When I read in the newspaper a few days ago that the Waitangi Tribunal, established in 1975, had recommended to government that Northland be given back to Maori, I thought “This is obviously fake news.  They can’t be serious.”

You can read the newspaper article HERE 

The Tribunal’s report on Northland is called Tahana.

So  I contacted Dr Bruce Moon, one of New Zealand’s top historians, asking him for this comment. 

His initial reaction was thus: 

Dear Julian,

A glance at he Tahana report of the latest abomination from the Waitangi Tribunal shows me that it is probably the greatest pack of lies, or distortion of the truth, ever to be produced by that profoundly corrupt body.  It would be a massive effort to cover all the aspects in which this is so.
I am pondering my approach.  One thing is certain : that it must be abolished completely and for ever as a matter of top priority whenever we get something like an honest government in this benighted country.”


I have not received Bruce’s analysis of Tahana yet.  As soon as a do, you’ll be the first to know.

In the meantime, Bruce has written a scathing satirical attack on the Waitangi Tribunal. 

You can read it  HERE