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Government Plans To Clamp Down On Stop Co-Governance Movement

Government Plans To Clamp Down On Stop Co-Governance Movement

This is like playing chess, isn’t it.

It’s free speech verses the government. It’s free speech versus elite Iwi.

It’s democracy versus co-governance. It’s equality versus apartheid. It’s unity versus separatism.

Our move, their move. The chess board is New Zealand.

Every move we make, they counter move. When Julian started the stop co-governance movement, the chess game began.

His first move was setting up his web site.

His second move was writing his booklet “Go-Governance. What It Is, Why It’s Wrong, And Why It Must Be Stopped.”

So far 350,000 of these booklets have been printed and another 100,000 are about to be ordered. Teams of people all over the country are out distributing.

That’s 450,000 booklets. There are 1.8m households in New Zealand. So we are exactly 25% of the way to getting a booklet into every household.

Our next move will be street marches.

Then suddenly, elite Iwi, via the government, make a move.

This is a big one – they are moving to shut down free speech, especially anyone attacking co-governance.

Especially anyone attacking the government’s fraudulent interpretation of the Treaty.

Especially anyone objecting to the Maori takeover of New Zealand.

Julian Batchelor is bringing awareness of these issues right into the middle of the public arena.

The government’s next move?

Shut down Julian Batchelor.

Dr Muriel Newman has just written an excellent piece about this. Below is an extract from what she wrote.
The Department of Internal Affairs is establishing what they call “A government regulator.” It will have the power to control what can and cannot be discussed.

A hint of where this could lead can be seen in the new social media code of practice developed by Netsafe last year: “The Code has been developed… in consultation with Maori advisors… The intention and development of the Code is encapsulated by four key Maori principles of mahi tahi (solidarity), kauhanganuitanga (balance), mana tangata (humanity) and mana (respect), which are critical and necessary to realising the purpose and aspirations of the Code…”

Since Maori will be in a position to significantly influence Labour’s new media regulator, it doesn’t take much imagination to conclude that commentary regarded as critical of their agenda – such as challenging their Treaty ‘partnership’ myth, co-governance and He Puapua – will be considered ‘unsafe’ and ‘harmful’ hate speech and targeted for heavy regulation.

The dominance of a Maori influence in all regulations and legislation now produced by the Labour Government can be traced back to the powerful Office for Maori Crown Relations, that was established in 2018 in collaboration with Iwi Leaders.

The Herald’s senior political journalist Audrey Young provided an insight into this powerful organisation last year, pointing out that the Minister had instructed it to operate “under the radar”.  As a result, most people are unaware of its existence, in spite of the profound influence it is having – as the vehicle Labour’s Maori caucus is using to embed co-governance throughout the State sector.

Through a framework that not only forces public service chief executives to establish cultural competency targets for all staff, the Office also imposes a Maori veto over all Government policy: “In 2019 the Cabinet Office issued a new circular for all ministers and chief executives to apply whenever new policy is being developed, to ensure it is compliant with the Treaty.”

Their remit has now been expanded to cover any organisation connected to the government in any way. As a result, Treaty and cultural competency requirements are appearing throughout the private sector as well as the public sector, as New Zealand is being transformed into an Apartheid nation where a Maori world view dominates.


What does all this mean?

It means Iwi, Maori, via the government, will be able to fine people up to $200,000 if they say anything which is deemed by the regulator to be ‘culturally unsafe’.

What does ‘culturally unsafe’ mean?

It means anyone or any organisation which promotes ‘culturally unsafe ideas’.

These unsafe ideas include:

The idea that Maori ceded sovereignty in the Treaty. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

That Maori gave the British the right to rule over Maori. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

That the elite Maori takeover of our country is treasonous. This an unsafe idea to the Maori elite. 

The idea that in the Treaty only one form of government is allowable, and that is the democratically elected government. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

The idea that the Treaty teaches that all people are to be treated equally. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

The idea that in the Treaty there was never to be racial division. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

The idea that no cultural group is to receive any favours or privileges over any other group. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

The idea that Maori language is not to be elevated in status over any other language, and that people must be free to choose which language they want to use. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

The idea that English, being the prized language of global affairs, must remain the primary language of communication in our country. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

In other words, for the Maori elite, everything the stop co-governance movement is promoting and communicating to the public of New Zealand is unsafe.

Julian Batchelor will be the first to be shut down.  

He will be top of their hit list, for sure.

Conclusion? Maori are about to be able, through law, to tell Kiwis what they can and can’t think and say about Maori and our history.

This is another big move on the chess board.

What would constitute a checkmate win for the Maori elite?

Checkmate for them would be the day when they have completely taken over the country, and where they have complete control of every aspect of life.

It would be the day when tribal rule, tribal dictatorship is fully installed.

How can we counter?

How can we checkmate the Maori elite?

Through massive and unprecedented public push back.

By this I mean a million or more people marching on the streets saying ‘No!’

I mean putting MASSIVE pressure on MPs, all political parties, to completely reset the hard drive, and completely expunge co-governance.

No party, at present, is anywhere near this point. Yet.

There is no leader in New Zealand to do this. Yet.  

But just watch what is about to happen.

Where are we up to in this game of chess?

We know what the government is up to. But what about us?

We are just starting our campaign to raise public awareness that this game of chess is actually going on, that it’s real, and that if it’s not stopped, New Zealand is going to become the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.

We must do five things quickly.
1. Increase the pace of delivery of Julian’s books into letter boxes.
2. Increase the funding to print books.
3. Increase the number of people delivering.
4. Increase public debate.

5. Duplicate Julian.

You can read Dr Newman’s piece HERE.