Analysis: 'Treaty of Waitangi' Comic For High School Students Has Been Quietly Brainwashing Away Since 2018 (Part 24)

Analysis: 'Treaty of Waitangi' Comic For High School Students Has Been Quietly Brainwashing Away Since 2018 (Part 24)

Above and on the left is a picture from page 8 of the comic we have been analysing.

HERE is the whole comic.

If you want to know why we are analysing this comic, just refer to blogs for the last few days.

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In short, the comic was released into schools in 2018  to brainwash our children.

What is its purpose?

Maori Activists inside the Labour government, particularly the Maori caucus, supported by the Greens and Te Pati Maori, plus a hoard of woke bureaucrats are grooming our children so that when our children leave school and become old enough to vote, they will vote for the Maori activist cause.

In this way, so their plan goes, Maori will be able to legitimately and legally take over the country.  That is to say, they are grooming our children to vote for the Maori activist cause.  This comic is therefore propaganda.

What’s happening here is exactly what happened in other regimes in the 1920s and 30s, preparing the ground for dictatorship. In the case of New Zealand, it’s  preparing the country for tribal rule. 

Hitler had his Hitler Youth.

Now we have the “Maori Youth” mirroring them, as evidenced by the actions of Female Hurricanes, the students of a Palmerston North School, and the Maori who tried to stop the fishing contest in Northland. Here is another example – click HERE

So what is there to say about this picture on page 8?


Today’s comic picture is literally packed with lies, half-truths, missing information, inaccuracies, and truth, it’s difficult to know where to start. 

Let’s start with the first line which states “Te Tiriti O Waitangi is in 3 parts called articles.”

Well, the Treaty actually has five parts, and here they are.  What you see below is the final English draft of the Treaty,  

The Treaty in Maori (called Te Tiriti O Waitangi in the comic) says exactly the same thing.  There are only two differences between this final English draft in English, and the Treaty in Maori. 1. the date of the draft is the 4th of February.  The Treaty in Maori the 6th.  2. The word ‘Maori’ was included last minute into the 3rd Article of the Treaty’.  This word appears in the Maori version, but not in the final English draft.



Her Majesty Victoria, Queen of England in her gracious consideration for the chiefs and people of New Zealand, and her desire to preserve them their land and to maintain peace and order amongst them, 

has been pleased to appoint an officer to treat with them for the cession of the Sovereignty of their country and of the islands adjacent to the Queen. 

Seeing that already many of Her Majesty’s subjects have already settled in the country and are constantly arriving: And that it is desirable for their protection as well as the protection of the natives to establish a government amongst them. Her Majesty has accordingly been pleased to appoint me William Hobson a captain in the Royal Navy to be Governor of such parts of New Zealand as may now or hereafter be ceded to Her Majesty and proposes to the chiefs of the Confederation of United Tribes of New Zealand and the other chiefs to agree to the following articles.


The chiefs of the confederation of united tribes, and the other chiefs who have not joined the confederation, cede to the Queen of England forever the entire sovereignty of their country.


The Queen of England confirms and guarantees to the chiefs and the tribes and to all the people of New Zealand, the possession of their lands, dwellings and all their property.

But the chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes and the other chiefs grant to the Queen, the exclusive rights of purchasing such lands as the proprietors thereof may be disposed to sell at such prices as may be agreed upon between them and the person appointed by the Queen to purchase from them. 


In return for the cession of their sovereignty to the Queen, the Maori people of New Zealand shall be protected by the Queen of England and the rights and privileges of British subjects will be granted to them.


Now we the chiefs of the Confederation of the United tribes of New Zealand being assembled at Waitangi, and we the other chiefs of New Zealand, having understood the meaning of these articles, accept of them and agree to them all.  In witness whereof our names or marks are affixed. Done at Waitangi on the 4th of February, 1840.


In the Preamble the British agreed to set up a democratic government to govern everyone who lived in New Zealand.  Second, they agreed to maintain peace and order once peace and order had been achieved by the British.  Third, they agree to preserve Maori their land. That is to say, in 1840, the British acknowledged that Maori owned all the land in New Zealand, until they sold it. When they sold it,  they lost control of it.   The fact is, Maori went on to sell 92% of their land.

What the activists say?  They say the crown promised to preserve Maori their land FOREVER.  They did not promise this.  They only promised to preserve the land of Maori for as long as they actually owned it.  Activists also say that the Crown stole or confiscated all their land. This too is absolute nonsense. 

In article one, Maori ceded sovereignty (i.e. gave up complete control) of New Zealand to the British, forever.

What the activists say?  They say Maori did not cede sovereignty.  This is nonsense.  They did cede sovereignty.  Read more HERE

They also say they only gave the British authority to control the settlers, not Maori.  This is nonsense too.  The British did not, and would never, have agreed to this.

In article two, the British agree to protect Maori possessions, of which there were three categories: Land, dwellings, and property.  In today’s language, this would be house and contents, plus the land on which the house was situated.   The great challenge for the British was determining which tribe owned what land.  Tribes argued over who owned what.  What the British wanted to do, and did do, eventually, was issue land titles for every bit of land in New Zealand.  This has morphed into LINZ (Land information New Zealand) which today holds records / titles of every bit of land in our country.   Also in article two, the British agreed to buy land owned by Maori.

What the activists say?  They say that this article gives them the mandate to be self determining. That is to say, to have their own government within New Zealand.  This is nonsense. Article 2 does not issue this mandate

In article three, Maori were  given British citizenship.  This meant Maori would be treated as equals with all other citizens in the country.

What the activists say? They say the Treaty mandates giving Maori special privileges and advantages over other citizens.   This idea is not mandated in the Treaty.   The Treaty mandates that all citizens are to be treated equally.   By demanding special privileges and advantages, and MPs giving into them, the Treaty is being breached.

In the affirmation, Maori acknowledge that they fully understood what they were signing.  Hobson had specifically instructed his staff to make sure no one signed the Treaty unless they understood it.  How do know this? “Henry Williams reported to Bishop Selwyn.’ The instruction of Captain Hobson was not to allow any one to sign the treaty till he fully understood it. To which instruction I did most strictly attend.  That the natives to whom I explained the treaty understood the nature of the same, there can be no doubt.” Bruce Moon.  Twisting The Treaty. A Tribal Grab For Wealth And Power. Tross Publishing. 2013. p 35

All of this vital information is missing from the comic, ensuring that the students who read it are led astray. 


This comic is a key component of Maori activists to take over the country.  It targets children.

In my book TAKEOVER: 18 STRATEGIES MAORI ACTIVISTS ARE USING TO TAKE OVER NEW ZEALAND  I detail all the strategies activists are using.

You can read this book HERE.

In tomorrow’s blog, I will continue the analysis.

See you then!


As I have said, we must get behind Winston, Jones and Seymour, Luxon, emailing them regularly with encouragement and our full support to expunge co-governance and Maorification from New Zealand.

Leaders need encouragement constantly.

Email Luxon urging him to do what the people of New Zealand elected him to do, which was to rid the country of Maorification and co-governance.

Warn him that he will be a one term PM if he doesn’t.

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