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Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

Just do a search for stop cogovernance in the app Telegram, and join up. 

Or click on THIS link.

Please sign up (it’s free) and start talking! 


Help Us Get Our Bookings At Remuera Reinstated

Help Us Get Our Bookings At Remuera Reinstated

We were booked into the Remuera Club in Auckland for two meetings. You can see the invite HERE.

Under massive pressure from activists, the management of the Club caved in to these activists.

So, please can you go onto the Remuera Club FB page which is HERE, and message them.

Or just send them an email directly:

Suggested posts could be:

1. We are extremely disappointed to hear that you have caved to the minority and cancelled the Stop Co Governance meetings in August.

These are important events for people to hear and to discuss the issues around co governance, Please stand up for free speech and reinstate the bookings.

2. I cannot believe you are stifling free speech and stopping the planned co governance meetings in August.  Where is our right to hear what this is about?

3. I wanted to learn and understand what co governance is all about and you have cancelled the August meetings. Sadly this is typical of the cancel culture run by a mafia minority in this country

4. Please reinstate the bookings for Stop Co Governance, we all have the right to hear all view points about this important issue.