Another Great Night In Hawke's Bay Last Night!

Another Great Night In Hawke's Bay Last Night!

A crowd of over 100 turned up last night, including young people, same as the first night.

Truly, it was such a great night. The level of energy in the Bay is huge.

As in every region, we have set goals.

Goal one:

Get a booklet to every house in the two main cities (Napier and Hastings) and all the small towns in the Hawkes Bay Region

Goal two:

get a booklet into every rural letter box in the Hawkes Bay.

Goal Three:

staple an invitation (July 21 and 22 July, Good New Bible Church, 8b Goddard Road, Havelock North) to every book before they go out. We also want another meeting at Ongaonga on the 23rd, and Napier on the 24 July. Once confirmed, these details will go onto the invite as well. July 21 and 22 are already confirmed.  Napier and Ongaonga are not.

20,000 booklets are being shipped to the Hawke’s Bay today.

We have great leaders in place 

Chris:  the overall leader 021 022 35747‬

Val: cities and towns 022 080 3561

Jason: Rural 021 045 0241


We've Just Released 3 Videos.

The first one is 40 minutes long and was videod about six weeks ago.

I really like this video because it’s short and succinct. All credit to Susan for spending literally dozens of hours editing all the slides and making them look better and then putting it all together. It was a huge job! Thank you Susan!

Then there are two other videos, parts one and two, each one hour long, which were made under horrendous conditions.

Believe it or not, they were videoed in Hamilton in an old warehouse, with activists outside kicking up a fuss, and dear and amazing supporters inside standing, no less, for two hours in a freezing cold place!

You’ll remember we were cancelled by the council and had to look for a new building and find one in two hours! It was big and stressful challenge but this video is the result.

So really for this Hamilton video to turn out so well is a miracle, given the circumstances.

All credit to Geoff and Matthew for putting it all together so quickly.

The two longer versions of Julian’s seminar (i.e. PARTS ONE AND TWO) contain the latest content. 

After every seminar, and after extensive reading and research, he updates his powerpoint slides. 

Hence, no two message are exactly the same.

If you want the short 40 minute video first, then follow up with the two one hour videos, the latest videos, you will soon see what we mean. 

Thank you!   

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This is the short 40 video of Julian's seminar


These Are The Two Longer Videos, Each About An Hour Long. They Are Parts 1 and 2 So Be Sure To Watch Both!