I have begun to notice something troubling about websites administered by the Government and that is that they have become machines to groom the population. 

For what reason? 

So that the people of New Zealand accept / embrace co-governance and Maorification.  

Take this web site for example.


Below is a quote from the website.


“Next day Hobson received signatures from over 40 chiefs, 26 of whom had previously signed the 1835 Declaration of Independence; it would later become obvious that Henry Williams’s translation of the treaty, and thus Māori understanding of it, was inadequate. 

A week later Hobson and his staff went to a meeting at Mangungu, Hokianga, attended by 2,000–3,000 Māori. 

There was concerted opposition to the treaty, but after Hobson had warned through his interpreter that Māori would lose their lands to the untrustworthy Europeans he had been sent to govern, and had given assurances that the Crown would protect their lands, 56 or more chiefs signed.”


Please notice some things said by whoever wrote what’s written on the government web site:

“it would later become obvious that Henry Williams’s translation of the treaty, and thus Māori understanding of it, was inadequate.”

First, is this a true statement? 

What does ‘later’ mean? Is this a reference to Hugh Kawharu’s 1989 ‘back translation’ which opened the flood gate to Treaty Claims?  

We are not told what ‘later’ means. 

Second, to whom did it become obvious? Again, we are not told. 

We must presume this is a Maori radical writing this text on this government web site.

Third, who says that the translation of the Treaty into Maori was inadequate? 

Who says that the Maori chief’s understanding of the Treaty in Maori was inadequate? 

These thoughts appear to be an outright lies. Why?

These statements contradict what we know to be the truth of the matter. 

The writer of this article on this government web site wants to sow the thought into the minds of his / her readers that the Maori translation of the Treaty was not understood by the chiefs at Waitangi February 6th 1840 because the translation was inadequate.

Why would he want this? 


It legitimises Hugh Kawharu’s fraudulent ‘back translation’ of the Treaty which he was invited to do by the government in 1989. It was this back translation that opened the flood gates to Treaty claims and the idea of co-governance. 

How do we know that the chiefs who signed the Treaty at Waitangi fully understand what they were signing? Is there any evidence? What is the truth of the matter? 

First,Hobson gave strict instructions to his staff that no chief was to sign unless his staff had made absolutely sure each chief knew EXACTLY what they were signing up to. “Colenso asked Hobson whether he thought the chiefs understand the Treaty. Hobson replied ‘If the native chiefs do not know the contents of this treaty is is no fault of mine. I wish them to fully understand it.”’ [1]

Second, the two people (Henry Williams and his son) who translated the final English draft into Maori for the chiefs to sign at Waitangi spent the entire afternoon and evening with the chiefs on February the 5th i.e. the day before the chiefs signed. Why did they do this? Hobson wanted to be absolutely sure that every chief knew exactly what they were doing when they signed on the 6th. 

With the Williams there, the chiefs could ask questions and get clarification on what words like ‘sovereignty’ and ‘cede’ meant. Remember, the Williams were absolutely fluent in Te Reo, and the best qualified people in New Zealand to do the translation job. The Williams left no stone unturned. 

Third,Rev. Samuel Warren writing in 1863 said “I was present at the great meeting at Waitangi when the celebrated treaty was signed, and also at the meeting which took place subsequently on the same subject at Hokianga. There was a great deal of talk by the natives, principally on the subject of securing their proprietary right to the land, and the personal liberty. Everything else they were only too happy to yield to the Queen, as they said repeatedly, because they knew they could only be saved from the rule of the other nations by sitting under the shadow of the Queen of England. In my hearing they frequently remarked, “Let us be one people. We had the gospel from England. Let us have the law from England.” My impression at the time was that the natives perfectly understood that, by signing the Treaty, they became British subjects.” [2] 


When you read government web sites, be very wary. 

Take it for granted what you are reading will be peppered with lies, half-truths, and twisted truths. 

What’s sad about this fact is that for the uninitiated, the gullible, and the naïve, people like school children, they won’t know that what they are reading is not the truth of the matter. 

They won’t know that these web site are government grooming machines.  

One has to know the truth about the history of the Treaty of Waitangi in order to detect the lies written about it.

In their training, the fraud squad spends all their time studying genuine bank notes. This is so that when counterfeits turn up, they will be quickly noticed because they know the genuine notes so intimately. 

So what’s the grand overall purpose of these web sites? 

As I said, these government web sites are deliberately designed to groom the population into thinking that co-governance and the Maorificaiton of New Zealand are good ideas.

Yes, I know this is the stuff of North Korean politics, but it’s now the truth of the matter in New Zealand.  

Have a fantastic Saturday! 

Julian Batchelor M.ED (Hons) B.Th, Dip.T’ching.


[1] Butler, Mike. The Treaty Basic Facts. Tross Publishing. 2021. P27


[2] Bruce Moon. Twisting the Treaty. The Tribal Grab for Wealth and Power. Tross Publishing. 2013. P48