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Full House In Ashburton!

Full House In Ashburton!

Last night we had a great meeting in Ashburton!

We never know how many people will come so when they started to pour in I was so thrilled for the small team in Ashburton who had done all the hard yards to get the people there.

Truly, the team in Ashburton have been amazing.

So, thank you to all the Ashburton people who came out on a cold night, and thank you especially to the team who got their rewards for their hard work and dedication.

Lindsay Watson, the Book Delivery Leader In Ashburton

Below is a photo of Lindsay Watson, who led a team of people into a great victory last night.

The security team, local farmers, deserve a big shout out last night.

They worked all evening with protesters so that those inside could hear Julian, uninterrupted.

Really, they are heroes too. Big time!

Always, always, always, when great gains are made there is always a good leader leading, and there are always loyal and faithful people in support.

We saw this in Ashburton. Wow!