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How Elite Maori Got Control Of Our Health System

The below article has been written by Dr Muriel Newman, Director of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research


The Labour Government has betrayed the trust of New Zealanders by changing key constitutional conventions without any mandate from voters.

When Labour took Office in 2017, equality of citizenship and the Rule of Law were constitutional cornerstones of New Zealand democracy.

Now, five and a half years later, New Zealand is no longer a society of equals.

Labour has elevated the leaders of multi-million-dollar iwi business corporations into a privileged ruling class. On the basis of race, they have been given the power to influence Government decision-making. As a result, a Maori world view is now being imposed onto the country.

The effects are everywhere. Maori has replaced English in the name of our country, government departments, streets, and towns, and now even road signs. Throughout the workforce, public servants are being forced to swear allegiance to the Treaty of Waitangi, undertake cultural competency training, learn te reo, and even stay overnight on marae.

Similar requirements are also being imposed on the private sector in companies that rely on government registration or funding. A Labour Party Private Member’s Bill, the Companies (Directors Duties) Amendment Bill, has even proposed that private companies should honour the Treaty.


Nowhere can the takeover be seen more clearly than in health, where an Equity Adjustor Score has now been introduced to prioritise Maori patients over others in greater clinical need.

As the Herald reports: “Some surgeons said the new scoring tool was medically indefensible. They said patients should be prioritised on how sick they were, how urgently they needed treatment, and how long they had been waiting for it – not on their ethnicity.”

Surgeons were said to be “disgusted” by the new ranking system: “It’s ethically challenging to treat anyone based on race, it’s their medical condition that must establish the urgency of the treatment.”

The public outcry following the revelation that an Apartheid health system has been imposed onto our country, sent Labour’s PR machine into overdrive as they flailed around to release a flood of reports and announcements – some before they were even ready – to distract the media and the public away from their blatantly racist health policy.

To achieve Maori control of the health system, the District Health Boards had to be abolished and replaced with a centralised system jointly controlled by a Maori Health Authority. The Pae Ora legislation not only prioritises “improving the health sector for Maori”, but it also ensures Maori control the Health Minister. To accomplish this, a permanent ‘Maori Advisory Committee’ of eight members has been established with such authority, that any advice given to the Minister that is not accepted, must be publicly notified.

In addition, the Minister must not only “have regard to advice of the Maori Health Authority when determining a health strategy”, but “iwi-Maori partnership boards” have also been established around the country to influence health delivery.

The legislation requires both Health New Zealand and the Maori Health Authority to have expertise in the Treaty, tikanga, and matauranga Maori – and by requiring both bodies to “jointly develop and implement a New Zealand Health Plan”, Maori have been given the power of veto.

And just to be sure, the Government Policy Statement on health prioritises Maori: “The new system design must place Te Tiriti o Waitangi at its heart. It will strengthen Maori leadership and… improve the responsiveness of general health services for Maori…”

Under Labour’s race-based health system New Zealanders are no longer equal.

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