Brave Teacher Tells Of Maori Ideological Brainwashing Going On In Schools, Directed By The Government.

We receive many reports from teachers or parents worried about Maori ideological indoctrination going on in schools.  It’s happening at all levels of school – kindy, primary, secondary, university.  

Activists in Parliament are doing this to groom the next generation for takeover and the installation of Tribal rule. That is to say, they want this generation of young people to not just not oppose the takeover, but to support it.

Are you happy about this? 

Below is what the teacher wrote. 

“I am an educator, HOD in a high school in New Zealand, and I am too fearful to put my name here.

I have attempted to engage in reasonable discussion about the new curriculum in my subject association media list, been mis- interpreted and received a flood of aggressive responses.

But then I also received private emails from teachers in support but who did not want to be on the receiving end of public discussion. It is frustrating.

I feel like I am on a tightrope trying to balance content I give students. This is in direct contrast to my teaching certification criteria which essentially places student directed teaching at the heart of the classroom relationship.

Who do I have in front me?

What meaningful content will motivate and empower them to reach their full potential?

Instead, I am being forced into a teacher directed role by the government.

And writing this I am reminded of the 20 year old Russian student who attempted to discuss the war in the Ukraine as simply wrong on many levels, and other history students in the google class group reported her to the authorities and she was arrested for treason.”

New Zealand School Teacher. (the photo is not the teacher. It's just a stock photo which we have paid for)