Dr John Robinson On Co-Governance "Litany Of Lies And Deception"

Dr John Robinson On Co-Governance "Litany Of Lies And Deception"

You can read John’s piece HERE

As usual, he is brilliant in his analysis.

New Zealand Lawyer Liz Lambert On Leaked Documents About Elite Maori Takeover

New Zealand Lawyer Liz Lambert On Leaked Documents About Elite Maori Takeover

You can here the interview with Liz HERE

The photo is not Liz Lambert. It’s a stock photo


Influential  Hamilton Business Leader Buys 5000  Of Julian Batchelor's Books For Distribution Around The Waikato Region.

Influential Hamilton Business Leader Buys 5000 Of Julian Batchelor's Books For Distribution Around The Waikato Region.

Thank you!!

If you can help deliver these, please email

The photo is not of the Hamilton businessman.  It’s stock photo


Taupo Supporter Comes Up With Great Plan

Taupo Supporter Comes Up With Great Plan

A few days ago, we  released this picture of an Iceberg, along with the text.  A businessman in Taupo, Phil, was so taken by it, and by what it was communicating, that he offered to pay for a large advert in his local paper, showing this picture.  

I have to say, this picture illustrate absolutely perfectly what is wrong with ‘co=governance’.  

The way co-governance is portrayed by our Government, and by Maori elite, is deliberately and astonishingly deceitful and untruthful.  But then again, what more can we expect from those leading a coup? Julian’s book unmasked just some of this deceit and fraud.  You can read it on line HERE

Read Graham Adam’s piece on the absolute deceitfulness of the 3 Waters Legislation HERE

Seriously, the evidence of trickery and deceit is literally everywhere.

Like I said in my blog yesterday, it was what was underneath the water line that sunk the Titanic.  It’s what’s underneath the co-governance water line that is going to sink New Zealand.  

This is what Phil wrote wrote to me
“Julian, Do you never sleep? I must admit all this nonsense is keeping me awake, mainly thinking off the best ways to quickly get your message out to the masses.

Yes I did read about the Tauranga Event – all hardly unsurprising when you understand that lots of Councils are extreme left, woke and subservient to LGNZ!
The Graphic is exactly what I was thinking.

Are you happy with this message being put out nationwide?

I think it is important to be consistent and have a graphic that gets attention and directs people to your website.

The conditions and requirements for advertising on Stuff are a bit too technical for me to understand – so if you can get it accepted and into the Taupo Times go for it and I will pay, as previously mentioned.

The Taupo Times is delivered all around the Lake and comes out on a Friday and I think adverts have to be submitted one week prior.

What I am wanting from supporters?

I want a supporter in each area of New Zealand to do the same. To follow Phil’s example.

We provide the graphic. You pay for it in your local paper. Even if it’s a community paper, just do it!

We are also going to print flyers of this graphic, which can be delivered to letter boxes all over the country.

Well done Phil, you are a legend for sparking a whole new initiative to help get the word out.

Below is another design. Which do you like best?

Orewa Councillor Jake Laws Is History Ignorant

Orewa Councillor Jake Laws Is History Ignorant

Orewa councillor Jake Laws was at our Orewa event. He supports the protestors who suppressed our right to free speech and trashed our meeting.  Shame on him.

Not only that, but he is completely history ignorant. A double shame.

In a radio interview, he maintains that Maori chiefs did not cede sovereignty at Waitangi of February 6th 1840. Oh really?

That they did cede sovereignty is one of the great facts of the Treaty that can never be denied.

My book details why.  You can read my book HERE

It also details what the Treaty Twisters have done to deny this fact, and Jake Laws is one of them.

Have a listen HERE 


 “There is no doubt that the Ardern government has failed New Zealand and even the interim PM Chris Hipkins can change the direction of Labour as the train tracks only go one way.

No-one forgot to look who the train driver and co-drivers were, Labour Maori Ministers who took the side track.

This train called New Zealand is heading towards the cliffs of no return.

The only option for Chris Hipkins is pull a chord and stop the train and let New Zealand off or throw off the drivers and reverse it back to get on the right line? But on the way back are the train robbers and killers.


Am I wrong in inferring that Maori have an undemocratic say in what goes on in my life. No, I am not wrong. I’ve started to resent the Maori ministers for the scoundrels they are. The deviousness behind the scenes and the treason leaves me angry.

All my family, all generational European with a snippet of Maori in there, but no alliance, have all worked damn hard or years and years, blue collar indentured to the highest professions.

My family has been National Party Philanthoropists.

I don’t want any human being to do badly. The taxes the majority of white Europeans has been the funding of all the infrastructure for New Zealand.

I do not hate these people, the Maori people. I don’t enjoy Maori art nor language, nor history, nor do I now seek their friendship.

Is there a privilege being European?

No more than any human being.

Yes, I have enjoyed all the labour and technology of our forefathers.

The visionary and effort gone in to New Zealand has been amazing. Yes, it has been paid for and done by the white Europeans.

Do we say no one else cannot enjoy these fruits? No, no one does. But we don’t expect it to be demanded either.

The early 1900’s was especially hard as there were no social benefits and there was poverty galore for the unlucky, uneducated and just damn poor.

Maori did little. Those who had benefactors and had schooling did well for themselves. The recollection of Polynesians, always huge people to me as a child were intellectually challenged.

Yet, Kowhai School was my favourite teacher, a Polynesian teacher Demond Clemo. He did his best to teach the Polynesian children.

So where did it all go wrong? Was it the benevolence of the benefit system make these ‘other people’ feel more entitled even though they provided little but caused most of the crime and problems for society in New Zealand?

Today we see these people now demanding that the government, investors, the intrepid company owners, the honest hard workers all contribute to their “entitlement” attitudes.

Yet in return we get apartheid, segregation, the suppression of free speech through protest, and hate.

We even see Labour Maori demand that we accept their perversions, their crimes, their theft and wanton greed and not say anything….now the elite Maori and Maori MPs want to control the entity that is New Zealand.



Well known National Party Philanthropist (the photo is not the philanthropist. It's a stock photo)

Orewa Maori Want Co-Governance Meeting On Their Marae. I Say "No!" Not Unless...

Orewa Maori Want Co-Governance Meeting On Their Marae. I Say "No!" Not Unless...

Press Release for Hibiscus Matters @ 9/4/23

Full Apology & Compensation Required to Demonstrate Sincerity and Change of Heart

“New Zealanders shouldn’t let themselves be manipulated by the very people who totally disrespected them and their rights to free speech”.

So says Julian Batchelor to residents and ratepayers about the protestors who disrupted a public Stop Co-Governance meeting at the Orewa Community Centre on 18th March. 

“Many of the same protestors who rudely prevented Hibiscus Coast residents from hearing concerns about co-governance are now inviting people to the Silverdale marae where they can apparently ‘learn about, ask about and discuss how co-governance will look at a national and local scale’. 

“Whether they and their unnamed panelists would know enough about this constitutional issue is one thing, but their hypocrisy is staggering,” claims Mr Batchelor. 

“They’re demanding respectful behaviour on the marae, whereas they aggressively trampled on our rights to free speech and the freedom to impart and received information, while filming and intimidating those who came to hear what I had to say in a community venue.

They showed the public no respect at all, ensuring the time and money invested in that meeting was totally wasted. 

“The protestors could have protested outside the Orewa Community Centre, but should have behaved respectfully, appallingly,  inside the actual hall. 

Clearly, their noisy, bullying behaviour infringed the public’s rights.

“Before locals can have confidence in a mature and sensible discussion and debate about this vitally important constitutional issue, the protest organisers from the Silverdale Marae and other local tribal groups must publicly apologise for their appalling behaviour and compensate the Stop Co-governance organisation for the cost of putting on that event. 

“Without such an apology and compensation, how can anyone believe that they are sincere?

That the protestors have genuinely changed and will now suddenly allow a free and open discussion? 

Or is this Marae offer simply grandstanding, manipulation, control, and virture signalling?

Let’s wait and see. The jury is out.” 

For further information, please contact: 

Mr Julian Batchelor

Stop Co-Governance


Tel: 0274764430

Our First Auckland Event!

Our First Auckland Event!

The location is Sandringham, Central Auckland. Exact details of the location will be released shortly.

It’s 7pm so mark in your dairies and invite everyone everywhere! 

The One Great Truth All New Zealanders Must Absolutely 'Get' About Co-Governance.

The One Great Truth All New Zealanders Must Absolutely 'Get' About Co-Governance.

It’s out.

