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Watch Invercargill Mayor Nobby Clark And Julian Batchelor Live Stream Recording!

On Saturday 24th June, Invercargill Mayor and Julian Batchelor met at the Ascot Racecourse In Invercargill to Discuss Co-Governance, what it’s like being a Mayor under the thumb of Iwi, and much more.

Nobby was brilliant.

You can watch the whole night HERE

Full House In Wanaka!

Full House In Wanaka!

Last night we had a great meeting in Wanaka!

We never know how many people would come so when they started to pour in I was so thrilled for the small team in Wanaka who had done all the hard yards to get the poeple there.

Truly, the team in Wanaka have been amazing.

Below is a photo someone took from the back of the room.

Once again, you could have heard a pin drop when Julian was talking about the Treaty.

I wonder why?

Nobby Clark said Julian’s explanation of the Treaty was the best he’d heard in 60 years.

Other people are resonating about this.

Kiwis are desperate to hear the truth about the Treaty and Julian delivers on that.

So, thank you to all the Wanaka people who came out on a cold night, and thank you especially to the team who got their rewards for their hard work and dedication.