Corruption, Bribes, And The Suppression Of Free Speech.

Corruption, Bribes, And The Suppression Of Free Speech.

Start by reading THIS newspaper article from the Herald.

Waste Management New Zealand’s applied for a resource consent for a 26 million cubic metre “mega dump” in Dome Valley, north of Auckland.

As per the Resource Management Act, re-jigged by Maori activists, and made Law, so called ‘Iwi’ sign off was required.

In other words, the project could not proceed unless and until Maori ‘approved’ of it.

Really, this is nauseating.

Why does anyone need ‘Iwi’ approval?
How is this being allowed to happen?

There is nothing in the Treaty of Waitangi about co-governance or co-management, or partnership.

We have our local councils, who we pay to do a job through our rates.

That ought to be enough. Now, thanks to co-governance,  it isn’t.

Maori have found a way to get money for absolutely nothing.

OK, back to the Dome Valley story.

At first, Iwi initially said ‘no’ we won’t sign off on the project.

They did this deliberately. We all know why. 

After further ‘discussed with Waste Management New Zealand, Iwi ‘miraculously’, reversed their decision. A 180 degree about turn.

What happened?

Waste Management New Zealand had revert to bribery and corruption to get the project across the line.

“In exchange for the settlement trust’s support, Waste Management has agreed to several conditions, including a return of 1060ha of Waste Management landholdings once the site is no longer required, $2m to construct six homes nearby, and a $10m environment fund should the river be exposed to risk.
It is also promising jobs at the landfill for Ngāti Manuhiri descendants.”

The other ‘tribe’ involved in this case is crying saying ‘Hey, what’s in it for us?”

So here is another problem. Tribes will start fighting over the fruits of the bribes like seagulls at the beach fight over a piece of bread discarded from a family picnic.

We, the tax payer, will end up paying for these bribes and this corruption through increased waste disposal fees.  This is how business works. 

Welcome to co-governance.

And this is only the start.

As a nation, we are just taxiing down the run way with co-governance.

Wait until the plane takes off.

Then the tears of the nation will flow in the gutters.

Exposing this rampant corruption, apartheid, and racism is one of the reasons Julian kicked off the Stop Co-Governance Road Show.

He wants to bring awareness to all Kiwis about what is really going on.

This is also the reason radical Maori want to shut Julian down.

Yes, they want to stop him speaking. Stop him spilling the beans, thus suppressing his right to free speech. And the right of others to hear him.

This is a further layer of corruption.

Our road show rocks on, getting stronger and stronger by the day, thanks to all of you and your support.