Graham Adams has just written a brilliant piece on the deceit, lies, and absolute treachery of 3 Waters, but most Kiwis are just not getting it. So read what Graham wrote first before you read what I have written about what Graham wrote.

You can read Graham’s piece HERE

If you don’t have time to read all Graham wrote, the guts of what he is saying is that the 3 Waters legislation has been drafted in a very cunning and deceitful way .  It hides the truth.  What truth? It gives Maori complete control of all water in New Zealand.  They will be able to charge what they like, do what they like, and they cannot be challenged.  The rest of us will be powerless.

I was thinking about this, about what Graham wrote, and about New Zealand, about the government, about all the propaganda, about the Maorification of New Zealand, about the forcing of Te Reo, about the un-mandated name change from New Zealand to Aotearoa,  about children being brainwashed at school, about the tying up of the media, the $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund, about the racial division, about all the lies and deceit coming from the drivers and architects of co-governance, about the suppression of free speech, and the thugs and bullies behind the suppression of free speech (i.e. the protesters) and how anarchy has been allowed to reign with respect to free speech, the powerlessness of kiwis to defend the right to free speech, about the rise of apartheid and separatism, about the Treaty of Waitangi fraud and corruption, about the billions of tax payer dollars ill gotten,  gifted by the government by history ignorant MPs, about the implosion of democracy, about police impotence, about the thought of tribal rule, about how we no longer have one person one vote or one law for all, about my own experience living in a Maori community for 14 years (i.e. first hand experience) and more – essentially, I was thinking deeply about where we are headed as a nation.

All of this falls under one overarching umbrella –


Really, it’s terrifying.

Ok, back to Graham Adam’s piece.

Today I chose a picture of an iceberg to illustrate what he is saying, and how it relates to co-governance.  Scroll to the top and just study this picture of the iceberg for a bit.  Don’t rush it. Observe. Take your time. This is important. 

The picture shows the tiny proportion of the iceberg out of the water, above the water line, and the massive majority of the iceberg under the water, out of sight.

What’s above the surface represents what elite Maori want the public to see and know with respect to co-governance. It’s the shop front. The window dressing. The BS. It’s what the main stream media (MSM) have been paid to report.  It’s what many innocent Kiwis, particularly people under 40,  have been brainwashed to believe.

What’s underneath is all the deceit, the lies, the treachery, the trickery, the dark hidden facts, the terrible realities of co-governance, the truth about co-governance. It’s what the MSM have been paid NOT to report.  It’s what has been deliberately hidden from Kiwis.

Remember, it was what was under the surface of the water, not above it, that sank the Titanic.

It’s what’s under the surface of the co-governance iceberg that is going to sink New Zealand.

I want to come straight out with what I want to say, with no fluff and no padding.  I am not going to be subtle..

The architects of co-governance are liars, deceitful, tricky, and extremely devious. They are treacherous to the core. 

For me, this is what Graham Adam’s piece brought home.  Graham ought to have touched on this, but he didn’t, so I will.  He can’t cover every aspect. I get that. If I have one criticism of Graham’s writing it’s that he is often too subtle.

With 3 Waters, right from the get go, we, the public of New Zealand have been lied to, deceived, tricked, duped, had the wool pulled over our eyes.

Thank God for people like Graham Adams, Dr John Robinson, Mike Butler, Bruce Moon, Don Brash, Murial Newman, Judge Antony Willy, John Porter, Hugh Perrett, Tony Fellingham. and a host of other great and honest and intelligent New Zealand writers and researchers who have been able to see what is under the surface of the water, the corrupt hidden mass of the co-governance iceberg, the truth about co-governance, and tell us what’s really going on. They have told us the truth through their writing or speaking out or radio messages.

Thank God for journalists like Sean Plunket and the Platform. 

Thank God for mayors like Craig Jepson who stood up and is counted among the brave. 

Thank God for you, the supporters of this stop co-goverance movement who are supporting in various ways. 

 What is it that we all have in common?  

We all just want the truth. We hate lies, trickery, and deception. We want to know the truth, walk in the truth, and be guided by the truth.  Simple really.

If New Zealand is built on any other foundation other than truth, it will struggle.  Not just struggle, but fail. 

The same applies to a marriage, a business, a family, or any relationship.  If it’s built on truth, it will succeed. If not, it will fail. Period.

What I want you to get today, in this blog, is that what Graham Adams has written about 3 Waters is just a tiny insight into just one tiny aspect of co-governance.

Every other aspect of it is riddled with the same – lies, deceit, trickery, treachery, and dishonesty.

What Graham Adams explained in his excellent piece tells us a crucially important truth.

What truth?

It exposes the darkness of the hearts and minds of the people behind co-governance. The people driving it, this coup, for this is what it truly is.

It exposes the kind of people we are dealing with. They are corrupt to the very core.

“Wicked” is the best word to describe them.

I researched the meaning of the word wicked, and this is what I found.
• Evil.
• morally bad or wrong
• Immoral
• deliberately violating accepted principles of right and wrong
• contrary to conscience or morality or law
• deeply criminal

These words, these phrases, describe accurately the architects of co-governance. Graham’s article exposed this, proves this to be so.

One commentary said this “The wicked person is volatile, unpredictable, frightening, and destructive. Like a lion, the wicked know that they have power and they always use it in a destructive way.”

This is the one great truth I want you to get today. These people are bad. Bad to the bone.  

They are not interested in what’s best for New Zealand or New Zealanders. Their only interest is self interest and they are not the least bit concerned about who they trash on the way to their goal.

And what’s more, their bad influence is spreading like wildfire through Maoridom.  Corruption, bribery, dodgy deals, thuggery, intimidation, nepotism, bullying, rude and disrespectful behaviour, using protesters to shut down free speech, the exhibition of a superiority complex, Iwi overreach, and the like, are popping up like mushrooms everywhere.  More and more kiwis are being directly affected, and more and more are becoming angry and resentful.  

Bad character at a leadership level leaks, inescapably showering everyone underneath with its toxic influence.

The architects of co-governance are fast creating racists, non-Maori people who resent Maori.  Even many Maori are becoming ashamed of their own race.  We are heading for a showdown. No one welcomes this, but it’s happening. It’s real. 

If all this is true, and it is, then how can anything good come of co-governance? The answer? Absolutely nothing good can come out of it, or will come out it. Of this we can be absolutely certain.

As the Master said “By their fruit you will recognize them. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.…”

Co-governance is a bad tree bearing bad fruit, which is what Graham Adams has exposed so brilliantly. It’s just so clear, isn’t it? 

Make no mistake – co-governance is going to destroy New Zealand.  it will not be long before we will be called, internationally, the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.

Why? Two reasons.

First, the foundation of co-governace is wrong. It’s based on fraud and corruption – a deliberately corrupted understanding of the Treaty of Waitangi. 

Secondly, the people driving the push for co-governance are corrupt to the core. Graham Adams showed this clearly. 

Combine one and two, and what do you get? What’s the only thing you can possibly get?

Absolutely disaster. 

Hence, the Stop Co-governance Road Show, and Julian Batchelor’s book.

What can you do, practically, to help stop the terror of co-governance?

There are many things you can do:

  1. Purchase multiple copies of Julian’s book and start handing them out. Email Tim: Tell Tim your name, physical address, email and phone and he will do the rest. The books are $1 each plus postage.
  2. Forward Julian’s blogs onto to everyone in your address book and urge them to sign up to get them daily.
  3. Attend Julian’s Stop Co-Governance Tour Meetings and invite others to attend.
  4. Write to councils where these meetings are being held and urge them not to cancel these meetings. Ask them to defend free speech. Urge them to back down on their extreme health and safety requirements.  They are imposing these requirements for only one reason.  Not for safety, but to make it impossible for us to hold the meetings.  As such they think they are being clever, but really they are woke cowards, thus making themselves part of the problem.  The could be part of the solution, but they have chosen to join with the ranks of the protesters, of those who shut down free speech.
  5. Post copies of Julian’s book to all the church leaders in your town / suburb.
  6. Post copies of Julian’s book to radio show hosts and TV presenters and journalists.
  7. Post copies of Julian’s book to business owners you know, and people of influence you know.
  8. Email everyone on your address book with this link so that they can read Julian’s  book on-line:
  9. Move from being a passive observer to becoming an stop co-governance activist. What do I mean? Read THIS.
Free Speech Is Under Attack.  Reality Check Radio Comes To The Rescue.

Free Speech Is Under Attack. Reality Check Radio Comes To The Rescue.

