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Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

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Another Great Night In Timaru!

Another Great Night In Timaru!

We received this email from someone intelligent, stable, well-read, and mature, who was in the meeting in Timaru.

This is what he said:
My wife and I attended. An hour’s drive each way to get there and home again. The session was three hours long. A big day for a couple of old buggers!! Had to have a nana nap this afternoon.
It was a brilliant session. Excellent. The treaty session was fantastic. Very well put together, very simple, very logical, rational. How anyone, particularly intelligent people, can twist the treaty into a partnership god knows.
There were 4 or 5 Māori people there, I’m thinking elderly. They didn’t cope with the session and walked out when co-governance was explained, well before the treaty session. I thought they cut very sad figures as they shuffled out. Their brain washing was contradicted. I thought they oozed loneliness, low self image. I felt very sorry for them. They just didn’t cope with what was going on. However, they were brave coming into the hall.
Those people are caught right in the middle. They are being lied to by Iwi, just as we are being lied to by the government over the treaty but their loyalties have to be with Iwi. Very sad.
However, Julian is outstanding in communicating the stop co-governance message. He is unemotional. Measured, accurate, truthful. I recommend you go and hear him, hear the message.
This has to be the biggest issue facing our country. I fear that National in particular are going to keep their powder dry for as long as they can and not be dragged into it. Pity really. It’s about us, not about them.
Julian is organising a day of demonstration across the whole of the country in the weekend prior to the election to put this issue in front of the electorate. You should commit to being part of those marches no matter where you live in NZ.
If Labour wins and co-governance goes ahead, our nation is doomed, totally f’d. If ur not a no-dna-feel-like Māori person, you will over night become a non person. The TV1 effect will be full frontal wherever you go in society 24/7 for the rest of ur life. Your children’s and your grandchildren’s futures will be total crap.
Vote this evil government out. And congratulations Julian on your leadership.

In contrast THIS is what STUFF reported.

Notice there is nothing specific, no examples given by the so called Treaty expert Tom O’Connor.

He simply says Julian is ‘ill-informed’ and what he says is ‘laughable’.

If Tom O’Connor and the Stuff reporter don’t / can’t give specific examples, then what does that tell us?

Furthermore, this is a glaring example of unbalanced reporting. That is to say, there are no comments from those who were at the meeting who were supportive.  

Stuff is well known for shoddy reporting.

Stuff is also one of the biggest recipients of money from the $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund. Say no more.

I encourage you, especially if you were at the Timaru meetings, to write to the Timaru Herald, letters to the editor, and refute O’Connor. 

P.S Historian Bruce Moon attended Julian’s meeting at Okaramio at the top of the South Island and he gave Julian a big tick for historical accuracy and for accurate interpretation of facts. 


More Chairs Needed In Timaru!

More Chairs Needed In Timaru!

Last night we had to bring more chairs into the room to cater for all the people who came to the Timaru meeting.

People were sitting around the edges of the room.

The atmosphere was fantastic!

There was a lot of humour and fun, as well as all the serious stuff.

One participant wrote to me at 12:30 am (a few hours after the meeting had finished with the following
Good evening, Julian.

We really enjoyed tonight’s meeting. Lots of good information, and presented with wit and aplomb into the bargain.

I found the meaning of the word ‘rangatiratanga’ very interesting. It occurred to me that the Treaty’ authors, on behalf of Queen Victoria, very cleverly inserted the Gospel into that document.


We are meeting tonight again in the same building, same time. See you then!