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Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

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Amazing Ashburton!

Amazing Ashburton!

Last night we had an amazing meeting in Ashburton.

David and Lindsay, our ‘on the ground men’ did such a fabulous job.

Once again, we surveyed all the people who came to last nights meeting to find out what got them to the meeting

  • i.e. radio advertising?
  • Newspaper advertising?
  • A flyer?
  • A business card?
  • Word of mouth?
  • Or a book in their letterbox with an invitation to the Ashburton meeting stapled on the front cover.

The vast majority came because someone had put a booklet into their letterbox with an invitation to the Ashburton meeting on the front of the booklet.

This great strategy, we have proven, works. It’s just so effective.

At the end of the meeting, upward of 20 people volunteered to deliver Julian’s books into rural and urban mid-Canterbury, inviting people to the next meeting in Ashburton.

Mid Canterbury is a huge area to cover but the team here in Ashburton, led by David and Lindsay, are resolutely committed.

The energy in the room at end end was huge.

People ‘got it’ with respect to stopping co-governance.

They left understanding the Treaty, which was so crucial.

If we can get people good with the Treaty, we can stop co-governance.

So Julian leaves Ashburton this morning headed for Dunedin for two nights of meetings in a row in that city.

If you know people in Dunedin, and you don’t live in Dunedin, please phone / text / email them and encourage them to attend.

Saturday 17th July, 4pm 199 Hillside Rd, Dunedin

Sunday 18th July, 6pm, 199 Hillside Road, Dunedin.