Co-Governance Is History Repeating Itself

Co-Governance Is History Repeating Itself

Seeking to better understand our political situation with respect to co-governance in 2023, I have been reading a hugely important book about the Kohimarama conference in 1860 where over two hundred Maori chiefs gathered.  

What struck me was that the Maori rebellion in the 1800s, wanting a King, in competition with the Queen, is exactly what is happening today in 2023.  

History is repeating itself.  

Read the following and see if you don’t come to the same conclusion. 

The following is a direct quote from Dr John Robinson’s book on this subject

“At this conference, they unanimously affirmed their commitment to the Queen as their sovereign ruler, and  reaffirmed the fact that they had ceded sovereignty to the Queen.

Governor Browne invited chiefs to attend mainly to gain their support over the war in Taranaki and against the king movement in Waikato.

This was a sensible and necessary step to assure the security of the nation, an act which would have been taken by any government given the circumstances.

That aim, to understand together the reasons for war, and to seek the co-operation of the chiefs with the Government, was made clear by Governor Browne in his opening address at Kohimarama.

“The minds of both Races have lately been agitated by false reports or exaggerated statements; and, in order to restore confidence, it is necessary that each should know and thoroughly understand what the other wishes and intends.

There is also a subject to which I desire to invite your special attention, and in reference to which I wish to receive the expression of your views.

For some time past certain persons belonging to the tribes dwelling to the south of Auckland have been endeavouring to mature a project, which, if carried into effect, could only bring evil upon the heads of all concerned in it.

The framers of it are said to desire that the Maori tribes in New Zealand should combine together and throw off their allegiance to the sovereign whose protection they have enjoyed for more than twenty years, and that they should set up a Maori King and declare themselves to be an independent Nation.

Such ideas could only be entertained by men completely ignorant of the evils they would bring upon the whole Native Race if carried into effect.”

(From Dr John Robinson’s book “The Kohimarama Conference 1860: chiefs support Christianity and the Queen” page 25.  The book is published by Tross.) 


The bottom line is that elite Maori today, tribal representatives, tribal companies, are staging a rebellion, exactly like the rebellion of certain tribes in the 1800s, against the government of the day. 

Look carefully at the wording of governor Grey’s speech “…endeavouring to mature a project…”.

“The Project” today is called Co-Governance. 

The maturation of ‘the project’ in the 1800s would have disastrous consequences for all New Zealanders back then, just as co-governance will have disastrous consequences for all Kiwis in 2023 and beyond. 

As my book clearly states, the plan of elite Maori is to have complete control of New Zealand by 2040.

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