Hi everyone, I have an urgent need which I want to lay before you. 

You may or may not be aware that our current web sit is a free template, offered by an American company called Godaddy. 

I used this initially to get us up and running, and to start to get quality information about co-governance into the public arena immediately. 

However, being free, this web template has limitations. 

The time has come to transfer everything on our existing site onto something called a WordPress Platform

This will give us a lot more functionality and capability. 

Ultimately, we want to reach voters with crucial information so that next year at the elections they can vote intelligently AGAINST any party who is even slightly in favour of co-governance, even a whiff of it.

Hopefully, they will vote strategically for the party which is most clearly and most fully against co-governance – the party which most vociferously vows, in it’s first 100 days, to:

  1. Repeal ALL race based legislation and dismantle all tax payer funded race based ideologically driven government departments and entities.
  2. Restore democracy fully and completely, both local and national. One person, one vote. No exceptions. Remove all Iwi involvement in council decision making i.e. the RMA. this is racist ideology.  Cut 90% of the red tape from development legislation but balance this will eco-friendly initiatives.  
  3. Stop the forcing of Te Reo on the vast majority of the population who don’t want it. Free Maori children from cultural brainwashing. Give them the choice whether they want to speak Te Reo or not.
  4. Re-write the history curriculum so that it is balanced and truthful about New Zealand’s history, not driven by elitist Maori ideology, mythology, and clap trap.
  5. Purge the country of all legislation and ideology which promotes apartheid. We are all New Zealanders, not Maori and the rest. 
  6. Free the media from state control and make it illegal to every do it again. Good journalism reports facts, not elitist Maori / racist ideology.
  7. Restore English as the main language used by government departments for advertising, education, law, commerce, and general communications. Stop all Maori elitist propaganda the goal of which is for Te Reo to take over English as the main language. Halt the brainwashing.
  8. Purge all government communications of the name Aotearoa, and restore the name New Zealand as our national name and our only national name.
  9. Restore the principle of one law for all without exception. Law breakers must be punished, and the law abiding rewarded. No more woke wet bus ticket approaches to dealing with law breakers. No more treating the victims of crime as criminals, and the criminals as victims.
  10. Protect the right to free speech everywhere and at all times.
  11. Revert, once and for all and forever, to the only true and accurate version of the Treaty of Waitangi which was the Maori version, or Te Tiriti.  In this version, Maori ceded ‘entirely and forever the entire sovereignty of their country’.   Entirely and forever means entirely and forever. In this version there is no mention of ‘except the seabeds, fisheries, and forests.’  They are not there.  Ceding the country entirely and forever is what the British intended the Treaty to mean, and what the chiefs at the time understood it to mean.  Taking literally the phrase ‘ceded entirely and forever the entire sovereignty of the country’, and acting on it, would immediately and forever stop the Treaty gravy train which is currently running on the red line at full throttle and out of control.  

So, this is what the new web site will be pumping out and promoting.  I want to reach 3 million voters. 

The only way this is going to happen is by: 

  1. Growing a team of people who are active in disseminating the information on this web site.
  2. Fully utilising social media.
  3. Getting on TV and radio.
  4. Holding public meeting in public halls up and down the country. 

So far, since we started, we are getting an average of 1250 site visitors a week. We have been going 4 weeks, and we’ve had 6000 site visitors.

Of those 6000 visitors, 200 have subscribed. This is a higher-than-normal ratio of subscribers to visitors. 

If each subscriber gave $10, this would do it. Or 100 people giving $20. Or 50 people given $40. Or 25 people giving $80. Or one person giving $1750! And so on. You get the idea. 

Please don’t read this email and say “oh, I won’t donate. I’ll leave it to others”.  

No, be one of the people sacrificed something to stop co-governance in your lifetime. 

I will communicate regularly with all those who donate so they know fully and quickly the state of the play. 

 Here is a copy of the web developer’s invoice

Please donate to this bank account:   


I will communicate regularly with all those who donate so they know fully and quickly the state of the play. 

Thanks so much in advance. 

Julian Batchelor M.Ed (Hons) B.Th, Dip t’ching.