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Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

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Great Meeting In Gore!

Great Meeting In Gore!

The crowd were responsive, intelligent, and savvy. Mostly farmers.

There were no protesters. The building was heated, clean, and warm. Perfect.

Julian was able to field questions as the meeting progressed.

There was a liberty and freedom in the air, and much laughter and banter, as well (as you’d expect) seriousness.

In terms of the ‘vibe’ in the room, it was one of the best meeting yet.

Well done Gore people! You are champions!

Below is a testimony of someone who attended one of our meetings in the Deep South
Just a note to say thankyou for your excellent presentation last night.

Julian did a great job in teaching all the souls who attended, there should have been lots more people, it was sad really.
As a past Technical Institute Tutor both in NZ and overseas for thirty years, I say you Julian did a great job on giving your knowledge on the subject matter Co-Governance and “The Treaty of Waitangi”.
I traveled the 60kms from Tahakopa Valley and we have a great wee hall called “Our Hut” were I run Heritage Films and I also run 9/11 presentations – Climate Change – GcMAF Cancer treatment which just makes things interesting for those who attend, “Our Hut” would have been great for you but just too far from towns, but just maybe one day. it could happen.