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Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

Just do a search for stop cogovernance in the app Telegram, and join up. 

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First Balclutha Meeting A Great Success!

First Balclutha Meeting A Great Success!

Last night we held a great meeting in a secret location in Balclutha!

Seriously, we had to find a building where everyone could meet in secret.

Thankfully our networks are great but we doubtless lost some who simply did not know where the meeting was being held.

We are so sorry if you are one of those people!

It’s hard to believe this is New Zealand. It feels more like Zimbabwe all the time.

The people who came were attentive and receptive.

There were Maori in the crowd.

They (and others) asked good questions and they were respectful and polite throughout.

There were no protesters anywhere.

Today we are meeting in a cafe to plan how we can get one of Julian’s booklets into every home in Balclutha and the surrounding rural areas.

These are hugely exciting days and we step up the pace to stop co-governance, teach truth about the Treaty, and reset the hard drive in our country.

Thank you all those who are out there delivering books and donating.

You are all amazing!