Analysis: 'Treaty of Waitangi' Comic For High School Students Has Been Quietly Brainwashing Away Since 2018 (Part 31)

Analysis: 'Treaty of Waitangi' Comic For High School Students Has Been Quietly Brainwashing Away Since 2018 (Part 31)


Above is another picture from the comic we have been analysing. Today we are continuing on page 10.

HERE is the whole comic.

If you want to know why we are analysing this comic, just refer to blogs for the last few days.

You can read our analysis of previous sections of the comic by going to our web site and clicking on ‘blogs’

In short, the comic was released into schools in 2018  to brainwash our children.

What is its purpose?

Maori Activists inside the Labour government, particularly the Maori caucus, supported by the Greens and Te Pati Maori, plus a hoard of woke bureaucrats are grooming our children so that when our children leave school and become old enough to vote, they will vote for the Maori activist cause.

In this way, so their plan goes, Maori will be able to legitimately and legally take over the country.  That is to say, they are grooming our children to vote for the Maori activist cause.  This comic is therefore propaganda.

What’s happening here is exactly what happened in other regimes in the 1920s and 30s, preparing the ground for dictatorship. In the case of New Zealand, it’s  preparing the country for tribal rule. 

Hitler had his Hitler Youth.

Now we have the “Maori Youth” mirroring them, as evidenced by the actions of Female Hurricanes, the students of a Palmerston North School, and the Maori who tried to stop the fishing contest in Northland. Here is another example – click HERE and  click HERE

So what is there to say about this picture on page 10?


Further to what I said yesterday, the top picture shows a settler who has chopped down a lot of trees.  In the picture, there are tree stumps all around. This is intended to spark anti colonial feelings in the young people reading the comic.  Anti-white feelings. Critical race theory.

The Greens, and people like Greta Thunberg, have created Green hysteria in young people, who are being told, in error, that if we don’t stop climate change, the world is going to end in 10 years’ time.  It’s nonsense.

So the comic writers are using layers of angst against white people, the people who pioneered our country, the people who built our great nation. 

What angst? 

White people in our history trashed the environment, and ripped off Maori. 

This is the message the young people in our schools are getting from this comic.

Never mind that Maori burnt up to half of New Zealand’s bush before the colonials arrived (Michael Write. New Zealand. An Illustrated History. Bateman Press. 2013. Page 15).

Never mind that pre-1840 Maori were responsible for causing the extinction of ‘..around 35 species’ in New Zealand (Ibid, Page 17).

So much for the well-used line by Maori activists today that Maori in 2024 are great conservationists who have a lot to teach the rest of us about this topic. 

We are told that Maori ought to oversee our fisheries and conservation estates.  Really, based on their historical record, it’s laughable. It’s a sick joke.

Ok, now onto the New Zealand wars.

New Zealand Land Wars timeline:

  • The Northern War: 1845-1846.
  • Wellington: 1846-1847.
  • North Taranaki War: 1860-1861.
  • Waikato Invasion: 1863-1864.
  • Central and South Taranaki: 1864-1868.
  • East Coast Wars: 1865-1872.

These wars were not always about ‘land’.  So once again, the comic is dishonest.  How so?

In the Northern War, for example,  the British were a third party to a war between Hone Heke and Te Ruki Kawiti and Tamati Waka Nene.  

The conflict was sparked when Hone Heke cut down the flag pole at what is now known as Russell. 

Heke had felt abandoned by the British when they moved the capital to Auckland. For Heke, new settlers and trade dried when this happened.  Tobacco became scarce and dear. 

Ships stopped coming to Tokerau, Hokianga and Manganui.  When Heke discovered that the cause of the price increases was customs and harbour duties, he  cracked and promptly went and chopped down the flag pole.

He thought that paying such fees made him a slave of the British.  Heke didn’t understand how government works.  How sovereignty works.

Which means what?  That when the chiefs ceded sovereignty in the Treaty, this gave the British the legal right to set up a democratic government.  The government has to collect taxes, levies, and customs off its citizens.

For what reason?  To pay for the infrastructure needed for the citizens to trade and gain wealth i.e. the government uses taxes to construct wharves and roads and bridges and the like.  And the more money the citizens of a country make, the more tax the government gets, to build bridges, wharves, roads etc.  See how it works? 

Maori way back then, in 1844, didn’t ‘get it’ about government and revenue gathering.  

They wanted to earn money so that they could spend money on British goods, but failed to realise that it costs money to make money.   That is to say, to trade, one needs infrastructure and someone has to pay for it.

They wanted someone else to pay for the infrastructure, to pay the bills. They wanted settlers and the British government to carry them.

And if they didn’t get their way, what happened? Violence.  Protest. Bullying.  Intimidation. Chopping down flag poles.

Nothing has changed today. 

Many Maori today don’t pay rates.  Many Maori today only page 17% tax.  The rest of us pay 34% or more.  And so on.  Read more HERE

What does this mean?  We are carrying many Maori, subsidizing them and their lives.   It’s apartheid and therefore wrong.

You can read more about Maori and tax HERE.

The comic is silent about such things.


This comic is a key component of Maori activists to take over the country.  It targets children.

If you are not convinced that  Tribalists / Maori Activists and their woke fellow travellers are trying to take over the country, click HERE

In my book TAKEOVER: 18 STRATEGIES MAORI ACTIVISTS ARE USING TO TAKE OVER NEW ZEALAND  I detail all the strategies activists are using.

You can read this book HERE.

In tomorrow’s blog, I will continue the analysis.

See you then!


As I have said, we must get behind Winston, Jones and Seymour, Luxon, emailing them regularly with encouragement and our full support to expunge co-governance and Maorification from New Zealand.

Leaders need encouragement constantly.

Email Luxon urging him to do what the people of New Zealand elected him to do, which was to rid the country of Maorification and co-governance.

Warn him that he will be a one term PM if he doesn’t.

Here are their email addresses: