We in New Zealand are so fortunate to have academics like Dr Bruce Moon who are willing to stand up and take on the misinformation / lies / propaganda about the Treaty Of Waitangi that flows through the MSM with frightening regularity.  

In today’s blog, Bruce takes on ‘Associate Professor’ Maria Bargh of Victoria University.

Her bio says the following “She has supervised PhD and MA theses on topics including New Zealand politics, Māori land issues, Māori rights and identity and how Pākehā work as allies with Māori Maria is active in providing commentaries to the media and community groups about elections, Māori politics and issues around Māori rights.”

When one reads what she wrote about the Treaty in today’s blog, it become obvious she is not an academic at all, in the traditional sense. Rather, she is simply an activist, unconcerned about truth and honesty. Traditional academics are very particular about telling the truth.

Maria is not concerned.

You can read what she wrote and Bruce’s brilliant response here