Thankfully, Broadcaster Peter Williams and Reality Check Radio are coming to the rescue.  They have not dropped the ball with respect to defending the rights of Kiwis to express their thoughts and ideas freely. All power to them.

Peter and the team have produced an excellent video as part of the fight back.

You can watch it HERE


Welcome Kelly To Our Team!

Welcome Kelly To Our Team!

We now have someone called Kelly who is going to be writing to influencial business leaders to give them a book.

Brilliant work Kelly, and welcome to the team! You are so so valuable.


Welcome Mal To Our Team!

Welcome Mal To Our Team!

Mal has a big heart to reach all the RSA’s in New Zealand.  This what she is going to do. Below is to what she wrote to me.


“Greetings salutations and thanks for the safe arrival of my  latest of your booklets. I thought I’d point out that very soon we will celebrate Anzac Day on the 25th of April followed by King Charles birthday celebration on the 1st Monday in June .What a time to consider Democracy & sacrifice and General Kippenberger’s call to the troops fighting on Crete ( my 40 year old grandad among them) to “Stand For New Zealand”. I am aware there are 182 RSA ( returned & services association) clubs with 102000 members throughout New Zealand plus 15000 regular, reserve and civilian staff in our Navy, Army and Airforce . As I’ve already said, If there is 1 day in the year, before the next election to consider Democracy & sacrifice …..this it….this it !!, or what where our men & women fighting for ? So in brief I’d like think that all 182 RSA clubs and every armed forces establishment has access to you booklet. Even if it’s only 5 or 6 ..but 5 or 6 at ‘Every’ base or club. Placed respectfully and available for those who choose to see…for those choose to read… and for those who choose to Stand For New Zealand .”


Thank you so much for all your efforts Mal.  I know this is going to make a big difference! We supply Mal with the books, the envelopes and the stamps, and she does the rest.


Corruption, Bribes, And The Suppression Of Free Speech.

Corruption, Bribes, And The Suppression Of Free Speech.

Start by reading THIS newspaper article from the Herald.

Waste Management New Zealand’s applied for a resource consent for a 26 million cubic metre “mega dump” in Dome Valley, north of Auckland.

As per the Resource Management Act, re-jigged by Maori activists, and made Law, so called ‘Iwi’ sign off was required.

In other words, the project could not proceed unless and until Maori ‘approved’ of it.

Really, this is nauseating.

Why does anyone need ‘Iwi’ approval?
How is this being allowed to happen?

There is nothing in the Treaty of Waitangi about co-governance or co-management, or partnership.

We have our local councils, who we pay to do a job through our rates.

That ought to be enough. Now, thanks to co-governance,  it isn’t.

Maori have found a way to get money for absolutely nothing.

OK, back to the Dome Valley story.

At first, Iwi initially said ‘no’ we won’t sign off on the project.

They did this deliberately. We all know why. 

After further ‘discussed with Waste Management New Zealand, Iwi ‘miraculously’, reversed their decision. A 180 degree about turn.

What happened?

Waste Management New Zealand had revert to bribery and corruption to get the project across the line.

“In exchange for the settlement trust’s support, Waste Management has agreed to several conditions, including a return of 1060ha of Waste Management landholdings once the site is no longer required, $2m to construct six homes nearby, and a $10m environment fund should the river be exposed to risk.
It is also promising jobs at the landfill for Ngāti Manuhiri descendants.”

The other ‘tribe’ involved in this case is crying saying ‘Hey, what’s in it for us?”

So here is another problem. Tribes will start fighting over the fruits of the bribes like seagulls at the beach fight over a piece of bread discarded from a family picnic.

We, the tax payer, will end up paying for these bribes and this corruption through increased waste disposal fees.  This is how business works. 

Welcome to co-governance.

And this is only the start.

As a nation, we are just taxiing down the run way with co-governance.

Wait until the plane takes off.

Then the tears of the nation will flow in the gutters.

Exposing this rampant corruption, apartheid, and racism is one of the reasons Julian kicked off the Stop Co-Governance Road Show.

He wants to bring awareness to all Kiwis about what is really going on.

This is also the reason radical Maori want to shut Julian down.

Yes, they want to stop him speaking. Stop him spilling the beans, thus suppressing his right to free speech. And the right of others to hear him.

This is a further layer of corruption.

Our road show rocks on, getting stronger and stronger by the day, thanks to all of you and your support.

Waikanae Business couple Buy 5000 Copies Of Julian's Batchelor's Book

Inspired by the Auckland couple who are currently printing 20,000 copies of Julians Book to distribute to whole suburbs in and around where they live in Auckland, a Waikanae business couple has followed suit. 

He told me he and his wife read the whole of the He Pua Pua report, and couldn’t sleep for two nights. 

What they read rocked them to the core.  This is what Julian’s book is all about and this couple want everyone in Waikanae to know the truth about what is really going on beneath of the surface of our country, and to mobilise.

We are looking for other couples / people all around New Zealand to do the same in their suburb, and join in and surf this great wave of concern building in our country about co-goverance. Email Julian :

Free Speech Under Threat In Tauranga

Free Speech Under Threat In Tauranga

Auckland Council’s Ms Wyss cancelled our meeting by setting impossible times frames to come up with Health and Safety requirements.

Then she allowed protestors to meet in the same building we had hired, immediately after our meeting, thus setting up a potential clash.  It was a set up. A Ms Wyss set up. 

That is to say, she deliberately set up the excuse she was going to need to cancel our meeting i.e. “Too dangerous having two opposing groups meeting at the same time.”

She then followed up by lying to media.

Ms Wyss was devious and cunning, working carefully and deliberately towards a pre-determined outcome, all the while trying to sound ‘nice’ and ‘conciliatory.’ She smiled all the way, Jacinda Ardern style.

The velvet glove hiding the iron fist. All this is detailed in our blogs.

We are taking legal action against Ms Wyss to reclaim losses incurred by her cancellation. 

Now Tauranga City Council’s Blair Graham 0274039261 07 577 7000 – ext 7671 looks to be angling to do this same. The picture on the top left is Blair Graham.

What’s the new trick?

Imposing expensive and over the top ‘Health and Safety’ requirements. He wants us to pay for six security guards, safety barriers and fencing, plus road traffic control.

I am not making this up.

Click HERE to see just the security guard invoice. HERE for Blair Graham’s other shocking email.

What Blair Graham clearly does not realise (yet) is that our events are private events, not public events, and the police will be in attendance.  He is reading old news about our events.

Blair Graham’s over the top health and safety requirements are like calling in a Jumbo Jet to crush an ant. 

His misunderstanding  may just be an innocent mistake. Let’s see. The jury is out.  We hope common sense and a full realisation of the facts will prevail. 

The truth of the matter is all the incendiary media reports relate to, and tell of, our meetings which were then public.  All in the distant past. 

This is how it was when when we first started our road show.  It’s not how it is now.

After police advice and guidance, we made our meetings private, not public. 

It was brilliant advice from the police, which we heeded immediately.  Protestors numbers have dwindled since they now know they cannot get into the meetings. 

They now reason “What’s the point in coming? We can’t disrupt anymore.”  

 People coming will be filtered at the door so protestors will not be able to get inside the building.

As I said, we are working closely with police, taking their advice. Police will be in attendance in Tauranga, on the door, where the filtering will be happening.

Thus the public will be guaranteed their safety. 

The last event which we held, our first ‘private’ event, was flawless.

Only one security guard was needed, at the filter point.

Police attended, and there were no issues. The police in Whangarei  will attest to this.

There is no good reason why our Tauranga event will not follow suite.  Let’s believe Blair Graham gets up to speed quickly, and moderates his OTT Health and Safety requirements.  They are all based on misinformation. 

What I want you to notice is how media, protestors, Iwi, and woke politically motivated councillors are all colluding. This is a graphic illustration, real time,  of co-governance in action. 

It goes like this – protestors create the problem, the left wing government controlled media deliberately writes inflammatory reports about ‘the dangers’ and the ‘violence’ and ‘the potential damage to people and property’,

Iwi fuel the protestors (e.g. The Maori Party put a notice on their web site to ‘get out and protest!’), and woke politically motivated spineless PC council workers like Claudia Wyss (Auckland Council) collaborate. 

The media report all this to give the strong impression Julian Batchelor and the stop co-governance road show are the problem. They are not. They are the solution for all New Zealanders going forwards.

They are going into bat for all New Zealand against apartheid, racial division, the erosion of democracy, racism, the end of one law for all, and the end of one person one vote, with all votes being of equal value.

