Going, Going, Gone! 30,000 Booklets Go Out To All Bay of Plenty Rural Letter Boxes This Week!

Going, Going, Gone! 30,000 Booklets Go Out To All Bay of Plenty Rural Letter Boxes This Week!

We started off printing 5000 of Julian Batchelor’s booklets, and we were so excited about that. We thought this was a huge amount!

That was back in late January 2023.

Little did we know what was coming next, and how thrilling the journey to stop co-governance would become.

We have now printed 150,000 booklets and just about got them all out to Kiwis in their letter boxes.

We just ordered another 100,000 because we are near the end of the 150,000. Distribution is picking up as each day passes.

That’s 1/4 of a million booklets.  

More and more people are getting a book in their letter box, reading it, and then buying a stack of books themselves.

When this happens, you have created what we call “second generation activists”. These are people who were once not aware of the wrongness of co-governance, and now they are aware.

They became aware by reading Julian’s booklet.

Once aware, they join in the cause to stop it. This is what we are wanting, and it’s working.

We are going to, as it were, the unconverted people of New Zealand, bringing them into a place of deep awareness.

Many don’t activate, and they do not become activists, but some do.

Those who do are hugely exciting and encouraging to us.

What do I mean by ‘activist’? 

They put their hand up to start giving out booklets into letter boxes. They carry booklets in their car and give them out to people as they go about their day. They email this link to people in their address book: https://bit.ly/stopcogov

Others donate money to fund the cause.

Others pray.

Others help in the background with admin jobs like banking, paying bills, thanking donors, helping to set up events, posting out books, managing data bases, phoning people and encouraging people, teams of people sticking stickers on flyers or ‘you’re invited’ notes on books, people trying to secure halls (and doing so), people challenging councils which have cancelled on us, historians giving us fresh and amazing insights into the treaty, videographers helping to get Julian’s message on line, people putting up signs advertising meetings around the city, proof readers, graphic designers, web designers, people managing our Facebook and Telegram pages, and people putting their hands up to be pick up points (PUPS) in towns and cities, printers and print brokers.

We even have someone flying Julian around New Zealand in a private plane to get him to places on time.

Sign writers. People scouring the internet to find video footage of politicians and civic leaders spreading misinformation about the Treaty. This footage will go on our future web site www.treatyofwaitangitruth.kiwi. We want to hold politicians to account.

Publishers getting good books to Julian so that he can get them out to people all over the country to get people reading about New Zealand history.

Others putting their hands up to become BDL (Book Distribution Leaders) in their cities and towns.

A lot of people are working away quietly in the background and are not noticed.

There is now a HUGE team of people around New Zealand to stop co-governance and we will achieve this goal. 

Nothing is more sure.

The next step after our ‘raising awareness campaign’?

Street Marches!