I face a big challenge.

One of the great issues I face is trying to write blogs which are quick and easy to read, and clear, because I realise people are pushed for time.  If blogs are too long people won’t read them. I get this.

Yet, on the other hand, stopping co-governance requires serious reading and study.

If all Kiwis were conversant with the facts about co-governance, particularly the facts about the Treaty, and the fraud and corruption surrounding the Treaty, one thing is certain – there would be a national uprising.  There would be nation-wide anger expressed like never seen before in New Zealand.

The problem is awareness.  The people of New Zealand just don’t know what they don’t know.

This is one of the reasons that I have given up my job to dedicate the next year to trying to stop co-governance.

The more I read, the more I discover, the more my desire to stop it increases, and the more I want to write about it.  It’s just so wrong.

Yesterday, someone sent me an important link to an important document.  It’s about what’s come to be known as the Littlewood Treaty.

It’s actually the final English draft of the Treaty of Waitangi which was used to create the Treaty in Maori.

In other words, if you want to know what the Treaty in Maori says, read the Littlewood draft.  The Treaty in Maori, called Te Tiriti, is THE Treaty. It’s the Treaty signed by the chiefs at Waitangi on February 6th, 1840.

If the government would go back to the Treaty in Maori, and the Littlewood draft, and use these, and these only, and read and act on what they plainly say, and not what they might / could be saying, as the basis for all legislation, this would go a long way to causing the Treaty gravy train to come to a grinding halt.

You can read a brilliant account of the significance of the Littlewood draft here..

Successive governments have tried to hide / downplay / suppress this document, all for the purpose of appeasing the Maori elite.

It’s corruption at the highest level and it’s the root cause of our current and shocking political situation.