Julian Batchelor and the fast growing Stop Co-governance movement are now having to go in to bat for the preservation of free speech as well.

This was never on their founding agenda, but it is now. Squarely.

Yet in all this Julian Batchelor is being penalized. The public in Tauranga are being penalized.  The thinking, caring, intelligent, discerning public all over New Zealand are being penalised.

The bad people are being hallowed. The good people are being demonized.

If Julian’s public addresses were allowed to happen, and the public were allowed to attend, as private events, free of protest, free from noisy interruption, as they ought in a functioning healthy democracy, these event locations would be the safest place on the planet for the public to gather.

As peaceful as a baby asleep in a cot.

It’s the protestors, the Maori party, Iwi, and the media, who are creating the so called ‘unsafe’ meetings. Woke spineless politically motivated councilors are adding fuel to the fire.  

Let’s hope Blair Graham is not one of them.

The result?

Free Speech is crushed.

Kiwis in Tauranga don’t get to hear co-governance defined, what’s wrong with it, and why it must be stopped. No alternative voice, other than the government approved narrative about co-governance is allowed.  Adult residents in Tauranga are not allowed to make up their own mind.

In other words, free speech is no longer in New Zealand.

Protestors and thugs get to decide who hears what and when.

Is this right? You know the answer.

The irony is that all over the media, including video footage of our PM and Luxon, MPs are urging the public to ‘have a mature discussion about co-governance’.

Just Google Luxon and Hipkins and co-governance and click on ‘video’ and watch what comes up.

Yet look what happens, in reality, when a group of good Kiwis, rise up to obey the country’s leaders, to do exactly what our leaders say to do?

Welcome to the dark murky world of co-governance and tribal rule.

This is precisely why the road show must go on, no matter what.

Protesters Have Two Of Our Videos Removed From You Tube

Protesters Have Two Of Our Videos Removed From You Tube

This is a big one too. You can read it HERE

Notice who the people were who arranged the cancellation.  It was the protestors Sean Plunket interviewed a few days ago.  Julian was debating them.  You can listen to the interview HERE 

The videos? Click  HERE to watch one of them..  This video is of one of the protesters making a fool of herself talking about NZ History.  

The other was a video of Maori children being used (using tax payer funding) to spread historical untruths about the Treaty of Waitangi.  Click HERE to watch it.

I have copies of both videos on my hard drive.  So it makes little difference to me that Youtube took them down. 

I simply uploaded both videos to other platforms.

NZ Playcentres Get Screwed Over Through Co-Governance Arrangement

NZ Playcentres Get Screwed Over Through Co-Governance Arrangement

How Media Spin And Iwi Leaders Are Perpetuating Maori Inequities

How Media Spin And Iwi Leaders Are Perpetuating Maori Inequities

NZ Herald. Buck Shelford Betrays "Maori Are Superior and Must Be Accorded Honour" attitude.

NZ Herald. Buck Shelford Betrays "Maori Are Superior and Must Be Accorded Honour" attitude.

The NZ Herald recently published an article about Buck Shelford. It betrays Buck’s attitude, and the attitude of elite Maori generally. You can read it HERE


This Is Claudia Wyss, Auckland Council

This Is Claudia Wyss, Auckland Council

Write to Wayne Brown about Claudia and how for purely political reasons she shut down our Auckland meeting. Scroll down this blog for the full details. 

His email:  

Ngapuhi Elder Slams Auckland Council's Ms Wyss

Ngapuhi Elder Slams Auckland Council's Ms Wyss

Dear Ms Wyss.
I wish to return your attention to the cancelation of Mr Batchelor’s meeting.
That cancelation and the way you went about it and your justification were not acceptable.
As a counselor it is your job to facilitate and enable community discussion.
Mr Batchelor is presenting alternate views on Governance. Ideally the Government itself including ACC would be doing this but unfortunately they are not. Sadly the Government has misled us all on Co Governance, and we deserve to herar all of the views on this subject. The Government has repeatedly said that there is nothing to fear. I disagree. A little while ago the Waitangi tribunal recommended to the Government that they give back all land from Rienga to Devonport to Ngapuhi. Maori Politicians have reinforced that with statements that this will include all privately owned land as well. Just last week the Waitangi tribunal recommended to Government that they invest in a special Mountain talker to talk to Mount Taranaki to listen to its troubles. And yet they say we have nothing to fear?? Are you kidding me ?
Fear of co Governance is deep in every New Zealander and both local and central Government need to make strong efforts to address this fear, and to rationalize the entire Co Governance drivel.
Why have you supported the Aotearoa Liberation League(ALL)? On the one hand you cancelled Mr Bachelors meeting at extremely short notice, with lame excuses, and yet you facilitated an ALL meeting outside the hall. Why does ALL receive support from Government orgs like ACC, and PSA, and Central Government ? ALL is just a bunch of young lay bouts, infiltrated by well-known off shore trouble makers who specialize in disrupting meetings.
You are on record as saying you cancelled the meeting for safety reasons and that is a major road with heavy traffic, yet you facilitated an ALL meeting on the grass outside the hall – even more dangerous one would think?
Ms Wyss. It appears to me that you have a strong political and racist agenda. You are no use to any race or group when you have a biased agenda. If you are not able to conduct yourself in a fair and unbiased manner, then clearly you are not fit for the high positions you hold. Unless you can uphold basic rights in the community, such as Free speech for all, then you are clearly unfit for the job.

Tane Tupuna

Hugh Perrett Slams Auckland Council's Ms Wyss

Hugh Perrett Slams Auckland Council's Ms Wyss

“I am appalled at the obviously partisan action of m/s Claudia Wyss , using her position in  Auckland Council , to stop Julian Batchelor’s “ long-booked “ Stop Co-governance meeting going ahead in long-pre-booked premises , by cancelling the booking at “the last minute “ without due cause . This was clearly an action taken by m/s Wyss directly reflecting her personal bias / partisan interest in the situation and completely lacking the objectivity expected of a Council officer .
Mayor Brown , I am very concerned that a Council executive can use their position and the  authority of Council to abuse their responsibility in this manner and get away with it . What are you doing about it ? I , and numerous others, would be very disappointed if you turned out to just be  “ all piss and wind “


Brilliant Journalist / Broadcaster Terry Opines Comes Running To Our Defence

Brilliant Journalist / Broadcaster Terry Opines Comes Running To Our Defence

Watch his brilliant video HERE

Terry, thank you for standing with us, working for us, against thuggery and those who are determined to shut down free speech.

Your constant work and skill and dedication is five star! We love your posts. Keep it up!


Help Us Raise 10k To Get Radio Advertising Up And Running!

Help Us Raise 10k To Get Radio Advertising Up And Running!

We are fighting like hell for free speech, democracy, and racial unity against apartheid, separatism, and racial division. 

We are fighting against the media and protestors.

We want to start advertising our up and coming meetings. 

We are asking you to help. 

We want to advertise for the next two months on Newstalk ZB and The Platform, at $5k each. 

This will ensure we can reach a much bigger audience and fill the big venues we are hiring. 

Things are heating up! Please chip in.

Make donations into this account: 12-3232-0016590-00

Or do it the usual way via CC on our web site.



Our 10k Goal To Advertise On Radio

More Co-governance Madness.  Mt Taranaki Now Classified As A Person

More Co-governance Madness. Mt Taranaki Now Classified As A Person

You can watch the video HERE

This is exactly how the Waitangi Tribunal has been able to shaft the public of billions of dollars.  An expert Maori will be called in to talk to the Mountain (for a fee) and tell us what the Mountain is saying. 

The answer will be something like “Hey, the Mountain told me that the state of the Marae buildings in Taranaki are shameful. The mountain has demanded that tax payers gift $10m to Taranaki Maraes for refurbishments. The mountain told me he is greatly grieved (yes, it’s a he).  If you don’t addrss this, he said, he might even blow is stack, and put on an eruption.  So watch out. This is a threat.  So what do you want to do, Mr Little? Appease the mountain and pay only $10m for Marae refurbishments or anger the mountain and cause an eruption and with it a $100m civil defence emergency?  You’d better cough up the $10m or else.”

The government will have to agree since no one can quiz the mountain or cross examine it, except the Maori expert Mountain talker who is one of their own.  Also, due to Health and Safety concerns, the government will say it has a responsibility to put the safety of Taranaki people first to avoid an eruption. 

Andrew Little will come on the TV and say “In the interests of public Health and Safety, and to avoid a catastrophic eruption, we are awarding Mt Taranaki Maori $10m for Marae refurbishments. This is the worse case of a Mountain grieving in our history.  The crown offers an unreserved apology to Mt Taranaki and with this, here is a cheque for $10m for your Maraes.” 

