Hamilton Event Last Night The Best Yet

Hamilton Event Last Night The Best Yet

A really great crowd turned up in Hamilton yesterday afternoon at 3pm.

They were enthusiastic, supportive, totally on board, and really savvy. Hungry to know the truth. The ‘vibe’ was amazing!

As a team we felt hugely encouraged.

The Hamilton team of Chris, Dave, Eleanor (and her team) have been incredible, getting books and flyers out. Honestly,

it was huge job, but they pulled it off. Incredible commitment.

Dave then went around the streets putting up corflute signs on lampposts and street signs. Wow!

Thankfully, and crucially, I asked some questions at the start of the meeting about how people knew the meeting was on, and why they came.

In other words, I wanted to know which of our advertising is working: radio ads on the Platform, Facebook, Telegram, flyers, and Julian’s book put in letter boxes.

90% of the crowd responded by saying it was books in letter boxes! This is HUGE information for us, because it tells us what is really effective, and what is not.

So, from now on we must really focus on books in letter boxes, making sure the meeting times are stapled on the front of the books. This is the absolute ideal.

Sometimes it’s not possible to staple this notice on, but if possible, we should do it.

I am expecting the crowd in Hamilton to double next week.

Someone, quite wisely, said the meeting last night should be videoed and put on the internet. They are right, so next week we are having a videographer there to video everything.

Finally, there was a young person there, early 20’s. She and I had a long chat at the end.

What was interesting for me is that she had been taught in her studies the exact opposite of what I taught in my road show lecture / seminars.

She had been brainwashed and now was very very confused.

She wanted to know the truth.

The only way to know the truth is to read and research from reputable scholars. I told her to buy books from Tross Publishing because all their books were reputable. Not so with many other authors and books. They are under the thumb of the government and are deliberately pumping out misinformation about our history.

It’s the same with the internet.

All government sites have been deliberately corrupted to tell a false account of history. It’s all part of the coup, the brainwashing of the population, allowing elite Maori to push through with their agenda without opposition.