In 2018, I began writing a book about Maori and their plans for New Zealand.  It’s all come true.

Politicians, universally, talk about “what Maori need” i.e. housing, jobs, education, access to medical care, and so on.

They also talk about throwing huge sums of money “at the needs of Maori”.

The thesis of my book is that none of things are what Maori REALLY need. 

Character, not money, is what Maori need.  

The reason the British were in the driver’s seat in the world in 1840 is because they had what Maori did not have – they had character.   It was character which led to their success on the world stage.

180 years later,  most Maori still have not woken up to the fact. 

This is the reason New Zealand is in such a mess in 2022.

Here is a Maori politician who is a huge contributor to the mess.  Her, and many like her, the Maori elite, the Treaty Twisters, are carnage creators.

They are absolutely the last thing Maori need.

 You can read the introduction to the book here