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Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

Just do a search for stop cogovernance in the app Telegram, and join up. 

Or click on THIS link.

Please sign up (it’s free) and start talking! 


The Snarling Woke Balclutha Mayor!

The Snarling Woke Balclutha Mayor!

We want you to sign THIS petition.

It’s a petition demanding that the mayor of Balclutha apologise to Julian Batchelor. 

Why? What happened in Balclutha? 

On Wednesday 21st June at 11am Mayor Cadogan (left)  entered the Heart and Soul Café in Balclutha where Julian Batchelor, in town for the Stop Co Governance Tour, was having a quiet coffee with some local supporters.

While the Mayor stood at the counter Julian approached the mayor introduce himself and open up a conversation.

Julian is friendly, open and inclusive.

This mayor is not.

The Mayor turned, swiped Julian’s hand away and snarled “get out of town, you are not welcome here!” 

Such charming behaviour.

The cafe owner, who witnessed the whole affair, was shocked. 

This appalling display by the elected leader of the Balclutha District Council must not go unaddressed and we are calling for Mayor Cadogan to issue a public apology for his poor behaviour and cancellation of free speech.

It was this Mayor’s council who cancelled Julian’s tour venue in Balclutha.

The citizens and ratepayers of Balclutha need to know the level of censorship Mayor Cadogan would impose on their district and we urge you to stand up, sign this petition and call him out.

Balclutha you deserve better!

By the way, we had another great meeting in Balclutha last night. Such fabulous people came, and the team in this lovely town grew significantly.  

They are unstoppable.

Co Governance affects us all and if you want to know why it must be stopped, watch Julian’s presentation HERE