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Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

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Blenheim Event A Great Success! And The Emergence Of A Hero!

Blenheim Event A Great Success! And The Emergence Of A Hero!

Wow! The South Island leg of the tour got off to a great start last night.

Julian presented with passion and accuracy and the great crowd were really receptive.

23 people signed up to form the team who will together get Julian’s booklet to the entire Marlborough area.

When Julian  asked the crowd near the end “Is this all clear?” one man shouted out “Crystal clear!”

June and Peter the local organisation were amazing. So dedicated and so great to work with.

The real hero of the night was Greg. Let me explain what happened.

As you well know, our strategy is to staple a notice on the cover of Julian’s book BEFORE they are delivered, alerting people to the dates and location and times of upcoming meetings.

Julian has another meeting in Blenheim on the 11th of June and at Okaramio Hall, 5 June, 7pm

When he arrived in Blenheim, he was told that there were only a handful of books left.

OMG! We had no books for delivery. No books on which to staple notices for these next two meetings.

Enter Greg and his friend Robyn. June, the local organiser had put out a “Help!” notice to her social media VFF contacts.

Robyn responded, and got hold of Greg.

Greg is in his 70’s.

Greg offered to drive all the way from Blenheim to Christchurch and back, on the same day, to go and pick up a few thousand books for us.

It’s four hours one way.

Hard to believe, but true. This kind of commitment and dedication is just so amazing!

If we had 1000 Greg’s we could change the nation overnight!

At last night’s meeting we honoured him, and rightly so. He got us out of a bad situation.

The lesson? When people work together, powerful things happen.

June had to put out a call for help to all the people on her social media network.

Robyn picked it up and ran with it. She didn’t have to, but she did. She went to work. She got hold of Greg.

The rest is history.

That’s the power of people working together for the common good.

As I said, as a result of last night’s brilliant meeting in Blenheim, a team has formed.

This team will be the team who works to fulfil our goals for Marlborough.

Which are?

To get on of Julian’s booklets to:

  1. All houses in the urban areas i.e. cities and small towns
  2. All houses in the rural areas.

Stop co-governance will pay people who do rural deliver 50 cents a km to help them with petrol expenses.