Christchurch Businessman Buys 2000 Copies Of Julian's Book

Yesterday a Christchurch businessman phoned to order 2000 copies of Julian’s book.  He said  “I want to save help save our democracy.  People don’t want a long book to read, and most don’t have time. This book is just the right length, it’s easy to read, flows well, and it says what needs to be said.  Please send me 2000 copies.”  Wow! That’s taking action.  That’s not playing around.  

That’s someone committed to saving democracy in New Zealand!

To order your books, simply email Tim at and provide him with your name, physical address and phone number and Tim will take it from there.  

The books are $1 each plus postage. 

Please deposit the funds for the books into this account:


Tim will advise you later how much the postage was and he will ask you to deposit this amount as well, after you have received your books.  Go for it! 

Day Left Before the October 14 Election