Mike Hosking nails it.  See what he has to say HERE

One of our contributors to this site wrote the following in response to our blog post yesterday.  This is what he wrote:


The only racist in New Zealand are the so-called “Maori-elite”, a misnomer of the highest degree. And it is time the rest of New Zealanders stood up and said that to them, the government, and the prostitute media.

Any statistic that shows Maori on the wrong side of average is their own fault, no one else’s fault. They are below average in mortality because they eat rubbish; they are well above average in prison population because they commit more crimes, are not sophisticated criminals and therefore get caught more often that others; they don’t do well in the professional stakes because they don’t bother to go to school; and the parents off these kids do not instill into them the need for a good education.

It is no good the Willy Jacksons, Kelvin Davis’. the Packers, Tamiheres, Morgans et al blaming “colonisation:” for Maori poor showing; in fact “colonisation” was an opportunity for civilisation ! And the Maori Chiefs at the signing of the ToW understood and asked for the Treaty in order to prevent the savagery that was the Maori life before that.

I’m sick of listening to the same claptrap from the mouths of those listed above. Why don’t they accept that they are far better off with the ToW than they would have been otherwise ? Because they don’t give a damn for even their own people. They just want to sit back and cream off from the hard work of the rest of the population, including that of their own people.

It is time to get rid of the Waitangi Tribunal, the Human Rights Commission, and Race Relations Commission. Why ? Because they support the largest group of racists in NZ— the so-called Maori-elite.


Academics too have been paid to say what the government wants them to say.  HERE is one. 

It’s a lot of camel’s droppings from start to finish.  There are some real clangers in what he wrote.


Te Tiriti o Waitangi remains this country’s founding document and the “fine words” that accompanied its signing are something we should take seriously – collectively and individually. Then there are those views and institutional practices that continue to deny and marginalise one of the signatories to Te Tiriti. We have plenty of advice and data that helps guide what happens next.


To the writer I would say “Yes Phil, how about starting the conversation by taking seriously the fact that Maori signed over sovereignty to the crown entirely and forever?”  

That would stop the conversation dead.

For someone who is touted as a ‘distinguished professor’ he clearly knows little about the Treaty.   They get these titles, I guess, if they are in the pocket of the government.


What I have noticed over the past few weeks is that the media is ‘upping’ its grooming of the population.  

That is to say, it’s ratcheting up the psychological warfare in favour of the Maori agenda for New Zealand.  In favour of tribal leader takeover of our country.

Things are said by tribal leaders like ” Already the Labour government, jolted by declining polls and a tough re-election contest, has started walking back on kaupapa that understood and embraced the importance of working with iwi Māori to improve the disproportionate suffering of our people across almost all social measures.”

I have written before that the solution for Maori is not throwing more money at their problems.  Rather it the development of character. You can read what I wrote HERE

Expect more accusations of New Zealand being a racist country, with Maori being the subject of the racism. 

Expect more calls from Meng Foon and others for everyone to ‘not tolerate racism!’ 

Expect more newspaper articles to accuse non Maori of ‘Maori bashing’ 

Here is one HERE

HERE is another TV clip from Waitangi. Be sure to watch the video.

What is all this for? What are they trying to do?  

 It’s a deliberate ploy / trick / strategy to dumb down the general population so that it will not oppose the tribal leader agenda for New Zealand, which is complete takeover of the country.    

In fact, heavy psychological warfare, it is hoped by tribal leaders, will not just quell opposition, but it will cause non- Maori to join in with the cause of tribal leaders. 

What’s also tragic about this is that ordinary Maori don’t realise it, but they too are being used and abused by these tribal leaders.  

If tribal rule in New Zealand becomes the norm, one tribe will dominate the rest.  This is how it was pre-1840.  This is how it will be in future New Zealand.   

Everyone else, including all Maori of the non-dominant tribe, will be viewed as slaves, second class citizens. 

Talk to the average Maori on the street.  They just parrot off what they have heard from tribal leaders on TV and on their Maraes,  and what they read in the media e.g. New Zealand is a racist country, colonialism is the reason Maori are struggling, the poor standing of Maori in society is not the fault of Maori, white people are privileged and they are to blame, New Zealand was stolen from Maori way back in history,  and so on and so on.  

Resist the psychological warfare vehemently.  The human mind is a delicate machine.  For the naïve, the innocent, and the uninitiated, false guilt and condemnation will find easy entry.  It’s called White Shame. And after that?  Compliance.  

Good, honest, sincere kiwis will then become easy beats for the tribal elite. Speaking theologically, they will become converts to Maoridom.  

A BIG shout out! to Sheree and her team in Tauranga for securing their date and venue!

Bumpers stickers, caps, label buttons are all in process.  We’ll keep you posted. Thank you to all those who wrote in with their opinions and views.

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