When interviewed after the cheque was handed over, the Mountain was asked for comment. It said ” Nice one bro.  More money for absolutely nothing.  So easy to shaft these dump Pakeha who believe anything we say!”

Welcome to the world of co-governance.


Co-Governance And The Six Different Groups In NZ. To Which Group Do You Belong?

Co-Governance And The Six Different Groups In NZ. To Which Group Do You Belong?

With respect to what Kiwis believe about co-governance, they  can be divided into 6 distinct groups.

Everyone belongs in one of these groups.

The six groups are:The drivers

  1. The ignorant
  2. The brainwashed
  3. The partly awakened.
  4. The awakened
  5. The activists 

To which group do you belong? You can read today’s blog HERE

Only the activists can save New Zealand. 

The Debate: Julian Vs The Activists, Sean Plunket Moderates

The Debate: Julian Vs The Activists, Sean Plunket Moderates

You can hear the debate  HERE

The guts of the argument is that the Aotearoa Liberation League is a group which suppresses free speech. They are quite happy to deny other people free speech.  

As for the Kaumātua mentioned. He was not a Kaumātua at all.  He was a known trouble maker in the Waipu area, according to locals. 

Even if he was a Kaumātua, so what?   If someone breaks the rules of our meeting, which are clear, they are out. not matter who they are.  

All people in our meetings are treated equally, no matter what race or status.  We have one law for all.  This is how it is in a democracy. 

The activists, clearly, think differently. 

By inference, they suggest that because he is a Kaumātua he should have been treated differently.  This thinking is how co0-governance works.  Maori will be viewed as a superior race of people, above all of us.

This betrays the predominant attitude of elite Maori.  

That is, “If you are Maori, you are treated differently to everyone else.  The rules that other people have to abide by don’t apply to Maori.”  

What do we call this attitude? That’s easy. 

It’s racism. It’s apartheid. It’s separatism. And it’s wrong.

By the way, it was also easy to see what Pere was doing when he pulled out the Kaumātua card.  He was race baiting, trying to get other Maori on board i.e. “How dare you offend a Kaumātua!”

My question is this.  If so called Kaumātua are so wonderful, how come not one Kaumātua in the whole country has come forward to pull into line the Maori protestors whose behaviour in our meetings has been disgraceful.  They have been an absolute blight on good Maori.

Why are they quiet? Because if they say anything they will be bullied and harassed by other Maori.  

Such is the hypocrisy and double standards of Maoridom. They will smash up their own if they step out of line. 

Welcome to Tikanga and co-governance.


If You Want A Good Laugh, Watch This

If You Want A Good Laugh, Watch This

This is a video of activist Samah speaking to a crowd of 40 people last Tuesday night, the night our event in Auckland was cancelled.  The location of her speaking was a grass area outside the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall. They were giving out vegan Pizas. Watch…  HERE

Permanent Venue In Auckland Now Secured

Thanks to one of our supporters, we have secured an amazing venue right in the middle of Auckland city. We can use it regularly to hold meetings. Details will be released shortly. We are just working on our first date.  

We will only be releasing the venue location 24 hours out from the event from now on.  This applies to all our venues all over New Zealand. 

This is the power of people who have guts and courage to make a stand against racism, wokism, the media, apartheid, and separatism. Against tribal rule. Against the takeover of New Zealand by the Tribal Elite.  

Against the thuggery of protestors who don’t think twice about denying others free speech.

The business owner who has given us his venue is a legend.  He and those like him are people who stand for one person one vote, and for democracy. They don’t mind taking the heat. In fact, they see it as an honour, just like our soldiers who fought for our country is both of the great wars.  

Those soldiers were not just talkers,

They were doers.  

They put their money where their mouth was.   They stepped up.  They said “I am in, not matter what the cost.”  They were strong.  Many actually gave their lives to preserve our democracy and freedom.  We stand in a direct line with them and their cause.

These business owners who are opening their venues to us see right through the media and the activists to the truth of the matter.  You’d have to be blind to not see through it. Well, wouldn’t you? 

Number Of People Who Read Julian Batchelor's Book On Line Yesterday. The day before it was 2027

Read Julian's Batchelor's Book On Why Co-Governance Is Wrong And Why It Must Be Stopped For Free On Line

Click HERE to read it

Sir Bob Jones Comes Out Swinging Against Co-Governance And Compulsory Maorification Of Real Estate Agents

Sir Bob Jones Comes Out Swinging Against Co-Governance And Compulsory Maorification Of Real Estate Agents


The idea that real estate agents have to undergo compulsory Maorification is idealogical clap trap.  It’s just another tentacle of the co-governance monster over reaching into another sector of society.  Which sector is next? 

You can read what Sir Bob wrote HERE

Newstalk ZB interview with Auckland Council's Claudia Wyss - Wyss lied

Newstalk ZB interview with Auckland Council's Claudia Wyss - Wyss lied

Listen to the interview  HERE  

The following are quotes from the interview:

“The site is a very busy site.”

“There is a lot of traffic”

“We sought advice from security experts”

“We sought advice from the police”

“We work closely with organisers and give them advice on what security measures they should consider.   We do give them advice, but when their security measures fall short that is when we sometimes need to make a decision.”

“And we worked with the organisers to understand their safety plans and I am afraid those safety plans came up short.”

These statements in red are outright lies.  

Ms Wyss did not ‘work the organisers.

 Ms Wyss did not give us any advice.  

Ms Wyss, show us where you gave us advice.  Prove it.  Requiring us to come up with a H and S plan is not advice, It’s a directive. 

HERE is the letter we received from Ms Wyss. Can you, please, see any security advice in her letter? You won’t be able to, because there is none.

The following are the facts. 

We booked the hall on the 2 February 12:34pm.

The period of time between the 2 February, the booking date, and the first notice from Ms Claudia Wyss on the 27th March  at 11:47am was 53 days. That’s 7.5 weeks.  That’s right, Ms Wyss has 7.5 weeks to ‘work with the organisers’ but she did not do this. 

She decided to start communicating with us roughly 36 hours out from the event, asking for a Health And Safety plan. 

She gave us only 1.75 hours to come up with one, which we did.  

Julian ended his reply email to Ms Wyss asking council to advise if anything from the plan was missing or deficient, and if so, to let Julian know so that he could address it to avoid cancellation.

Ms Wyss did not do this.  She simply cancelled the event.  She left corresponding with Julian to the last minute, even though she had known about the site, the traffic, the building, and the situation for 7.5 weeks.

The was a political decision. Now here is the kicker.  Ms Wyss actually orchestrated the conflict. How so? She allowed the 9pm booking immediately after our meeting! In other words, she set up the conflict situation.  Hard to believe but true. Then she bangs on about ‘safety concerns’ when in reality she actually created the safety concerns. 

You make up your own mind after listening to the interview.

My Conclusion?

Ms Wyss clearly lied to Heather du Plessis-Allan and she must be held to account.  Not only this, but she deliberately created the conflict situation by allowing the protestor booking straight after hours. For what reason? To give her an excuse the cancel our meeting. We were stitched up by Ms Wyss.

The Free Speech Union will be climbing into this, and we will too. 

Ms Wyss, see you in court.


Corrupt Auckland Council Don't Realise It - They Just Blew On A Dandelion.

Corrupt Auckland Council Don't Realise It - They Just Blew On A Dandelion.

Kiwis hate injustice.  We know that.  They are huge defenders of free speech.  

How are they responding to the media corruption, to the council corruption, and to the protestor activity?  

All three are trying to stop our tour.  Answer? New events, new places for Julian to go and speak, are popping up everywhere.

Yesterday 1675 people read his book on line which you can read HERE  

Instead of shutting Julian down, these three – the media, the councils, and the protestors – they are actually fuelling public goodwill to help Julian.  They are blowing on a dandelion. 

New meetings are popping up like mushrooms.

The last minute cancellation of Julian’s event yesterday by the corrupt Auckland Council is a classic example.  Read more HERE


People Safety Comes First, Then Venue Safety.

People Safety Comes First, Then Venue Safety.

As an organisation, Stop Co-governance, in conjunction with the New Zealand police,  puts a premium on keeping people and buildings safe. We take your safety and your right to listen to who you like seriously.  We support free speech.   If the protestors want to run their own meeting to tell everyone what’s great about co-governance, we say “All power to you! Go for it! It’s your right!” 

just don’t take away our right to oppose your views. Thank you. 


