Please watch this video.
In yesterday’s blog, after examining the three Articles of the Treaty, it was impossible to conclude that the Queen had entered into a partnership with the Maori chiefs.
Therefore the idea of Maori co-governing New Zealand with the rest of us is a complete rort.
You can read the first part of my three part series on this video here.
In yesterday’s blog, I finished by asking this question.
If the Treaty clearly denounces ‘co-governance’ and ‘partnership’, why do elite Maori keep speaking / writing about it as though the opposite is true?
Maybe they are just deluded.
That is to say, they want it to be true so much that they started speaking it out loud, pretending it was true, willing it to be true, and have been doing this for so long, that now they believe it?
I think this is true, for sure. There can be no doubt the Maori elite are delusional e.g. they say that Maori science is on a par with traditional science and that Maori are a superior race of people. If you think I am joking, go and check the Maori Party web site!
But here is another explanation, which I think partly explains the reason why they believe in ‘partnership’ and ‘co-governance’ so much. And here it is.