Samantha Baker, Community Venues and Events Team Leader.   Waikato District Council. An Example of Shameful Leadership

Samantha Baker, Community Venues and Events Team Leader. Waikato District Council. An Example of Shameful Leadership


First, read the email string between the Horsham Downs Committee who manage the hall and the Waikato Council. 

You can read it HERE

Here are the facts about what happened in Hamilton with our latest meeting.

Our first hugely successful and fruitful meeting at Horsham Downs Community Centre on Sunday May 7 at 3pm.

It was well attended by people of all ages, ranging from early 20’s to people in their 90s and everything in between.

A tiny protest group had set up 50m away down the road. They had no influence on the meeting. In fact, most people in the meeting would not even have noticed they were there.

The Hall is owned by the Council.

The Horsham Downs committee which manages the hall received communications from an activists that someone who attended the meeting had tried to run an activist over with car as they were leaving the meeting.

The local committee met to discuss the communications received from the activists, and saw through them for what they were: lies and propaganda.

They voted unanimously to allow the meeting on the 14th of May, 3pm.

Council was notified of their decision on Wednesday 10th of May around 12 noon.

Samantha Baker was the person in council who was overseeing correspondence with the local hall committee.

She deliberately waited until 12 noon on Friday to notify the hall committee that she had ruled against allowing the meeting.

In turn we were notified.

By this time it was too late for us to address the issues detailed by Ms Baker in her email.

Ms Baker had a predetermined outcome. She did not want the meeting to go ahead. Under pressure from Iwi influences inside council she cancelled the meeting.

When one reads her email, she cites the following as her ‘concerns’

  • Use of weapons e.g., guns, knives or any suitable available materials Objects being thrown
  • Violence
  • Threatening or abusive language
  • A pedestrian being hit by a motor vehicle
  • Crushing in the crowd

Not one of these issues was in evidence in any way in the first meeting.

In other words, she trumped up the evidence.

This is high level corruption, inside the council.

There is no evidence, no proof, that someone, one of our supporters, attempted to run over a protester at the first meeting.

Samantha knew this.

Did she ask for evidence? For proof? No.

In her heart of hearts she knows, deep down, that she cancelled the meeting for political reasons.

Once again on our tour, free speech is cancelled by those working inside councils.

Remember, unelected Maori are now forcing their way onto councils all over the country. Why?

To affect these kinds of outcomes.

This is evidence of the thin end of the wedge of Tribal Rule.

This is how things will roll in the future.

Free Speech will be no more.

There will be fines and punishments for people who speak out against the approved narrative.

Samantha, you ought to be ashamed. What for?

For caving in with no proof  or basis for your judgements. 

For not having the courage to stand for Free Speech.

For showing cowardice when what New Zealand needs right now is people of courage.

For showing a lack of character. How so? People of character have integrity. They tell the truth.

You aligned yourself with lies, deceit, and cowardice.

You lied about your ‘concerns’.

Samantha, you made all these up.

You had no evidence from the previous meeting at the same hall. You trumped up some ‘charges’.

Samantha, in the end truth always wins.

What you did was shameful. It will be on your CV for life.

We have forgiven you, but please don’t do it again.

We are planning more meetings in Hamilton, a lot more.

Next time, be a person of Truth and align yourself with it.

Be a person who supports Free Speech. It’s what people of character do.

Just in! The letter from the protestor to the Council!

“I have seen this evening that the racist group who met at the Horsham Downs Hall on Sunday 7th May are advertising that they will be meeting again at the same venue on Sunday 14th May at 3pm.

This is a community hall, a space where the community are meant to be coming together, not being divided by racist, misinformed hatred by Julian Batchelor and his misfit gang of haters.

I have attached photos of one attendee of yesterday’s event harassing our group and standing with a sign reading ‘burn the treaty.’ Is this what we want to see at our public spaces and outside our Horsham Downs School as members of the public drive by? NO.

The other photos are of an elderly man, who instead of respecting our right to free speech, decided to cross over to the wrong side of the road towards oncoming traffic, stop on the intersection and accost young people standing against racism. When he was asked to move his car before he causes an accident, he explained “I can stop wherever I want to, who made these roads? We did!” (Did he mean ‘we’ as in white people?). He was stopped on the intersection for ten minutes whilst oncoming vehicles had to drive around. He has since been reported to the Police.

About 50, mostly elderly attended the hui. Shouting things from their cars like, “this is New Zealand, not Aotearoa” and pointing middle fingers at peaceful young protestors standing against racism. One attendee we spoke to at the end, said she felt uncomfortable in the hall and felt like she was at a white supremacist meeting and that some in the hall were mocking and making fun of Maori.

A nearby neighbour to the hall, stopped to ask what was going on and when she learned what was occuring in the hall nextdoor she gave us her full support. Parents who had taken their kids to the school courts to shoot some hoops, wished us well and gave us some toots as they left. Cars tooted as they drove by and some stopped to ask what was going on and when we explained why we were protesting they gave us their full support.

We had 10 peaceful counter protestors attend yesterday and will most likely have even more this weekend. I respectfully ask that you reconsider the hireage of this community hall to this group and join other venues across New Zealand who will stand up against racism, hate speech and division and do not allow these people to have platforms.

Concerned Waikato Resident”

PLEASE! If you were at this meeting on the 7th of May, write to the council and tell them to facts. For a start, well over 100 were in attendance.

Second, ask the council if they asked the protester to cite on piece of evidence of what Julian says in his seminars which is ‘racist’ and ‘divisive’.

Third, how would they know what Julian said inside the building? They were outside the building.

Fourth, where is the evidence someone tried to run a protester over? 

Fifth, there was a guy who turned up near the end of our meeting with a ‘burn the Treaty sign’ .

He was not part of our group.  

We actually support the Treaty In Maori.

So we are definitely not advocating ‘burning the Treaty’.  The opposite is true. 

Conclusion? The council made its decision to cancel the stop co-governance meeting on the basis of hearsay and not facts.

In other words, they cancelled the meeting for political reasons, nothing more, nothing less.

What You can Do About Our Cancelled Meeting

Google ‘Waikato District Council’. Get the email addresses of the senior leaders of this council. Email them today’s blog.

They will not be aware of what happened.

They can’t be aware, otherwise they would not have allowed it. 

Make them aware. Express yourself politely, but strongly and firmly.

We must put an end to this shameful behaviour and the only way to do that is to make people aware of what is going on.

Save our Country.  Push back.

Here are her details:
Samantha Baker
Community Venues and Events Team Leader
Waikato District Council
027 836 4338
0800 492 452

What Did We Do When Our Meeting Was Cancelled?


A lot happened in 48 hours!

At first the Horsham Downs Hall committee said they supported us unanimously.

Then at 12 noon Friday, the council cancelled us.

We began looking for other buildings straight away.

Then one of the locals had a great idea. He suggested he hire the hall at 3pm, in his name, and invite Julian to be the speaker.

It looked like we are all set to speak at Horsham Downs at 3pm on Sunday again!

Not so. The hall committee caved in, saying they did not want to disobey council.

So at 1pm on Sunday we had to find a new building – a new venue – by 3pm.

Julian and his team, with the help of real estate agents, did it!

It was a great challenge but they did it – they overcame!

We phoned Commercial Real Estate agents in Hamilton.

They were amazing.

They were totally for us, and went to work looking for empty buildings we could use.

They found one.

It was large but had no chairs or furniture.

50 people turned up, in a freezing cold Hamilton warehouse for 2 hours listening to Julian.

Half had to stand the whole time.

Such is the level of commitment of people to Stop Co-governance.

Those who turned up were absolutely legends!

Thank you so much!