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Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

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Brilliant Meetings In Kapiti and Wellington!

Brilliant Meetings In Kapiti and Wellington!

Both meetings in Kapiti and Wellington were brilliant!

Once again, leaders and intelligent people turned up.

Last night, in the Kapiti meeting, we had several Maori in the great crowd.

At the end, two young Maori men in their 20’s came to the front expressing their appreciation, even asking Julian to autograph his booklet, which he did.

They wanted photos with Julian.

They said “We didn’t know anything about the Treaty.

Now we really know the truth about it, and we can see you are the one honouring Te Tiriti.

So thank you.

We’ve had our eyes opened to the truth.”

Activists were there too, but they were of little consequence.

As we have said before, the activists fuel the fires of Julian’s supporters. How so?

The supporters get to see first hand what co-governance is all about.

What’s it about? Fascism, cancelling free speech, mob rule, dishonesty, violence, deceit and trickery.

Really, it’s about a mob of people who are misinformed, brainwashed, and lost.

One, we found out, had come all the way from Brisbane to be part of the protest group.

Our security team, who were doing security the last time we had the event at Kapiti, said it was the same ‘rent a mob’ who were at the previous event.  

They recognised them.   The same activists who came to the Wellington event also came to the Kapiti event. 

Conclusion? The activists are a small group who follow Julian around.

Really, they are a tiny group who are lost and woke.