Free Speech Under Threat In Tauranga

Free Speech Under Threat In Tauranga

Auckland Council’s Ms Wyss cancelled our meeting by setting impossible times frames to come up with Health and Safety requirements.

Then she allowed protestors to meet in the same building we had hired, immediately after our meeting, thus setting up a potential clash.  It was a set up. A Ms Wyss set up. 

That is to say, she deliberately set up the excuse she was going to need to cancel our meeting i.e. “Too dangerous having two opposing groups meeting at the same time.”

She then followed up by lying to media.

Ms Wyss was devious and cunning, working carefully and deliberately towards a pre-determined outcome, all the while trying to sound ‘nice’ and ‘conciliatory.’ She smiled all the way, Jacinda Ardern style.

The velvet glove hiding the iron fist. All this is detailed in our blogs.

We are taking legal action against Ms Wyss to reclaim losses incurred by her cancellation. 

Now Tauranga City Council’s Blair Graham 0274039261 07 577 7000 – ext 7671 looks to be angling to do this same. The picture on the top left is Blair Graham.

What’s the new trick?

Imposing expensive and over the top ‘Health and Safety’ requirements. He wants us to pay for six security guards, safety barriers and fencing, plus road traffic control.

I am not making this up.

Click HERE to see just the security guard invoice. HERE for Blair Graham’s other shocking email.

What Blair Graham clearly does not realise (yet) is that our events are private events, not public events, and the police will be in attendance.  He is reading old news about our events.

Blair Graham’s over the top health and safety requirements are like calling in a Jumbo Jet to crush an ant. 

His misunderstanding  may just be an innocent mistake. Let’s see. The jury is out.  We hope common sense and a full realisation of the facts will prevail. 

The truth of the matter is all the incendiary media reports relate to, and tell of, our meetings which were then public.  All in the distant past. 

This is how it was when when we first started our road show.  It’s not how it is now.

After police advice and guidance, we made our meetings private, not public. 

It was brilliant advice from the police, which we heeded immediately.  Protestors numbers have dwindled since they now know they cannot get into the meetings. 

They now reason “What’s the point in coming? We can’t disrupt anymore.”  

 People coming will be filtered at the door so protestors will not be able to get inside the building.

As I said, we are working closely with police, taking their advice. Police will be in attendance in Tauranga, on the door, where the filtering will be happening.

Thus the public will be guaranteed their safety. 

The last event which we held, our first ‘private’ event, was flawless.

Only one security guard was needed, at the filter point.

Police attended, and there were no issues. The police in Whangarei  will attest to this.

There is no good reason why our Tauranga event will not follow suite.  Let’s believe Blair Graham gets up to speed quickly, and moderates his OTT Health and Safety requirements.  They are all based on misinformation. 

What I want you to notice is how media, protestors, Iwi, and woke politically motivated councillors are all colluding. This is a graphic illustration, real time,  of co-governance in action. 

It goes like this – protestors create the problem, the left wing government controlled media deliberately writes inflammatory reports about ‘the dangers’ and the ‘violence’ and ‘the potential damage to people and property’,

Iwi fuel the protestors (e.g. The Maori Party put a notice on their web site to ‘get out and protest!’), and woke politically motivated spineless PC council workers like Claudia Wyss (Auckland Council) collaborate. 

The media report all this to give the strong impression Julian Batchelor and the stop co-governance road show are the problem. They are not. They are the solution for all New Zealanders going forwards.

They are going into bat for all New Zealand against apartheid, racial division, the erosion of democracy, racism, the end of one law for all, and the end of one person one vote, with all votes being of equal value.

Julian Batchelor and the fast growing Stop Co-governance movement are now having to go in to bat for the preservation of free speech as well.

This was never on their founding agenda, but it is now. Squarely.

Yet in all this Julian Batchelor is being penalized. The public in Tauranga are being penalized.  The thinking, caring, intelligent, discerning public all over New Zealand are being penalised.

The bad people are being hallowed. The good people are being demonized.

If Julian’s public addresses were allowed to happen, and the public were allowed to attend, as private events, free of protest, free from noisy interruption, as they ought in a functioning healthy democracy, these event locations would be the safest place on the planet for the public to gather.

As peaceful as a baby asleep in a cot.

It’s the protestors, the Maori party, Iwi, and the media, who are creating the so called ‘unsafe’ meetings. Woke spineless politically motivated councilors are adding fuel to the fire.  

Let’s hope Blair Graham is not one of them.

The result?

Free Speech is crushed.

Kiwis in Tauranga don’t get to hear co-governance defined, what’s wrong with it, and why it must be stopped. No alternative voice, other than the government approved narrative about co-governance is allowed.  Adult residents in Tauranga are not allowed to make up their own mind.

In other words, free speech is no longer in New Zealand.

Protestors and thugs get to decide who hears what and when.

Is this right? You know the answer.

The irony is that all over the media, including video footage of our PM and Luxon, MPs are urging the public to ‘have a mature discussion about co-governance’.

Just Google Luxon and Hipkins and co-governance and click on ‘video’ and watch what comes up.

Yet look what happens, in reality, when a group of good Kiwis, rise up to obey the country’s leaders, to do exactly what our leaders say to do?

Welcome to the dark murky world of co-governance and tribal rule.

This is precisely why the road show must go on, no matter what.