Why King Charles Does Not Need To Apologise To Maori

Why King Charles Does Not Need To Apologise To Maori

I was astonished to read this article in this morning’s Herald (5/5/23) because it is so far from the truth to do with our NON -INDIGENOUS Maori .

Maori have benefited immensely and continue to do so , from the ‘civilisation’ brought to them ( a stone-age people) by British / European settlers .

This particularly following the Treaty of Waitangi , which was requested by MAORI to get protection for themselves from themselves and the near self-genocidal inter-tribal slaughter, rape, enslavement , infanticide and cannibalism they were constantly engaged in prior to that point , and which was even further exacerbated by the constant requirement for ‘utu’.

However Maori were in effect themselves ‘colonists’ when they arrived in New Zealand from ‘Hawaiki , their homeland , decided to make it their own , and set about the wanton genocidal slaughter of the resident incumbent New Zealand race , the Moriori . The very few remaining Moriori fled to the Chatham Islands.

The hypocrisy of Te Pati Maori in joining this move to call for King Charles 111 to acknowledge the “ horrific impacts “ of colonisation on indigenous people ( which Maori ARE NOT) is appalling .

Their ‘example’ of ‘ colonisation’ with regard to Moriori is as bad as it gets —- worse !

This all needs to be said because Maori are trying by dint of political engineering , lies and trickery ( including this latest move) to establish themselves as being indigenous to New Zealand , so they can exploit the situation to their own advantage , when they ARE NOT INDIGENOUS at all .

This FACT they acknowledge on a sign at Cape Reinga which clearly states that that is the point from which the spirits of dead Maori return to their homeland of Hawaiki.

We MUST NOT allow ourselves to be sucked in by this deceit . We would NEVER stop paying for it !


Is this humbug? It is well known that Maori ceded sovereignty forever to Queen Victoria in the ToW, so in reality there is no Maori ‘king’ and never was.

Further, because there is no such thing as a Maori Nation as such, all tribes being independent of each other,
there is certainly no general acceptance at all in Maoridom of the ‘self-styled’ Maori king who is based in Ngaruawahia.

The ‘title’ is primarily an affectation, a conceit. What took place in London seems to be a victory for Maori bullshit. It is just a disrespectful nonsense.
Hugh continued to say this:

I am astonished that Ngira Simmonds does not seem to have been admonished for her offensive outburst
at the above pre-coronation function in London and totally undeserved blame laid about elsewhere.

We all know that the self-styled Maori king is a pretence, a fiction, an affectation and a conceit and nothing more than that.

Like all other New Zealanders, Tuheitia the self-styled Maori king is a subject of King Charles 111 and no monarch can be the subject of another.
It is legally impossible. He might be a chief, even a high chief — but a king HE IS NOT.

Further, he is not even regarded as a king by tribes other than his own.

This nonsense that he is ‘a king’ must be put to bed and given no credence or encouragement by you and your Maori-centric government, by yet again weakly pandering to Maori bullshit.

And Ngira Simmonds needs to be firmly told the facts of history/life and told to behave herself in future.

We should not be supporting this ridiculous notion/fiction’ of a Maori king.
Hugh Perrett
Auckland 1050