Busy Week Ahead For Julian In And Around Blenheim

Busy Week Ahead For Julian In And Around Blenheim

The people in Blenheim are amazing.

The local pick up point and book delivery leaders (BDLs) June and Peter (that’s them in the photo) are doing a great job.

Since Julian’s first meeting in Blenheim last week, June and Peter’s home has become a hive of activity!

People are coming and going all day, frantically helping to staple stickers on books to invite them to various meetings coming up this week.

Other have been out delivering.

Over 2000 books have been delivered in the past 2 days and more are going out today.

The response to Julian’s first meeting was so positive, some of those who attended went straight out from the meeting to arrange other meetings.

We now have meetings as follows

Monday, Okaramio Hall, 5 June, 7pm
Tuesday  6th June, 7:00pm, Wairau Valley Golf Club Pavillion
Wednesday and Thursday Nelson. 7th and 8th June, 7pm. The Barn @ “The Honest Lawyer” 1 Point Road, Monaco, Nelson
Saturday  10th June 3pm Picton Yacht Club Hotel 25 Waikawa Road Picton
Sunday  11th June, Senior Citizens Hall 166 High Street, Blenheim 3pm

What can you do to help?

Even if you live a long way away from these locations (e.g. in the North Island) but you know people in the areas where the meetings are being held, please phone / text / email them to encourage them to attend.


Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

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