voices Heard, We Can Stop Our Country From Being Destroyed By Co-Governance.

There are many groups and organisations in New Zealand who are either directly or indirectly working against co-governance. We want to unite those groups so that we all march together under one banner, just prior to the general election. As soon as we have more details, we’ll post them through our blog.


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Why Co-Governance Should Be Completely Rejected?

Co-Governance Promotes Apartheid & Racism

Co-Governance Is Based On Treaty Fraud

Co-Governance Is Destroying Democracy

Co-Governance Is The Reason Te Reo Is Being Forced On The General Population

Co-Governance Is The Reason That An Attempt Is Being Made To Change The Name Of Our Country From New Zealand To Aotearoa

Co-Governance Is Threatening Free Speech

Co-Governance Is Threatening One Of The Pillars Of Democracy Which Is “One Law For All.”

Co-Governance Is Causing Deep Racial Division

Co-Governance Is The Reason The Media Has Been Corrupted

Co-Governance Is Damaging To Maori

Our Children Are Being Brainwashed Via The New History Curriculum

Compulsory Use Of Maori Language In Schools Is Putting Ideology Before What’s Best For Children

Iwi-Based Businesses Have A Very Substantial Tax Advantage Over Other Businesses

Via Co-Governance, Radical Maori Now Turning To UN Declaration To Plunder NZ…Again

Weak Politicians To Blame For Allowing Coup By Maori Elite


MP Treaty Ignorance Costs (Part 3)

MP Treaty Ignorance Costs (Part 3)

Watch the video HERE. ----------------------------------------- As I have said, we must get behind Winston, Jones, Seymour, emailing them regularly with encouragement and our full support to expunge co-governance and Maorification from New Zealand. Leaders need...

read more
MP Treaty Ignorance Costs (Part 2)

MP Treaty Ignorance Costs (Part 2)

Watch the video HERE. ----------------------------------------- As I have said, we must get behind Winston, Jones, Seymour, emailing them regularly with encouragement and our full support to expunge co-governance and Maorification from New Zealand. Leaders need...

read more


Metaphorically speaking, if Co-Governance Is Allowed To Roll On, New Zealand Is Headed For A 9/11 Experience

9/11 was a dramatic and tragically sad event.
I often wondered what it was like for the passengers on those hi-jacked planes as they headed for the twin towers, which was, as you well know, where their flight ended.
How many on board became aware of what was about to happen before it happened? How soon before?
New Zealand is just like one of those suicide planes, and the people of New Zealand are like the passengers on board.
Many are waking up to the reality that the plane they are on is not going where it’s supposed to be going.
Even more are becoming aware, as their journey progresses, that their flight is not going to have a good ending.
A growing number of New Zealanders sense that if Co-Governance and the Maorification of New Zealand is not stopped, our nation will have a twin tower experience. Not literally, but metaphorically.
Intuitively, they know that if someone doesn’t wrestle the controls from the hi-jackers, this is going to end badly. What’s worrying, is that they are 100% right.
Co-governance is a serious political problem. Inform your friends and neighbours and post on your social media networks.

Stop Co-governance Tour, Invercargill to Cape Reinga!

Step Up, Get Involved!

 We will help you every step of the way including providing flyers and advertising material.
We’ll organise the sound system, data projector and all that kind of thing. We just need a place to speak and people to speak to! There will be Q and A time, and it DEFINITELY won’t be boring! The meeting will be about 2.5 hours duration.

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact

A Letter from the Board

Hi everyone who has signed up to this website! Thank you for your support.

I am not representing any political party.

I will support the Party which most clearly states in its policy that it is going to completely end every aspect of co-governance, and, if elected, repeal all race based legislation.

We have a lot to do between now and the next election and if we are to succeed with stopping co-governance, then we are going to need to build a strong team.

We only have one chance. Make your vote count.

We are a rapidly growing team. The list of helpers we need is growing fast! Administrators, web developers, financial controllers, marketing gurus, proof readers, social media guns, strategists, call centre manager,…the list is endless.

Yours in the fight for our country

Julian Batchelor
Julian Batchelor M.ED (Hons), B.Th, Dip.T’ching

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