How Our Country Is Being Groomed For Takeover

How Our Country Is Being Groomed For Takeover

Watch this 5 second video HERE.

Only two years ago, double banger names starting appearing all over the place.  For example, Aotearoa-New Zealand. I knew immediately what was going on, and so did you. 

The grooming for tribal takeover was being stepped up.  

It’s a well known strategy.  It called word substitution.  It works like this.  The groomers link a new word to an existing word.  At first, people are alarmed. They ask ‘what is this new word called Aotearoa appearing with ‘New Zealand’ for?  After a while they get used to it.

Then after a while the word New Zealand is dropped, and the new word Aotearoa remains, on its own. 

What is this all about? What’s going on. It’s much much more than forcing Te Reo. 

It’s part of the elite Maori plan to groom the country by stealth to get the people ready for tribal rule.  If you like, a pre-cursor to tribal rule. 

Maori government. 

This is why I am against co-governance, because this is all happening by stealth.  There is no mandate in law for any co-governance arrangements, not even for name changes of any kind. There is no transparency, no honesty. 

They should have come right and said “Hey, we Maori elite would  like to take over the country.  Would it be ok with all of you 5m people if we link a Maori word with a European word just so you lot can learn our Maori language?  We will soon drop the English word so only the Maori word remains.  And I am sorry, but if you can’t remember what the Maori word meant after we delete the English word, keep a Maori dictionary on you at all times so you can look the word up. And by the way, we are making up words all the time (e.g. Aeroplane =rereangi) because Maori in 1840 did not have most of the things we have in New Zealand now. The colonials brought virtually everything that’s good in New Zealand.  So you’ll need to change the dictionary often.  And is it ok if we Maori elite  rule the entire country by 2040? And are you Ok with the fact that you’ll be second class citizens if you are not one of us elite Maori? Are you all OK with this plan?  Please just ignore the fact that we have completely butchered the Treaty to mean what it never originally meant. We know what we are doing is also undemocratic and what we are doing stinks of apartheid and separatism and it’s going to create massive racial division, but can you please just go along with it?” 

How do you think the people of New Zealand would have voted on this if they’d been asked? If there had been transparency, openness and honesty?

The electorate did not ask for this.  

They would never have agree to it. 

There was no asking the people of New Zealand if this was Ok, or if they approved.

Maori elite just did it.

Kiwis are being duped, and it’s wrong and we must stand against it.


Six More Venues Confirmed

Six More Venues Confirmed

We are excited to announce six more confirmed locations for our meetings, and many more in the pipeline.  The 6  new confirmed meetings are:






Kapiti Coast

Congratulations to gutsy brave hall owners / managers for standing for democracy, equality, and freedom of speech against separatism, racism, and racial division.

And for resisting the protestors.

If you want to hold a meeting in your area, just email


The Bumper Stickers Have Just Arrived!

The Bumper Stickers Have Just Arrived!

 The bumper stickers have arrived. 

They measure 19cm wide by 6cm tall, so a perfect size.

The are $5 each.  Just let us know which one of the two designs you want, and we will ship them out to you.  Postage will be $3. 

Email your order to


Dear Ms Wyss. (Auckland Council Lady Who Cancelled Our Auckland Meeting)

I am surprised, shocked, and dismayed by your Cancellation of Julian Bachelor’s presentation at the Mt Eden Memorial this evening.

Mr Batchelor had engaged me to play Piano for the hour leading up to the event, and also to accompany the singing of the national Anthem.

I personally wanted to hear what Mr Batchelor had to say. With recent announcements from the Waitangi Tribunal recommending that all land from Rienga to North head Devonport be returned to Iwi Management, and certain Maori activist alongside some of the Maori politicians stating publically they intend to reclaim all privately owned land as well of course many people are deeply concerned. There are many aspects of Co Governance that have not been discussed openly and the entire process lacks discussion and transparency. I do not blame the public for being fearful of co governance and everything it appears to represent.

I attended Mr Batchelor’s Orewa presentation because I hoped to learn more about the subject. Unfortunately a rabble of badly behaved people totally disrupted that meeting and I was unable to hear Mr Bachelor’s views on Co Governance.

I emphatically believe in democracy and freedom of speech. I am disgusted by your undisguised bureaucratic repression of my right to freedom of speech. As a ratepayer, I have a right to demand that the Council appoints people in senior roles who are well balanced, free from corruption, and in particular in this instance free from racial bias.

I see you were once a practising medical professional, and so I am amazed by your obvious suppression of human rights.

Instead of doing what we the rate payers pay you to do by taking steps to ensure security and support freedom of speech, you have used your position of power to usurp my rights.

Accordingly I intend to make a formal complaint to the Mayer, and to the Human Rights Commission. I believe that a person with such obvious racial bias as yourself is unfit to hold a high position in public office and call on you to do the right thing and resign.

Yours Sincerely,

Tane Tupuna


Waipu Event A Huge Success!

Waipu Event A Huge Success!

Last night’s meeting was a huge success.

Protestors did not get in. The police were great. Following police advice, we are making all our events ‘private’ functions, filtering people at the door. This new strategy worked like a dream.

This was a small country hall, our first event in a ‘rural’ setting. We loved it!

The meeting flowed. One protestor slipped through and got in but he was ejected without issue. In the Q and A time, one or two in the crowd were in favour of co-governance ‘I don’t agree with anything you said tonight’ but they can’t say exactly what they disagree with. Funny that.

The Q and A time was fascinating and revealing.

Many people are completely ignorant about the Treaty and all the issues we raise in these public talks, Maori particularly so.

We had several Maori in last nights meeting. It’s obvious they have been brainwashed and are simply parroting what they have heard in the media or from Maori activist Journalists.

Others in the room were very savvy, knowing a lot about the Treaty. The more they know the better. This is Julian’s message. Study, research, find the truth.

The government approved narrative is the exact opposite – keep co-governance vague. Muddy the waters. Cloudy is good. A public ignorant about the realities of co-governance is what they want.

I feel we are making HUGE gains. The content of my talks is constantly being shaped and tweaked. I am getting sharper and better with each meeting. More accurate.

The media are chasing.

Last night we received order for 100’s of books, perhaps over 1000. We have not counted up the exact number yet. 20,000 of Julian’s books arrive on Monday. Many have pre-sold.

We have a distribution centre in Hamilton which has just been set up.

Attendees at the meeting were on fire when they left.

Our team did an incredible job. Truly, they were amazing. They performed with military precision yet fully friendly and relational. So proud of you all!

“Clearly the mainstream media are trying to portray Stop Co-Governance as a fringe, extremist group with little support. However, I believe the great majority of New Zealanders do not want Maori given control of the country, which is what Co-Governance is trying to achieve. The protesters at the meetings are showing the rest of the country what Co-Governance looks like, and it not attractive.”

Chris, from Wellington

Media Desperate To Portray Stop Cogovernance Organisation As Fringe Movement - The Opposite Is True!

Free Speech Union Is Going After Hall Owners Who Cancel

Free Speech Union Is Going After Hall Owners Who Cancel

The Free Speech Union is joining our fight to preserve our right to free speech.  They are starting with the Cambridge Town Hall, but others will follow.

The Free Speech Union is a powerful organisation with many members. They have a stable of lawyers ready to act on our behalf.  You don’t want to mess with the Free Speech Union.

Maori Party Hits The Panic Button "Get out and protest!"

Maori Party Hits The Panic Button "Get out and protest!"

You can read their Facebook page HERE

My question is “Why are they so worried?”  You know the answer. 

We are standing for the preservation of democracy and equality, against apartheid, separatism, and racism.  We are standing for one person, one vote, and all votes must be of equal value. 

The media know all this.  The Maori Party knows all this. 

So why all the fuss?  Answer? Julian is preaching the truth, and the truth threatens to expose fraud and corruption, to drain the swamp, and to dismantle the gravy train.  What other conclusion is there? 

Historian Bruce Moon Viciously Attacked!

Historian Bruce Moon Viciously Attacked!

Activists are now targeting historian and prolific author Bruce Moon.  Bruce answers them with brilliance and skill.  You can read what the critics are saying and Bruce’s answers HERE

New Zealand Herald Continues To Misreport, This Time About Our Tauranga Event

New Zealand Herald Continues To Misreport, This Time About Our Tauranga Event

You can read this morning’s Herald article HERE

How is what Julian saying ‘offensive’?  He is promoting democracy, and equality, and is fighting against apartheid, racism, and separatism.  He stands for one person, one vote, and all votes being of equal value. 

