Analysis:  'Treaty of Waitangi' Comic For High School Students Has Been Quietly Brainwashing Away Since 2018 (Part 3)

Analysis: 'Treaty of Waitangi' Comic For High School Students Has Been Quietly Brainwashing Away Since 2018 (Part 3)

Above  is the inside front the cover of the comic we have been analysing.

In today’s blog I will be analysing what’s written on the inside front cover.

HERE is the whole comic.

If you want to know why we are analysing this comic, just refer to blogs for the last few days.  If you scroll down on this blog, you’ll see the previous blogs easily.

So what is there to say about the inside front cover?


The inside from cover says the following:

 “School Journal Story Library is a targeted series that supplements other instructional series texts. It provides additional scaffolds and supports for teachers to use to accelerate students’ literacy learning.”

This comic is being used in schools to help children with literacy. In other words, the classic children’s books are being supplemented with Treaty of Waitangi propaganda comic.

Below are just some of the classics children ought to be studying.

Winnie-The-Pooh by A. A. Milne (1926)

Mrs Pepperpot Stories by Alf Proysen (1956)

A Traveller in Time by Alison Uttley (1939)

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell (1877)

 Grimms’ Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm (1812)

In a global study of 400,000 children in over 60 countries – known as PIRLS – New Zealand has fallen from 13th place in 2001 to 27th place in the data released in 2023.  Read the full story HERE. 

Conclusion?  One major reason our education standards achievements are falling is because our education system has been hijacked by ideological clap trap.  

Maori activists and their woke fellow travellers don’t care about what is best for our school age students.  What they care about is their ideological dream, which, according to He Puapua is to take over the country by 2040. 

What’s best for students is that they leave school highly proficient in reading, writing and arithmetic, able to think critically and analytically, and above all that they have sound character.  I wrote a paper for Maori on character which you can read HERE. It’s actually applicable to everyone.

I believe that character development is the absolute key to the problems Maori face in society.

Schools have been Maorified and so have the teachers.  This comic is one major plank of the activists to achieve their ideological dream, and it’s all at the expense of our children, who have become pawns in a political game.  What’s the game? To capture future voters.

Write to Education Minister Eric Stanford to voice you objection: 

There is one more point of interest on the inside cover page.  It says:

“Teacher support material (available at contains key information to help teachers to provide the additional support and scaffolding that some students may need to meet the specific reading, writing, and curriculum demands of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.”

“…The demands of Te Tiriti O Waitangi”. Oh really?

What were the only ‘demands’ or ‘obligations’ of the British in the Treaty? HERE is final English draft of the Treaty which was used to construct the Treaty in Maori.

There are only four, and four only.

  1. Article 1: to establish a government. A democracy.


  2. Article 2: to protect the land, dwellings and property of all New Zealanders. In today’s language,  the British only ever intended Article 2 to agree to protect Maori house and contents.  That is to say, whatever land, dwellings, and contents Maori chiefs owned at 6 February 1840, the British agreed to protect.  In their minds they were only saying to Maori, “We’ll stop other tribes and the French (the two big fears of Maori in 1840) from stealing your stuff.”  That is all.  Of course, the next big issue the British faced was arbitrating between Maori chiefs as to who owned what.  As you can imagine, disputes between chiefs were furious, especially now that money was involved.  The fact of the matter is that Maori went onto to sell 92% of their land, a fact conveniently never talked about today. HERE are the facts about the 92%. Maori activists today have twisted the narrative of Article 2 to mean that Maori were guaranteed ownership of all New Zealand forever! (tino rangatiratanga).  This is complete nonsense.  It’s BS to the highest degree.


  3. The British also agreed to buy land from Maori, which they did.


  4. Article 3: to grant Maori British citizenship.

 Activists often use the line ‘….the demands of Te Tiriti o Waitangi’ to justify anything.

Of course, the gullible public just drink it all in and say “Oh, they say these demands are true so they must be true”.


This comic is a key component of Maori activists to take over the country.  It targets children.

In my book TAKEOVER: 18 STRATEGIES MAORI ACTIVISTS ARE USING TO TAKE OVER NEW ZEALAND  I detail all the strategies activists are using.

You can read this book HERE.

In tomorrow’s blog, I will continue the analysis.

See you then!


As I have said, we must get behind Winston, Jones and Seymour, Luxon, emailing them regularly with encouragement and our full support to expunge co-governance and Maorification from New Zealand.

Leaders need encouragement constantly.

Email Luxon urging him to do what the people of New Zealand elected him to do, which was to rid the country of Maorification and co-governance.

Warn him that he will be a one term PM if he doesn’t.

Here are their email addresses:


Hugh Perrett on the Comic

"WHO on earth authorised that comic ( see below in this  ‘post’ in originating paper) It is a totally deceitful  scurrilous, deliberately dishonest tissue of lies totally and deliberately structured to present Maori as the heroes they CERTAINLY WERE NOT AND ARE  NOT . Like us Maori were settlers who arrived by sea  ( in their case  in canoes , arguably from Rarotonga )  , and in their case ( unlike ours) immediately set about slaughtering  , raping , enslaving , murdering  and CANNIBALISING the existing, established, peaceful , non-resisting Moriori race —- to near extinction . 

It is unbelievable that our children and grandchildren have been DELIBERATELY exposed to and taught the absolute crap in this comic and that our EDUCATIONAL AUTHORITIES and GOVERNMENT have not  just stood by and allowed it to be promulgated to innocent young minds not in a position to question it , BUT have been instrumental in  introducing and promoting it as being “the truth” . 


I am afraid Maori and their collaborators  are yet again exposed as ‘contrived for purpose’ DELIBERATE LIARS looking to brainwash innocent children FOR LIFE with Maori’s lies . "

Hugh Perrett

Auckland 1050

Co-Governance. Stop it before it’s too late.