Tauranga Event Last Night A Winner ...Again!

Tauranga Event Last Night A Winner ...Again!

The thing that is exciting me about our events is the quality of people who are turning up.

We seem to be a magnet for the intelligent and the thinkers.

Our meetings are just full of them. Lots of them.

They ask good questions, they are attentive all through, and they are politically awake.

Our big challenge is to shift them into now being active.

We need them to transition from being ‘deeply concerned’ to being mobilised.

You see, it’s about mobilisation.

It’s about people becoming activists.

An activist is someone who wants to become part of the solution.

They give money, they give time, they deliver books, they march on the streets. They make sacrifices, because there is no gain without sacrifice and effort.

An activist cannot be put off. When they suffer disappointment and heartache, they keep going.

When people oppose them, it does not put them off.

On the contrary, it feeds them. It fuels them.

They are like a weed that refuses to die.

They are first up, last to bed.

The message they carry in their hearts is on their minds 24/7. Like rust, the activist never sleeps until the job is done.

There is a phenomenal team in Tauranga: Sheree, Rhonda, Caroline, Sue and Jack, Neil, Mike, Lana, Joy, Wayne, Paul and Mary, Chris, Shirley, Margaret, Andrew, and many more.

10,000 copies of Julian’s booklet will be arriving in Tauranga next week and this great team will continue to get them out to the whole of the city of Tauranga, street by street, house by house, person to person.

They are hugely well organised and committed. They are activists.

We are duplicating the model established in Tauranga in every city.