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Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

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Packed Meeting In Tauranga Last Night!

Packed Meeting In Tauranga Last Night!

Last night’s meeting in Tauranga was fabulous!

It was packed!

Today Julian is flying back to Christchurch where he meets with local organisers.

Then on Tuesday he travels to Westport, Nelson, Blenheim, Picton.

Wow! What a tour this has been.

Momentum is building fast!


Former Waitangi Tribunal Chairman Buddy Mikaere's Live Debate With Julian Batchelor


You can hear the debate HERE 

You can read THE CENTRIST commentary HERE 

There is no doubt Buddy is a racist.

He implies that he can’t wait for the white over 50’s to die off because they are the only people opposing the elite Maori agenda to take over New Zealand.

He implies that the younger generation have been deliberately  targeted, groomed and brainwashed, to go with the elite Maori agenda. 

He implies that Julian Batchelor represents the KKK of New Zealand.

He claims to have never heard of the He Pua Pua report, the most significant document ever to have come out of Maoridom, via the government. 

There is a lot of ‘meat’ in this interview.


Listen to it carefully, and make up your own mind. 

A photo of Buddy Mikaere is below.