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Amazing Night In Motueka! (July 13)

Amazing Night In Motueka! (July 13)

50 protesters turned up but the police kept them in line, detailing to them their boundaries and limits.

Really, the police in this town did a sterling job compared to the Hope / Nelson event, where we were let down badly.

They were pathetic.

In Hope (Nelson) there were 30 or so protesters. Why did the police let us down?

They turned up occasionally, then drove away, leaving the protesters free to do whatever they liked, which they did.

Motueka was different. The police gave the protesters clear boundaries. This was the key.

Really, protesters should not be allowed to come onto the property, since all of it, including the car park, is private property.

Motueka police saw it that way too, and free speech was allowed to rule and reign.

Inside, we had a full house.

The highlight for me was a dear man in his eighties coming up to Julian thanking him for doing the tour.

The man was in tears.

Such is the level of concern. His father and grandfather fought in the great wars to save New Zealand.

Now, years later, 2023, it’s on the verge of being ruined.

Were all the efforts of our soldiers in vain? Many are still lying on the battle fields, having died in combat to save democracy and secure our freedom.

The hall was full last night, as you can see from the picture below.

The photo below is taken from half way up the hall. There were as many people (not shown) behind the photographer.

The atmosphere in the hall was incredible.

We had people of all different nationalities there last night, including Maori, Samoan, Irish and a whole lot more.

It was a truly ‘Kiwi’ night with lots of laughter and joking around, interspersed with the serious, of course.

Linc, our sound man, and Lee our photographer did an amazing job too.

We have a great team here.

Full credit to Ken and his team, and Jenny (of course), for doing such an incredible job. Their level of commitment is just stunning.

Essentially, the night was such a success because of them and their months of hard work leading up to the event.

To all of you, a sincere thanks from the stop co-governance team!