How is the council going to monitor ‘deviation’ from free speech? What on earth does that mean?

How is the tour inciting rational disharmony? The truth of the matter is the co-governance has already caused massive racial disharmony, but not a word about this in the media.

Notice how the council has ‘signed up’ and promotes ‘partnership with Iwi’? What about working equally with all people groups who live in the Tauranga area? 

To do so is called equality.  Why are Iwi singled out with special favour over all the other 160 cultures who live in the Tauranga region?   To single out Iwi is blatant apartheid.  Why does the Herald not report this? Answer? They are not allowed to. 

They can only report the government approved narrative.

Mr McNeil says the beliefs expressed by Julian on the road show “do not align with the community outcomes we are seeking to achieve” etc.  Oh really?

So what exactly is it about democracy, and equality, and Julian’s fight against apartheid, racism, and separatism that don’t align?  

Julian stands for one person, one vote, and all votes being of equal value.  What, exactly, is offensive about this?   What values, exactly, do align? We are keen to know – Is it tribal rule? Maori dictatorship? Submission to Iwi? Or what?

The Tauranga council, it is reported, have received 5 emails ‘raising concerns’.  What about reporting the emails from what is now 10’s of thousands of supporters?  Where are the quotes from supporters of the tour? 

Supporters, email to express your support.

Copy in these people please:,,,,,

Julian has never described Maori culture as ‘archaic’.   It has a very dark history, but he has never described it has archaic.

 Summary? This is a very unbalanced article.  But what more can we expect from the Herald, which is marinating in the $55 Public Interest Journalism Fund?  


Activists Appeal To Attorney General And Meng Foon

Activists Appeal To Attorney General And Meng Foon

Read the story HERE

Take a look at this protestor hypocrite..young Maori 'leader' Mikaela Matenga In Action Vandalising Private Property

Last weekend TV3 ran a news item on the 6pm news covering our Orewa Event. They interviewed a young Maori lady who said on the news item how terrible the behaviour of the protesters was.  

First, watch the TV story HERE.

Now watch the behaviour of the exact same Maori woman Mikaela Matenga ripping up our books while the police look on, unconcerned.

Click HERE to view Mikaela ripping up books

The books were our property.



Hypocritical . 

A thief.

Below is a photo ‘butterwoudn’t melt in her mouth’ Mikaela. 


Where were the good Maori stopping here?  

In fact, where are the good Maori all over the country not stepping up to stop the disgraceful behaviour of their own people? 

Answer? They won’t. They fear being bullied and intimidated.  Either that, or they are complicit.

This is how tribal rule works. This is how co-governance works.

Might is right. 

Notice too the media corruption. TV3 wanted ‘an angle’ on the news item.  They wanted to show how Julian was sanctioning the bad behaviour of one or two supporters in the crowd.  They didn’t show the context of this bad behaviour.  They didn’t show what incited the supporters to behave the way they did. What was that behaviour? It was Mikaela ripping up books. They didn’t tell the truth. Snap. We have caught the TV  out because we video everything.  

Welcome to co-governance.

South Island Bee Keepers Screwed Over By Co-Governance

South Island Bee Keepers Screwed Over By Co-Governance

“Hi Julian, I have encountered and issue with my business that I believe is related to co-governance and wanted to see if you were aware of it.

I am a beekeeper and had traditionally used Department of Conservation concessions to place my hives on public land.

It seems Ngai Tahu have done a private deal with DOC and now have exclusive rights to public land for beekeeping in the south island.

As such my concessions can not be renewed and Ngai Tahu will take my bee sites for their own use.

These are sites we have established and been operating on for over 20 years.”

Pensioner Screwed Over Buy Co-Governance

Pensioner Screwed Over Buy Co-Governance

“Hi Julian, am against co-governance. I am a pensioner who owns a thermal pool- not used but still paying and now have 2 apply to iwi 4 consent. I have not proceeded. Don’t agree with ‘3 Waters’ where 2 now? Andrea.” (the photo is not Andrea. It’s a stock photo)

Do you have more Examples Of Co-Governance In Action? - Of Apartheid, Separatism, Undemocratic Actions And Bad Behaviour? i.e. being bullied and Intimidated?

We want to hear your story.  Email Julian :

“I was at the Orewa meeting last Saturday and did go to support your essential cause.

I do understand all the information and I feel you presented it really well considering the constant interruption from the disgusting ignorant lot

I am 73, a 4th Generation born New Zealander and retired living on the coast and my first 38 years of life were spent in Rotorua so most of my friends were Maori and in those days the word rascist did not exist.

I got to know quite a few of my mates families and especially the older Maori were the most wonderful kind caring people.

My father Bill Watt was the well known and respected Surgeon and Medical Superintendent of Rotorua hospital from 1946 to 1982 and he was revered by the Rotorua Arawa people for his service to them and all others and he was awarded a QSM-Queens Service Medal-for this.

Well how things have changed !

I now feel as if I am living in a strange country and not a very nice one at that.

I sincerely hope that you and other organizations can galvanize enough New Zealanders to make the political parties take notice of what is required.
I am a National party supporter and if we ever needed a change of Government , then it is now.

I listen to Shaun Plunkett and CPR Muriel Newman and Hobsons Choice and perhaps you could look at co-operating with them to present a bigger stronger front to the idiots running our country.

Julian I admire what you are doing as it is essential somebody has the balls to get up and say Enough ! !

All the best and I look forward to receiving your communications.

After Orewa, I am now well and truly your supporter.”

Leith Watt (the photo is not Leith. It's a stock photo)

Sign Our Petition To Keep Free Speech Going

You can view it HERE

Please sign it and pass it on.

Watch The Orewa Event In Full!

You can view it HERE

Please take particular notice of the behaviour of the protestors, ripping up books etc.  This is a graphic display of co-governance in action.

Second, notice the content of Julian’s message. It’s just factual, simple, and all research based. All quotes are properly academically referenced.  

Notice Julian is going to bat for all New Zealanders, including all Maori. Yes, including elite Maori. Why is he including them? 

Because if co-governance is left to mature and grow and be fully implemented, it will end in tears for all New Zealanders. 

With tribal rule, there are no winners, only losers. 

Christchurch Businessman Buys 2000 Copies Of Julian's Book

Yesterday a Christchurch businessman phoned to order 2000 copies of Julian’s book.  He said  “I want to save help save our democracy.  People don’t want a long book to read, and most don’t have time. This book is just the right length, it’s easy to read, flows well, and it says what needs to be said.  Please send me 2000 copies.”  Wow! That’s taking action.  That’s not playing around.  

That’s someone committed to saving democracy in New Zealand!

To order your books, simply email Tim at and provide him with your name, physical address and phone number and Tim will take it from there.  

The books are $1 each plus postage. 

Please deposit the funds for the books into this account:


Tim will advise you later how much the postage was and he will ask you to deposit this amount as well, after you have received your books.  Go for it! 

Day Left Before the October 14 Election








Sean Plunket Nails It...Again!

Sean Plunket Nails It...Again!

Non-woke and honest broadcaster.

Sean interviewed Julian on Monday morning.  It was another great interview. 

You can listen to it HERE


Police Advise:"This Is How To Make Sure Property And People Are Safe At Your Stop Co-Governance Meetings From Now On"

Police Advise:"This Is How To Make Sure Property And People Are Safe At Your Stop Co-Governance Meetings From Now On"

The police have given us some great advice. They will be actively working with us from now on at our events. We will be following their advice to the letter. Thank you NZ Police for standing up for the right to hold a private meeting without interruption. Thank you for keeping people and property safe.  You can read their advice HERE


Julian’s Book Testimonial

My books arrived today so i have started distributing them to my immediate neighbors and friends. Boy what a great read. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to Julian for dedicating so much time and effort to putting this book together.”

Brian Brown, Tauranga mobile 021 655 075

Next Event? Mt Eden, 28th March, Mt Eden War Memorial Hall, 7pm

Next Event? Mt Eden, 28th March, Mt Eden War Memorial Hall, 7pm

Hopefully, Mayor Wayne Brown is coming. We are working on making this happen.


Kerry Campbell On Why Chris Trotter's "Julian Batchelor is a Fascist!" Charge Is A Joke

Kerry Campbell On Why Chris Trotter's "Julian Batchelor is a Fascist!" Charge Is A Joke


You can read Kerry Campbell’s excellent commentary on what Chris Trotter wrote HERE

You can read what Chris Trotter originally wrote about Julian Batchelor HERE

Who Are The Real Fascists In New Zealand?

