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100 Protesters At Takaka, Golden Bay 14 July

100 Protesters At Takaka, Golden Bay 14 July


100 Protesters turned out to greet Julian and his team at Takaka Golden Bay yesterday.

They were mostly white and woke.

Their slogans / signs / shout outs / banners including the usual:
Call yourself a Christian?!
You’re bringing division!
Thanks for dividing our community!
Honour the Treaty!
Shame on you!
Love not hate!
And so on.

The meeting started at 2pm.

When he arrived, the protesters were already there in numbers.

They were loudly singing songs in Maori.

Not sure of the point of this, but this is what they were doing.  

Perhaps they were thinking that singing songs would stop all the corruption and fraud surrounding co-governance.

Ill-informed and ignorant of the facts of our history, particularly the Treaty, I am certain these are people with no families and no identity who are looking for a cause, a purpose in life.

Sheep without a shepherd. They ranged in age from little children up to the elderly.

Really, they were a sad lot.

Be that as it was, Julian and his team set up, the venue was filled, and the meeting got underway.

We gave the police a 10/10 rating yesterday.

This was completely different from our meeting in Richmond (Nelson) where the police were a 1/10, a dismal failure.

What did the police do that was so great yesterday? Which was so different from all other venues?

They started by giving the protesters a lecture on how to behave (as a parent would with little children, for clearly they do not know how to behave).

The key, and rightly, was to explain to them that they were not allowed on the property, which included the car park.

Essentially, this meant they could not come near the building. That is to say, they had restricted access.

This limited their movement to the grass area and footpath outside the property.

Legally, this was entirely correct.

Julian and his team had hired the entire venue for a private meeting, and ‘the venue’, in legal terms, included the car park, the driveway into the property, and of course the hall itself.

In other words, everything within the legal boundaries.

The police in Golden Bay and Motueka understood this, and they got it right. In Richmond (Nelson) the police were ignorant of these facts, which was shameful.

In Richmond, the protesters were able to roam free, thugs and vagabonds on the loose, smashing windows, and banging on the outside of the building while the meeting was in progress.

The police in Richmond (Nelson) failed abysmally to stop them.

They failed to realise that the protesters were, by being on the property, trespassing.

They failed to realise, that by letting the protesters onto the property, those inside the building were having their right to hear Julian speak infringed.

They were also infringing Julian’s right to speak.  In total, 3 infringements, 3 police failures.

Sure, the protesters have a right to protest, but not at the expense of cancelling the right of others to free speech. 

This is the balance.

The police in Golden Bay understood this balance perfectly, and they must be congratulated for this.

We must also congratulate Warwick and Debbie, Dot and Nicola, and their team for organizing this event so well.

They did an incredible job.

We actually met in a church, which was so unusual, as most churches are marinating in woke and political correctness, proudly so, and they won’t host us.

In contrast, the police in Richmond must be condemned for being so ignorant of the law and so poorly informed.

I would encourage everyone to write to the police minister to complain about the police in Richmond (12 July) and to congratulate the police in Motueka (July 13) and Golden Bay (July 14).


Ok, back to the meeting itself.

Soon after we started, a guy in his fifties rose to his feet, part Maori (like 100% of all Maori in NZ), loudly singing “Jesus loves you this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

I guess he was trying to show that it was possible to be a Christian, and a protester, and history ignorant, all at the same time.

He was also shouting out “Julian has only come to get your money!”

With that, a very humorous thing happened.

Another man in the audience shouted back “Well, he can have mine!”

He rose to his feet, beaming from ear to ear, pulled out his wallet from his top pocket, walked to the front, and plonked a few bank notes on the table at the front.

What a quick-thinking legend of a man!

The crowd looking on laughed and clapped.

The whole scene was comical.

The organisers told me afterwards that the man who caused this, the man who was singing, the disrupter,  had told them at the door that he was genuinely interested in hearing Julian speak, assuring them that he would be respectful all the way through.  That he was not a protester.

So by firing up and protesting, by doing what he did, he lied.

What a great Christian. What a hypocrite. Such a lost soul.

The meeting progressed.

30 minutes or so later, a rather large Maori man in his forties broke through security and entered the building.

Once inside, he announced boldy and threateningly, “I want to know who is in this meeting!” He glared at the crowd, casting his eyes over them. Intimidation.

Tikanga in action.

He demonstrated the very opposite of the protester signs outside “Love, not hate!”

Really, it’s laughable.

The police arrived and he was removed by them.

Another young lady, white and woke, had sneaked in the back door, as a rat would sneak into a house, and promptly sat in the row near the front.

She too fired up while the Maori man was making his threats, so she too was ejected by the police.

The meeting progressed.

After the half time coffee break, and well into the second half of Julian’s presentation, a scuffle broke out at the door.

Several protestors broke the police line on the street and rushed the door.

One of our team was assaulted and knocked to the ground.

The police came running and arrested one of the protesters and they were taken away.

One of our team had a flour bomb thrown at them, in the face, and needed treatment.  So right there, was more humour – the black and white minstrels show just started.  

Seriously, if you want a fun night out, come to one of these meetings.

Several of the protesters held up signs saying boldy “Love, not hate”.

Ironically, Julian and his team are the ones who are loving.

The protesters are the group filled with hate and animosity. Funny that.

Of course, they don’t see this, which is the mark of a true hypocrite.

A true hypocrite is so deep into their hypocrisy and ignorance, that they fail to see the true state of their condition.

To boot, these protesters are blindingly ignorant with respect to the Treaty, of what Julian is truly fighting for (democracy, unity, the Treaty, one law for all, one person one vote etc), and fighting against (racism, apartheid, separatism, and government corruption).

 The protesters have not woken up to the fact that their protests are serving to fuel this tour.  How so?  

First the people who come to our meetings get to see first hand how cancelling free speech, bullying and intimidation are now normal, and co-governance is the ideology driving these things. 

Second, being intimidated and bullied bonds Julian’s supporters together.  It does not break them.  We have seen this everywhere.  

Third,  the people coming to our meetings, Julians supporters, know first hand, after interviewing protesters, that they are ignorant about the Treaty, about our history, and blind to our political situation.  

This fuels the desire of Julian’s supporters to help the protesters out their rut.  

These protesters are the NZ equivalent of BLM.  Julian’s supporters are genuinely caring loving people.

The good news is that the meeting finished well.

The crowd who had come to hear him left wiser, better, more informed about the Treaty, our history, about co-governance, and media corruption, the extent of the fraud in government, particularly the Waitangi Tribunal.

The protestors, all 100 of them, lined the street to farewell Julian when he left.  He was so appreciative.

Really, the whole scene, start to finish, was like a movie.

Essentially, it was huge fun, so dramatic, and so interesting.

Julian always says that fighting for our country and helping people understand the Treaty and our history is magically fulfilling and satisfying. Likewise, fighting corruption has its own rewards.

These are the elements that drive him, giving him energy and zeal.

He has always said, too, that truth is supernaturally powerful.

When a man or woman speaks the truth, lives the truth, and expounds the truth, serving others, determined and resolute, undeterred by opposition, great forces flow into that man or woman, and through them, giving all who join in life and life abundantly.

Truth, combined with bravery, is unstoppable.

This is what drove our soldiers in World War 1 and 2 to success.

This is what our ANZAC parades and memorials are all about.

This is, without a doubt, too, is what this stop co-governance tour is all about, and it’s absolutely thrilling to be part of it.