This Lady Is A True Heroine!

This Lady Is A True Heroine!

Yesterday, someone alerted me to a great story.

Here it is HERE

It’s about a councillor on the Bay of Plenty District Council who stood up against co-governance.

Her name is Margaret Murray-Benge.

She pushed back! She said “No!” And she was right to do this. Absolutely right.

The council was discussing the long term plan and what was being pushed is that the council should prioritise a relationship with Maori.

To this Margaret said “I just say it cannot go over our commitment to the wider community, it can’t prioritise over anybody else because the Treaty [of Waitangi] when you read it doesn’t say that.”

“To move into so called partnership just doesn’t add up because it’s not in the treaty and I just think that we are being quietly misled and I’m just sending a signal that I think this is quite wrong,” she said.

Wow! That’s push back.

This what we need to see happening all over the country – in schools, in councils, in universities, on boards, in Parliament. Everywhere.

We need to call people out. Be strong. Push back. Say no!

What thrilled me about this story more than anything is that Margaret referred to the Treaty.

She knew it.

This is one of the reasons I wrote my book. It was written so that people could debate and argue the Treaty on the basis of facts and truth.

They could then also detect lies and propaganda about the Treaty, which are now everywhere in our country, and push back against them.

And Margaret did that.

This is Margaret’s email address:

Why don’t we all write to her and encourage her?

Also write to the other councillor who thought Margaret was being mischievous. Her name is Rachael Davie.

What a woke misinformed out-of-touch with the Treaty plonker.

This is what she said:
General manager strategy and community Rachael Davie responded to Murray-Benge’s remarks: “Your comments are mischievous.

“The reference within the strategic assumptions doesn’t purport to put relationships with tangata whenua ahead of relationships with community at large or any other stakeholder group it is simply recognising our statutory obligations and the status of the Treaty,” said Davie.

This is a lie.   The government is pushing everywhere to put Maori ahead of everyone else.  

It’s apartheid.  It’s racism. And it’s got to stop.  

The Treaty mandates equality, not racism, and apartheid.

Ms Davie, what if the statutory obligations are based on a fraudulent interpretation of the Treaty? What then?

Then, Ms Davie, you are perpetuating a lie.

We are calling for you to be stood down.

You can write to Ms Davie here:

What else you can do to help? 

Go to this web site:

Clip and paste the email addresses of all the leadership team into an email.

Email them a link to Julian’s book on line:

Then go to this web site:

Do the same.

If we want to stop co-governance, this is part of what we must do.