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July 5 -  Great Crowd Turns Out In Oamaru!

July 5 - Great Crowd Turns Out In Oamaru!

At least 150 plus people (it’s hard to say as the organisers told me people just kept coming in) attended the Oamaru meeting last night.

A few white woke protesters gathered outside but the police were on hand and there were no issues.

As for the night itself, it was stellar. One of the best on tour.

Marty and his team (pictured below) saw the rewards for all their hard labour.

Truly, they had done a magnificent job buying the booklets to distribute, attaching invites to them, and getting them out!

And boom!

What happened! The crowd came. Some were even standing at the back.

But this was entirely predictable. What do I mean?

Well, we did a survey, as we usually do, of all the people who came.

Julian asked, right at the start, “Who came here because of a book placed in their letter box with an invite stapled to it?”

80% of the room put their hand up.

10% came as a result of listening to Sean Plunket’s Platform Radio show adverts.

The rest came through Julian’s RCR radio interview, a few through the Iceberg flyer, and some through word of mouth.

It was an incredible night.

Such a wonderful result for Marty and his amazing team.