Maori Party Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel "Julian Batchelor Is Now A White Supremacist"

Waititi and Packer, co-leaders of the Maori Party are so out of touch with reality, it’s laughable.

They started out a few months back saying that Julian was ‘a racist’ and that didn’t get any traction.

So now they have moved on to “Julian is a white supremacist”

This is the stuff of the desperate.

Watch Terry Opines brilliant video analysis HERE

Julian Batchelor is the only person in New Zealand calling the nation back to honouring Te Tiriti, the Treaty in Maori, back to its original meaning, so how could he possibly be a white supremacist?

You know the answer.

He isn’t.  He’s actually a true blue Kiwi fighting on behalf of all Kiwis, all 160 cultures, fighting to reclaim our nation.