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Mahuta. Report Exposes Her Breath-taking Deceit and Dishonesty.

A report recently released portrays Mahuta as a serial liar and fraudster. 

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The Co-Governance Narrative Is Making Things Much Worse For Maori

The co-governance narrative is unbelievably destructive for Maori. Rather than inspire and encourage Maori, it forces them back into dependency, blame, and victimhood.

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It’s Official. There Is A Coup Led By Radical Maori Going On In NZ, And Most Kiwis Are Oblivious.

It now official. Right now, 2022, there is a coup going on in New Zealand, and most Kiwis are oblivious. This coup started in the 1970’s but has gathered frightening speed since Ardern came to power.  

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Due to Maori Demands, NZ Universities Ripe To Become The Laughing Stock Of The World

New Zealand Universities are under attack. Political interference is at an all-time high, and academics are starting to speak out. If it doesn’t stop, New Zealand’s reputation as a world class study destination will be shredded. In fact, we’ll become the laughing stock of the global audience. 

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Rationale for Maori Health Authority Simply Made Up

One of the steps on their march was the creation of a separate Maori Health Authority. Initial tax payer funding was $260m. Turns out the rational to justify its creation was simply made up. 

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Sean Plunket: How Radical Maori Have Managed To Take Control Of The Media

When the government, intimidated by the Maori caucus and driven by co-governance advocates, established the $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund, little did people know what it was going to be used for. In a sentence, it’s sophisticated high level corruption. 

Sean Plunket has done an excellent job ripping the covers off. All credit to you and your team Sean.


“Terrifying” – Welcome to Tribal Rule

The Herald ran a story on the 9th of August 2022 about a lady in Wellington who was going to work. On her way she innocently passed a group of 15 motorbikes. Little did she know that in passing them, she offended them, which is when the terror started. Welcome to tribal rule. 

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Mechanics Course In Te Reo Rightly Branded "Idealogical Clap Trap"

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Sean Plunket interviews Ara Canterbury’s Te Tiriti Director Te Marino Lenihan on plans to create a mechanics course in Te Reo. As Sean says ‘It’s ideological claptrap”. Never a truer word spoken. What’s really interesting is what Lenihan says about the mechanic. When he graduated from his full immersion Maori schooling, he struggled at the next stage of his life which was finding a job and entering the mainstream. Because he couldn’t speak English, he realised his full immersion schooling was a dead end street. ‘Struggled’ is a kind word. A more accurate word would be ‘failed.’ Most full immersion graduates end on the dole. The reason is obvious – Maori language is absolutely useless in the real world. Taxpayers are paying for the Maori full immersion schools. Taxpayers then pay for the dole. But that is not where it ends.

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Co-Governance Is Behind The Hijack Of Government Administered Web Sites

The Treaty Of Waitangi. Really, Which Party Has Been Robbed? Maori Or Pakeha?

Corrupt Meaning Of ‘Indigenous’ Milked By Co-Governance Proponents.

Dunedin lawyer Stuart Scott published his excellent book in 1995 on the Treaty of Waitangi. I don’t doubt for a second there are any inaccuracies in his work. His pedigree is without peer. He makes the following statement.

“The Maoris of New Zealand are not aboriginals (here from the beginning), indigenous to this country. “

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Co-Governance & Why Our Politicians Have Acted Disgracefully

In yesterday’s blog (i.e. 23/8/22), we discovered by the Oxford dictionary definition, and an understanding of history, that Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand. 

They are settlers in this country, no different from all the other settlers who came here from many different countries in the 19th century. 

The implications of this are huge. For a start, it completely nullifies, under John Key’s watch, “The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”which New Zealand foolishly signed up to in 2010.

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