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Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

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Boom Times In Blenheim!

Boom Times In Blenheim!

Last night we packed out the meeting in Blenheim.

Standing room only.

Seriously, we ran out of chairs and people were standing around the edge of the room. It was a really big crowd.

Really, it was so exciting to see all the hard work the Blenheim team had done, and them getting this result.

They had been out all week delivering Julian’s booklets with invites attached to them into local letterboxes.

They have worked  like crazy.

They all worked SO hard!

They had put in a mammoth effort. All credit to them.

We did a survey at the beginning of the meeting asking why people came.

90% said they came because they received a booklet in their mail box with an invite stapled to it.

So we have found what works and we must keep to it.

It’s bullet proof marketing.

At the end, a large group of people, 20 or more, eagerly volunteered to help with book delivery for the next meeting in Blenheim.

So the Blenheim team got a huge boost of fresh boots on the ground. 

This town is on fire, thanks to the excellent leadership and drive of Peter and June and their team.