Well Done New Zealand! We've Reached Over Half A Million Copies In Print

Well Done New Zealand! We've Reached Over Half A Million Copies In Print

Next week, another 200,000 of Julian’s book will be ready for pick up from the printers. 100,000 in the South Island, 100,000 in the North Island.

Most of our North Island books will be going into Auckland.
The South Island books will be going all over the South Island.

What you can do to help?
Many Kiwis have still not read Julian’s book.

We need to get a copy to them well before the election which is October 14.

We need everyone who has delivered books to letter boxes to keep delivering books.

We need people who have never delivered books to join in to start delivering books. 

The books need to have an invite to the marches we are planning on them before they go out.

You can view the invite HERE

You can order these invites from Vicki: Vicki: 021 029 85 419 or vicki.vranjes@gmail.com
There are two types of letter box drop: rural and urban.
There are two ways to deliver: letter box, and giving to friends and family or random strangers.
Keep a pile of books in your car for spontaneous give aways.
There are many small towns and rural areas which have not received a book.
Our priority is to get to these untouched areas and untouched people.
We want to make sure there are no double ups.
Phone or email Tim, our key coordinator in Wellington: Tim teacher.tim@icloud.com 021 027 57652
Ask Tim to tell you what streets or areas need doing before you go out delivering.

So, here is a summary of what you can do to help:
Call Tim
1. Order books
2. Order invites
3. Staple invites to books.
4. Go out and deliver.
5. Keep a pile of books in your car.

Te Anau meeting was wonderful! (August 16)

Te Anau meeting was wonderful! (August 16)

Last night’s meeting in Te Anau was wonderful.

 A great crowd turned up with great questions, hungry to learn.  There was a lot of laughter as well.

Special thanks to Colleen and Julie for putting it all together.  You ladies were amazing! 

Next Event? Live Stream Hakataramea Hall  1pm, Southland Wednesday 26th August 2023.

Next Event? Live Stream Hakataramea Hall 1pm, Southland Wednesday 26th August 2023.

If you visit our Facebook Page at 1pm, you’ll get the live broadcast.

Maori Party Election Signs Vandalised

Watch the video below. Be sure to read the comments

Book Delivery People Urgently Needed All Over New Zealand!

Book Delivery People Urgently Needed All Over New Zealand!

We urgently need people all over New Zealand to deliver books, particularly in Auckland, but also in Southland, as per the detail below.

Julian’s booklet is having an amazing impact on this country, so help other’s who have not read it yet get a copy.   

If you can deliver, please call Vicki 021 029 85419

Stop Co-Governance – South Island Tours

Saturday 26th August
The Haka (the old Haka School site)
9 Farm Road, Hakataramea Valley
Time: 1pm

Sunday 27th August
Naseby Lodge
26 Derwent Street, Naseby
Time: 1pm

Monday 28th August
The Hanger
34 Old Balfour Road, Balfour
Time: 3pm

Tuesday 29th August
Balclutha – TBC (Vicki organising)
Time: 4pm

Wednesday 30th August
Hedgehope Community Centre
1421 Rakahouka-Hedgehope Road, Hedgehope
Time: 4pm
If you live in or near or around any of these areas, and can deliver a few books, please contact Vicki 021 029 85419

Please click HERE for more details.

Cromwell Event 15th August a Massive Success

The Cromwell event last night was a massive success thanks to Alister and his team.

Wow! They did an outstanding job and the hall was packed. He and his team have worked so hard.

Truly, the Cromwell team are amazing.

But really it’s not a surprise. Why? Well, as the saying goes, we reap what we sow.

They have been dedicated and focused, and so last night’s result was inevitable.

The vibe in the hall was electric with lots of laughs and joking around but also the seriousness of it all came to the fore.

Really, it was an outstanding night.

Alister and his team are now going to focus on getting booklets out to some more surrounding towns.

They are not stopping, but pushing on.

They are also planning to get people to our march in Wellington.

Eight hundred people watched the event on line.

Viewer Praises On Line Presentation

You can read the viewers email below


“I watched tonight your excellent, awesome presentation on co-governance. I thought I knew a lot, but I didn’t.

I lived away in the UK until 2017 and was shocked at the change in New Zealand on my return.

I couldn’t believe how aggressive the Maori had become.  I was brought up in Gisborne and on returning to visit my mum and family, was shocked.

How can I get a copy of your book please”

Viewer Praises Julian's On-Line Presentation