Our Orewa Event Is Happening Tomorrow! Saturday 18th March, 3pm Ōrewa Community Centre, 40-46 Orewa Square

Our Orewa Event Is Happening Tomorrow! Saturday 18th March, 3pm Ōrewa Community Centre, 40-46 Orewa Square

Bring all your friends and neighbours.  If you are already registered, please be active getting the word out! You don’t want to miss this event.

TVNZ Co-Governance Poll                                            Dr John Robinson's analysis

TVNZ Co-Governance Poll Dr John Robinson's analysis

Academic, Researcher, Prolific Author

Two nights ago, TV 1 led their 6pm New Bulletin with a story about co-governance. 

Here it is HERE

Below is  Dr John’s analysis.  

It’s very revealing and shows, once again, how corrupt our media really is, and how extensive the brain washing.

The main message of this survey is never stated clearly but is evident from a study of the information listed. Those who know most about Three Waters (older wealthy white men) are the very people who have been vocal in opposition.

I am in that group, fitting most of the criteria (except, sadly, the high income). I have written of the steady move to separation and the planned future, in He Puapua: Blueprint for breaking up New Zealand (Tross publishing, 2021). This was followed by further information and a suggestion of a better way forward in Regaining a nation: equality and democracy (Tross publishing, 2022) and Our choice for the future: equality or tribal rule (online here [], 2023)

Those who know are opposed. Others, who have not been prepared to put in the considerable work required to find out what is going on, are left ignorant.

The claim that the government just needs to give a better explanation in order to convince everyone that a developed democracy must be overturned and replaced by divisive and unequal tribal co-governance is complete nonsense.

The Government has been very careful to not describe the key features at this apartheid system, with the separation of New Zealanders by race into Maori and the others, giving the Maori minority a major role, based on primitive tribal rule, with extensive powers in all walks of life. The form of that government is never specified: it is to be based on the chiefly rule of tribal groups, which, along with different voting rights, entails a complete destruction of democracy.

This is moving towards the culmination of a long-term program by extreme Maori activists. Here, one of the authors of the He Puapua report, Jacinta Ruru, lets the cat out of the bag when she refers to co-governance as “something we’ve been working through over the last two [or] three decades”.

This has been a long-term project of separatist Maori, heading towards separate governments, complete apartheid. That divisive agenda is based on the calls of the Maori tribal rebels of the nineteenth century: New Zealand is being carried back into a troublesome and violent past.

Then too, “in relation to water, Ruru said it was about valuing as many voices, knowledge systems and professional practices” – as if Maori tradition has anything to contribute, anything to justify the proposed one-half control. Pre-contact Maori society lacked water supply and sewage systems: tikanga brings none of the practical experience, scientific knowledge and engineering expertise required to run a modern ‘three waters’ system. Nor do they bring any special feeling for the natural word: the rapid extinction of the plentiful moa is a striking example of Maori inability to care for and nurture other species and the environment.

This is nothing but a power grab.

Dr John Robinson

Why Maori Activists Are Hypocrites

At our Kerikeri meeting some interesting things happened.

First, before the meeting even started, the Church where the meeting was to happen was flooded with phone calls from activists threatening to smash up the church and the staff.

Second, at the meeting, and as an intro to it, the Minister of the Church spoke to the crowd. He said his church was the house of God, and that as such, he wanted people to respect this, and honour this. By this he meant no shouting and bad language, no interjecting when someone was speaking. He gently asked for respectful behaviour.

What happened was exactly the opposite. Maori activists completely ignored the minister. Soon after the meeting started, a few moved to the front and began interjecting and heckling.

They demonstrated no respect for me as the speaker, or the Minister of the Church. They had no respect for the crowd of people who came to listen.

It’s clear, isn’t it? Activists have no respect for anyone. They live in their own world of ego and selfishness.

Europeans don’t go to Maraes and trash the Maori meetings but activists have no problem with coming to our meetings and trashing them.

At the end of the meeting, I wanted to honour Maori who HAD been respectful and decent. The ones who had listened patiently. The ones who had respected the people who had come to listen. The ones who had respected the Minister of the church.  One such person was in the front row. I did not know his name. He turned out to be environmentalist Reuben Taipari.

Apparently, he is a leading Maori in the North.

I allowed him to speak as a reward for his good behaviour. Normally, I would not do this, as the Q and A time is strictly for Q and A not speeches from the crowd.

Among other things, he said the following.

“Because we don’t want to be incarcerated. We don’t want to be at the highest statistic for mortality. We don’t want to be uneducated. We want to be a part of this community, of this country. We want to be a very strong positive part of this country. So there’s no need to fear us.”

(the Herald piece, where I quote these words, is HERE)

I thought “Hang on a minute. You want to part of this community and a very strong positive part of this country, yet you as a leader can’t control your people? Your people threatened and abused the staff of this church before the meeting started. Then when the meeting started your people trashed me and the people who came to listen. You ignored what the minister had to say at the start. Your people trashed him. The Church was the house of God, but even this did not stop your people. Your people showed no respect for me, the minister, or the people who came to listen.  You were sitting right next to the Maori who were playing up, yet you did nothing!

If you are a leader, and you and your people are united, why didn’t you bring your people into line? Why were you not the first to jump up and lead them into civility and decency? Why were you not exhorting them to be respectful? Instead you were silent. This tells me you were approving. You were complicit. What other conclusion is there?

And yet you say “We want to be a very strong positive part of this country” and “So there’s no need to fear us.” and “We don’t want to be uneducated.”

I have this to say to Maori activists – Europeans will not respect you and your people until you demonstrate sincerity. Until you practise what you preach. If you want to be “a strong positive part of this country”,  then lead by example.

Otherwise we will brand you as hypocrites and delusional to the core.

Show us how great Maori are by your actions, not your words.

Your actions demonstrate the sincerity of your words.

If you actions don’t match your words, then only one conclusion can be reached .

And what is that conclusion?

You are hypocrites, and thus uneducated, and thus not a positive part of this country.

The same would apply to Europeans, or anyone in any culture, whose flowery words don’t match their actions.”

By the way, in Dargaville, protesters were ripping up our books, getting their kids to rip up books, harassing supporters, and being obnoxious, disruptive, and disrespectful all evening. 

And at the same time they are calling for everyone to respect them and honour them. 

No thanks, not while you are so blatantly hypocritical and such poor examples of decent behaviour.