Hi everyone, in one of my previous blogs, I drew attention to the picture over of Debbie Anne Ngarewa-Packer and invited you to respond. Below are the responses I received.



She is obviously attempting to hide her non-maori heritage,  to not look hypocritical with her agenda.

Suggest, if that is true, she should get rid of her non maori first and last name as well ??


Colin and Bev

I doubt if her IQ matches here Maori blood



She needs to make sure she doesn’t fall out of the Waka. A Tiki that big will take her straight to the bottom.

Mind you she doesn’t have the Europeanness on her own. Like many of her ilk, unfortunately, they don’t seem to want to acknowledge that a large part of their ethnicity is from those they seem to despise.


By the way I’m Scottish, Irish, Danish/Norwegish.?



Those pakehoria photos should be on every front page of every paper and on every TV channel every day for a week or so it may help to wake the sleeping Kiwi giant.



Everything about the elite Maori in Wellington is fake / deceitful / fraudulent. Fraudulent understand of the Treaty, fake identities, fraudulent understand of the word ‘indigenous’, lying when they said councils would still own the infrastructure with 3 waters, fake reasons for the Maori Health authority, etc etc. Really, it’s a coup and Packer has made herself a big part of it by dressing up like a Maori at a fancy dress party. They will do anything to get some money. Money, always, always, always, is the driver with the Maori Treatyists.



Shameful …like watching a broadway show….that she has to act like a Maori and dress like a radical to be in the ‘in’ group. All to cash in on the Treatyist gravy train. 



Why can’t she just be her Pakeha self and argue for the same things she is arguing for? What’s with coming along in Maori fancy dress??????



I am a Maori of Ngapuhi decent. I now live in a small Waikato town. How come we are not seeing any of the millions given to Packer and her greedy mates coming our way??? Bitch.


Chris from Wellington said:

She is awful. Can you imagine the country run by someone like this? Would she have your interests in mind if you are white?