It was Mussolini who defined Fascism as “the merger of corporate and state power”.

This describes New Zealand’s current political situation  perfectly. Here is a quote from Julian’s  book.

“Ultimately, co-governance is about a small minority of people getting enormous wealth without working for it – free money. Our money. Tax payer’s money. It’s about a determined group of private tribal companies / tribal representatives who are collaborating secretly and closely with MPs in the Beehive, the Waitangi Tribunal, key personnel in every government department, and woke European lawyers and consultants. What for?
To pull off a pre-1840 style tribal raid on the tribe called New Zealand. The booty they seek is the cash and assets belonging to all New Zealanders. And how have they made such progress? By deliberately twisting and corrupting the clear original meaning of the Treaty of Waitangi, over a period spanning four decades. It’s frightening fraud. This book has detailed how this twisting and corrupting has happened. And worst of all? Naive and history ignorant politicians have enabled this. All of it.”


HERE is what Chris Trotter wrote. You make up your own mind.  

What is the truth of the matter?

It’s not complicated, really.

Julian is someone who has stepped up to fight for our democracy, for racial unity, for one law for all, for the repeal of all race based legislation, for the exposure of the fraud and corruption swirling around the Treaty Of Waitangi and the Waitangi Tribunal.  He is  fighting against the rise of apartheid and racism in New Zealanad .

He is fighting against eye-watering media corruption.  Does this make me a fascist?  You know the answer.


Why Maori Activists Are Hypocrites

At our Orewa meeting some interesting things happened.

First, before the meeting even started, the Church where the meeting was to happen was flooded with phone calls from activists threatening to smash up the church and the staff.

Second, at the meeting, and as an intro to it, the Minister of the Church spoke to the crowd. He said his church was the house of God, and that as such, he wanted people to respect this, and honour this. By this he meant no shouting and bad language, no interjecting when someone was speaking. He gently asked for respectful behaviour.

What happened was exactly the opposite. Maori activists completely ignored the minister. Soon after the meeting started, a few moved the front and began interjecting and heckling.

They demonstrated no respect for me as the speaker, or the Minister of the Church. They had no respect for the crowd of people who came to listen.

It’s clear, isn’t it? Activists have no respect for anyone. They live in their own world of ego and selfishness.

Europeans don’t go to Maraes and trash the Maori meetings but activists have no problem with coming to our meetings and trashing them.

At the end of the meeting, I wanted to honour Maori who HAD been respectful and decent. The ones who had listened patiently. The ones who had respected the people who had come to listen. The ones who had respected the Minister of the church.  One such person was in the front row. I did not know his name. He turned out to be environmentalist Reuben Taipari.

Apparently, he is a leading Maori in the North.

I allowed him to speak as a reward for the respect he showed. Normally, I would not do this, as the Q and A time is strictly for Q and A not speeches from the crowd.

Among other things, he said the following.

“Because we don’t want to be incarcerated. We don’t want to be at the highest statistic for mortality. We don’t want to be uneducated. We want to be a part of this community, of this country. We want to be a very strong positive part of this country. So there’s no need to fear us.”

(the Herald piece, where I quote these words, is HERE)

I thought “Hang on a minute. You want to part of this community and very strong positive part of this country, yet you as a leader can’t control your people? Your people threatened and abused the staff of this church before the meeting started. Then when the meeting started your people trashed me and the people who came to listen. You ignored what the minister had to say at the start. Your people trashed him. The Church was the house of God, but even this did not stop your people. Your people showed no respect for me, the minister, or the people who came to listen.  You were sitting right next to the Maori who were playing up, yet you did nothing!

If you are a leader, and you and your people are united, why didn’t you bring your people into line? Why were you not the first to jump up and lead them into civility and decency? Why were you not exhorting them to be respectful? Instead you were silent. This tells me you were approving. You were complicit. What other conclusion is there?

And yet you say “We want to be a very strong positive part of this country” and “So there’s no need to fear us.” and “We don’t want to be uneducated.”

I have this to say to Maori activists – Europeans will not respect you and your people until you demonstrate sincerity. Until you practice what you preach. If you want to be “a strong positive part of this country”, then lead by example.

Otherwise we will brand you as hypocrites and delusional.

Show us how great Maori are by your actions, not your words.

Your actions demonstrate the sincerity of your words.

If you actions don’t match your words, then only one conclusion can be reached .

And what is that conclusion?

You are hypocrites and thus not a positive part of this country.

The same would apply to Europeans, or anyone in any culture, whose flowery words don’t match their actions.”

,By the way, in Dargaville, protestors were ripping up our books, getting their kids to rip up books,  harassing supporters, and being obnoxious, disruptive, and disrespectful all evening. 

And at the same time they are calling for everyone to respect them and honour them. 

No thanks, not while you are so blatantly hypocritical and such poor examples of decent behaviour.

Book Sales Boom

Julian’s book (below) was printed two weeks ago. All 5000 books have gone. A reprint is due next week.

Judging by this, it’s obvious that the general public are really worried about co-governance, and they ought to be. 

To order books, just send Julian an email or text stating how many books you want, and your physical address and phone number.  His email is

Special thanks today to a business couple who have paid for 20,000 booklets to be printed which has enabled us to bring the cost of the books down to $1 each plus postage.

You can get more ordering details HERE 

Read the on-line version for free HERE


If You Hear Or Read News Items On The Radio, Or TV, Or In Newspapers!

Please send the actual links to me so I don’t have to go searching for them. Thanks so much

Watch This Video

Watch the video  HERE

Ross Baker wrote this about the video below.  It’s an excellent comment.


“This propaganda is being funded by the taxpayers. You and me!

This year, Te Mangia Paho have $81 million worth of our money for Māori language and cultural programmes, programme-makers, broadcasters, music producers and archiving of programmes and content.

To allow two young Maori children to present this type of propaganda is similar to what Nazi Germany did in the Second World War. See: Children’s propaganda in Nazi Germany – Wikipedia

Everyone/group must oppose this type of propaganda with every resource we/they have. Not only does it exploit/abuse young children, but it is an insult to the British who saved the tangata Maori from total extinction in 1840.”


Distributing Julian's book - The Domino Effect - Something You Need To Know

Please read. this.  

It’s hugely signficant.

My books were printed at the beginning of March. That’s 10 days ago.  1200 or more  have been sold or given away.  

In the last 10 days, we have received orders from people who have received a book in their letter box.  

Do you realise how significant this is?  

Watch closely how this works.

First generation: Person A buys 100 books and delivers them.
2nd generation: Person B gets a book delivered by person A.
3rd  generation: Person B goes out delivering and gets a book to person C. 
4th generation: Person C orders books and goes out delivering and gets a book to person D
5th generation: Person D orders book and goes out delivering and gets a book to person E

And so on…

So person A is a 5 generation book deliverer.  
How do we know this is happening? 

We ask people when they order what streets they are delivering to.  We note this on an excel spread sheet.  

Sometimes they will tell us after they have delivered the books. 

Either way, it’s recorded.

When a new person orders, we can see what street they live on.  We can then link their order back to the person who delivered a book to them.  

What’s the message? When you buy Julian’s book, and start distributing them, you start a chain reaction.  You start a domino effect. 

What’s the point? The absolute key to stopping co-governance is to raise pubic awareness of the realities of it.  The truth about it, not the lies being peddled by the media about it.  

And the only way to do that is to expose the public of New Zeland to those realities. 

And the only way you are going to expose people to those realities is to give them those realities. 

You have choices: newspaper, video, TV, radio,  book, or person testimony i.e. talking to people directly. 

 The media is tied up and in the pocket of the government so we can’t use radio, or TV or newspaper.  

We could use video but we don’t have the funds to make a high end documentary. 

So what’s left? Book and personal testimony.  Hence, I wrote my book. Hence the road tour of New Zealand. 

Now please, get going!

Make a difference!

Be the person who starts a chain reaction.  

We are running out of time.

Get off the fence!

Help save this beautiful country before it’s too late. 

Don't Forget Your Business Cards

Below is Gareth who is handing our business card distribution.  He is a family man and an engineer in Whangarei. Thanks Gareth for putting your hand up to help.

If you want cards, contact Gareth

021 120 8355,

We Have A New Book Distributor Admin Guru!

Tim (picture below) is an IT expert and is helping with all the admin connected with sending out my books to people all over the country.  He is an IT whiz, and it’s so fantastic to have him helping. So if you hear from Tim, this is what he and his lovely children Christy and Daniel look like!

Thanks so much Tim.