A big shout out to Mike in Taupo, Andrew in Cromwell, and Bill in Wanaka for kicking in with their meetings.  

It only takes on motivated person to make things happen. 

This is the procedure.  It’s not hard.


The first thing to do is book the hall on the date prescribed.  Click HERE to see all the dates prescribed.

Book the hall for 5 hours.  If it’s a Sunday from 1pm-6pm. All other days 5pm – 10pm

We send you a simple spread sheet to fill in. Then we can order your flyers and get all the details we need to give you full support.

We pay for the flyers and the hall hire.  Every centre I am speaking at has a $1000 budget. We provide this money for you.   These funds were donated by generous people all over New Zealand.  

Build you team and strategise.

You want to start handing the flyers out 4 weeks out from the event and keep them going out right up to the event.  But no harm in receiving them earlier than this so you can start talking about it with people and giving them a flyer. 

That is to say, the serious letter box drops, rural delivery drops (where you pay NZ Post Rural Delivery to deliver flyers), newspaper ads, Facebook ads etc, can start four weeks out from the event.

Ask the hall people to make out and invoice to: Julian Batchelor c/o PO Box 4395, Kamo Post Shop, Kamo 0141

Email the invoice to


 The campaign we are running, these meetings all over the country, are about raising public awareness. The public just don’t know the truth and realities of co-governance, and this is the way the government and tribal leaders want it.

To counter this we all have to participate, and be active all the time. How? 

  1. Giving out our  business cards regularly.  View them HERE.  If you want some delivered for you for free, call Geoff on 021 1428750
  2. Inviting people to events
  3. Helping set up events.  If you want to know who to call in your area, email me and I will put you in touch with people.
  4. Financing the tour.  Please don’t stop giving.  We need finance to pay the bills and open up new places for me to speak. Plus I have my own living expenses to take care of.

 If all of us could do all four, we are going to make a massive impact, and in doing so will stop co-governance.  

Our biggest challenge is that we only have a limited amount of time to do this.  We have a small window between now and the next election. It’s now or never.

We need $5400 to make 5000 hard copies of my book.   You can read it  HERE

The strategy is to print five thousand.  Then ask supporters to buy copies at $1.50 each which will provide funds for a  reprint.  The supporters can then deliver the books to people in their neighbourhood.  

 The goal is to go around the main stream media, bye pass. them,  and get to the people directly.  

It’s a great plan.  It will work. We just need all the people who hate co-governance to rise up and become active. 

I am asking each of the people who are getting to this blog to make the time and financial sacrifice to make this happen.  

Nothing happens without sacrifice.  

We have to be more determined to stop co-governance than the tribal representative are to keep it going.

Only one side can win here.  


To get more Stop Co-governance news, click HERE 

A big shout out to the teams around the country who are up and running.  They have hired a hall and set their date and their flyers are underway.

Never forget, members of the public who receive a flyer in their letter box are shown how they can learn the truth about co-governance and why it’s so wrong.  Through QR codes they can  1. Watch the video of me speaking in Warkworth 2. Read my on-line book on Co-Governance. Why it’s wrong and why it must be stopped 3. Learn about our web site and thus sign up to my blog.

This is huge! Why? We are bring public awareness.

Maungakaramea 20th February, Maungakaramea Hall, 7:00pm

Dargaville 9th of March,

Kerikeri 12th of March,

Mangawhai 13th March,

Orewa 18th March,

Mt Eden, 28th March,

Freemans Bay Auckland, 30th March,

Welcome Bay Tauranga, 22 April,

Mt Maunganui Tauranga, 23 April 

Rotorua, 30 April 

Taupo, May 14

Cromwell, June 27

If you are one of the event centres not up and running yet, take action! Book your hall and get going!

Email THIS FLYER to anyone you know in Northland so that they can attend our Mangakaramea event which is on the Monday 20th February, Mangakaramea hall, 7pm. 

As soon as flyers are designed and up and running for all the over events, we will post them on here too. 

If you live a long way away from Mangakaramea, you can still invite people who you know in Northland to come to one of these events.

It does not matter if you live a long way from Whangarei.  You might have people you know in Northland.  Please invite them.