With Respect To Co-Governance, Our Politicians Have Acted Disgracefully

In yesterday’s blog (i.e. 23/8/22), we discovered by the Oxford dictionary definition, and an understanding of history, that Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand. 

They are settlers in this country, no different from all the other settlers who came here from many different countries in the 19th century. 

The implications of this are huge.  

For a start, it completely nullifies, under John Key’s watch, “The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” which New Zealand foolishly signed up to in 2010.

This, along with a fraudulent interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi, is now the document which radical Maori are using to justify taking over New Zealand. 

If Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand then this UN declaration must be torn up and thrown in the bin. Not metaphorically, but literally. 

I am saving this topic, this UN Declaration, for another blog.

OK, back to the subject of this blog.

Radical Maori, those pushing co-governance, have hung their hat on the premise ‘we are the indigenous people of this land!’ for decades. 

Their rationale for continually hitting on this phrase, which is in fact an outright lie, goes something like this: “Because we were the first here, this is country is ours.” “We discovered it first, therefore, it’s ours.”

So how ought we to respond to this?  

Who was first in any country pre-1840 is completely irrelevant. 


What happened to any country in its history, at any stage in its history, comes back to the crucial question which is “What was the law at the time?” 

The truth of the matter is that up until the 20th century, conquest, in international law, allowed for the acquisition of territory through force, especially by a victorious state in a war at the expense of a defeated state. 

An effective conquest takes place when physical appropriation of territory (annexation) is followed by “subjugation” (i.e., the legal process of transferring title).

Conquest is associated with the traditional principle that sovereign states may resort to war at their discretion and that territorial and other gains achieved by military victory will be recognized as legally valid. 

The British, at their discretion, were free to either wipe Maori out or work with them. 

As you know, graciously and benevolently, they chose the latter, hence the Treaty of Waitangi. 

This was a radical departure from how they dealt with other nations they colonised.

If the French had got here before the British, and raised their flag, it is likely that Maori as a race of people would not now exist. The French would simply have wiped Maori out and moved in.  

After all, it’s much easier to start with a blank slate. What’s happening in New Zealand in 2022 is living proof.

This is the truth of the matter. 


First, because we are all settlers in New Zealand, we are all equal – not “Maori, and the rest.” Therefore every bit of race based legislation needs to be immediately repealed.

Maori cries for separate this that and the other are based on a huge and long standing lie i.e. that they are the indigenous people of New Zealand and therefore deserve:

  •   Special treatment.
  •   Publicly owned cash and assets like water, fisheries, forests, sea beds, and the like handed over to them for free 
  •   Special entitlements.
  •  Special seats in parliament.
  •  Special seats on local councils.
  •   Special whatever.

The Maori ‘demands and entitlements’ gravy train is a complete nonsense because it’s based on lies. As such we have to all step up and put it to the sword. 

No more apartheid. 

No more race based favours to Maori. 

No more race based legislation.  

It all has to go.

I am going to be blunt here to make the point – never in the history of New Zealand has so much bullshit been used so liberally to justify the transfer of wealth, assets, and privilege from the honest and the hard working to the biggest bullshitters on the planet.

The entire foundation of the so call Treaty Industry from top to bottom is based on lies, dishonesty, trickery, deception, and fraud.

Second, rather than bleating about how colonialism has been so terrible for Maori and to Maori, Maori ought to be on their knees in prayerful gratitude that the British or the French did not wipe them out. The truth of the matter is that colonisation was a Lotto win for Maori. 

If Maori really don’t like colonisation, if colonialism is so bad, then I say to them “go back to living in the bush, go back to killing and eating each other, go back to killing your female babies, go back to enslaving each other, go back to living on fern roots, eels, rats, and fish.

Give back your cars, houses, cell phones, Tv’s and tablets. 

Disconnect from the internet completely. 

Stop using hospitals, doctors, schools, planes, boats, outboards, fishing rods, hooks and sinkers and reels and modern day fishing nets. Stop using roads. 

Give all your clothes back. 

Stop using electricity. 

Hand in your matches and lighters, and all your tools made of steel. 

You had none of these things before the British arrived. So go back.”

Really, radical-co-governance-pushing-Maori like Willy Jackson and Mahuta ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for the way they are carrying on. 

Our message should be “Radical Maori, you are acting like ungrateful brats. Grow up and get out of the sandpit, every last one of you.”

And politicians who have let it happen, and are continuing to let it happen, evening encouraging it, even (can you believe it) funding it, ought to be even more ashamed. 

They are like irresponsible and reckless parents letting their children run riot.

Utterly repugnant, these politicians are a stench in the nostrils of democracy, an affront to those who hate apartheid and separatism, and an absolute disgrace.

Our politicians are mandated to work in the best interests of all New Zealanders and to make decisions based on truth and facts. 

But are they doing these things? Are they acting in this way? 

You know the answer. 


  1. Know your definition of ‘indigenous’
  2. Know your international law as at 1840. 
  3. Invite all your friends and everyone on your address book to subscribe to this web site.